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Dinner & Dance c1951/52

Dinner and Dance 1951/52
From the private collection of Brian Hough

In the late 1940s and early 1950s Major Bastock used to arrange a Dinner and Dance every year and they were held at the Arnold House Hotel.  He would invite senior pupils, old pupils and parents to attend.

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I think this picture was taken in 1951 or 1952, I am not sure. The two people in the foreground left of the picture, are Hermione and Jeremy Compton. In the centre is Alan Moody dressed in his National Service army uniform. On the table behind Alan to the right, the girl with a dark jumper is my sister Rosemary, I am next to her on the right.  The Bastocks senior and junior are sitting at the table under the window on the right of the picture.


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  • Hello Brian, I remember the guy in the army uniform (Alan Moody), he was at the school when I first went there in 1951, I cant remember though if he was a pupil or a teacher, probably the latter. Also I recognise Miss Martin, our favourite teacher, in the floral dress near to the back of the Bastock’s long table. No doubt you will recall the venue was moved to the “Cooks Hotel” at the Old Steine in December of each year. Thanks for your input Brian, and I wish you a happy and healthy new year.

    By Dennis Stevens (07/01/2015)
  • Hello again Brian. After further ref: to your photo, is the Lord Lucan lookalike sat behind Miss Martin with his back to the wall not Mr Enoch? one of the teachers that I remember. Maybe your memory is in better order than mine? Thanks again.

    By Dennis Stevens (09/01/2015)
  • Hi Dennis, Alan Moody was a day pupil at the school, always smartly dressed, you can find him in the 1947 school photo.  When I left school in 1950 I can’t remember a Mr Enoch there then.  The lad behind me with his back to the wall is Aubrey Wickens.

    By Brian Hough (10/01/2015)

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