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Preston College Sports Day

An action finish

In 1948 and 1949 Preston College held their sports day on the cricket ground and cycle track in Preston Park.  In 1950 it was held in the Hove Sports Stadium.  My first race was the boys 100 yards sprint, Fred Tompsett was waiting at the end of the track hoping to get an action picture.  In fact Fred got more action than he bargained for, as on finishing the race, I ran straight into him and we both crashed to the ground.  I went to hospital for a check up and that was the end of my sports day.

Sports Day in Preston Park

This photo was the Girls 100 yards handicap race held in Preston Park in 1948.  Read from left to right:- Doreen White (aged 9 yrs), not known (this girl always wore long sleeves and dark tights, as seen in the photo, we think she had some sort of skin problem), not known, Rosemary Hough (age 11 yrs), Maureen Simpson, Yvonne Millin.

Preston College Sports Day: Girls 100 yards Handicap 1948
From the private collection of Brian Hough

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  • I am still looking for the group photo which I know I have somewhere. Does anyone remember Matron and the two good-looking nurses? As for sports days Tommy always used to drag me into them – especially away meetings and I still have the ‘Victor Ludorum’ medal I won, even though I wasn’t a pupil! I kept in touch with Tommy as he was ‘on the square’ and we saw each other at Masonic meetings. I certainly enjoyed my lodging at PC.

    By Maurice Brice (02/10/2010)
  • I also was good at sports. We used to go to Withdean Stadium, high jump, hurdles, and 100 yards, were my best. I still have my one gold and two bronze medals which I am very proud of. I also used to play cricket – oh those were the days.

    By Pauline Rudge (27/09/2011)
  • I still have the photo of myself being presented with the silver cup at Withdean Stadium on the annual July Sports Day for winning the two mile race in Preston Park about 1958. It was about the only thing I achieved at that school.

    By DENNIS STEVENS (14/11/2011)
  • Hello Yvonne Ainley, I am pleased that you have found this site also that you have added some names to the 1950 school photograph.  I enjoyed your story about the mice.  I think you are also in this photograph.  Are you the girl who is third from the left?

    By Brian Hough (06/08/2014)
  • Paxhill mansion house was originally built in 1606 as displayed above the main portal entrance at the top of the stone staircase. Therefore theoretically it was originally a Jacobean style building according to  British Heritage and was renovated in the Elizabethan style towards the end of that period. It was made of sandstone which is a very soft stone and I was there as a fully fledged boarder pupil there of PRESTON COLLEGE between 1960 and 1962. I am currently attempting to find out more about the historical side of the beautiful building I spent two years at. The original building was owned by William Borde/Board/Boorde and later on by Sir William Sturdy, a courtier of Elizabeth I when the alterations to the building were instigated. From the outside the building still has that Tudor/Jacobean look and I will be pursuing more interesting facts about the mansion.

    By Harold Kayser (12/11/2014)
  • Hope you’re still out there Maurice?

    By Terence Mills (15/07/2015)
  • Matron around late 1940s to 1954 was Mrs. Regan, my mother. Normally referred to as Reegee.

    By Terence Regan (21/08/2016)
  • Hello Brian Hough, just seen the 1948 girls race and yes, it is me third from the left. I was amazed to see that photograph. I looked up this site again because I had a dream about the schòl just last night. A very vivid dream on which I saw the Major.
    Great to come across so many names that I remember.
    Yvonne Knapman (Ainley)

    By Yvonne Knapman (09/06/2019)
  • Hello Brian

    My mum Yvonne Long (Millen not Millin) sadly passed away on 20/12/19. I was only just told about this photo & wonder if you have any others?
    My uncle told me that Mum won loads of cups & trophies during her time at Preston College. She also won a singing competition the same year & then went & had tea with the mayor?
    Your help would be appreciated.

    By Mark Long (24/12/2019)

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