Class photograph c1947

I Remember some faces

This is a photo of a class group taken at Queens Park Infants school probably around 1947. I am not absolutely sure about this as photo not dated. I am at the very back of class far right between two boys, I remember some of the faces; Donald Japes, Peter Burton, Wendy Trollope.

Was it Miss Divall?

I think the teacher’s name was Miss Divall but I am not sure. The headmistress was Miss Goldring and her breath always smelled of garlic (though I did not know that was the smell at the time). Funny the things you remember.

See someone you recognise?

I now live in the beautiful golf village of Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA, but I still have very happy memories of Brighton. If you can identify yourself, or anyone else in this photo, please leave a message below.

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Class photograph c1947
From the private collection of Gwen Healy

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  • The wooden boxes were still in use in 1961 when I was there, they were used to keep the pupils’ paper and pencils in. Each box had the pupils’ name taped on it. Miss Goldring was still headmistress in the 60s, but I don’t remember her smelling of garlic, thankfully.

    By Michael Brittain (25/06/2011)
  • Whose Who in this picture taken around 1947. I am in the very back row at the right, with a boy on each side of me. I see Wendy Trollop and her half brother Peter Burton, in the centre of the picture to the left, Ann Goldring, front, glasses, bow in hair arms crossed, and Paul Japes, front rght . See how many others you can name.

    By Gwen Healy (nee Barnes) (13/10/2012)
  • Ms Divall was one of my teachers at QP. Didn’t she have a gammy leg? Wore a huge surgical boot? Lovely woman.

    By Gill Wales (17/11/2012)

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