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Remembering Patcham Fawcett School

Patcham Fawcett School prior to demolition -House (H) block from the middle quad
Photo by Derek Neal

Just been reading all the comments regarding Patcham Fawcett School. Has taken me back a few years Started in 1967 at the old school close to St Peters Church. First year was okay, then the move to the new School at the top of Ladies Mile Road. I was in the second year when we moved in. Was quite a place to move into, yes the first school to have its own indoor swimming pool. although a bit of a bus ride to go out to.

On top of a hill was not the best place to put the new school, especially on wet windy days. There was one occasion when it started to snow, after a couple of hours we were told to go home. By then the bus was not running so I was a long walk home to Brighton. I was close to being a snowman when I got home and my mother had to try to defrost me without causing more pain to my body.

Bill Sheald (flycatcher he was referred to), was my first School Master But there were some good teachers there. Got me through my GCE’s and CSE’s to go out in life. So I do owe credit to them. I worked for a building company for a while when my next move took me up to Cumbria. Then moved down to Somerset. where I reside now. So still hold good memories.

I was not aware of the poor build in the construction until I was looking up on the the web. Construction has been part of me for many years. 68 years old now but still enjoying life. Any of the old gang I grew up with, if you wish to add comments please do!

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  • A very accurate account Nick, I would like to be in contact with anyone in 4c 1967 anyone who has a copy of the year form photo please send me a copy.

    By John Tulloch (06/10/2021)
  • I am 70 now and moved to Patcham/Fawcet when it was new. Great times.

    By stuart tasker (19/08/2022)
  • Hi,
    In ’68 I was in Mr. Bolton’s class, anyone remember him ?

    By PHILIP MERRYFIELD (30/08/2022)
  • Philip, Did you move to Coldean from Patcham? I seem to remember you living in Hawkhurst Road near a friend of mine, Gary Marden. I was briefly in the NTC in the early sixties and I seem to remember you both being in that organisation. I believe your father was also an officer. During the mid eighties between jobs, I worked over Christmas at Marks & Spencers and your dad was a regular on the 5,30 a.m. bus.

    By Richard J, Szypulski (30/08/2022)
  • Very good assessment, Nick.
    Good to see you are still active Richard.
    I was in Mr Bolton’s class in my last year.
    Be good to hear from others who were in the class.
    Great school! it made men out of us.
    Harry Bradford was a fav school teacher of mine, great Football teacher.

    By Alan Pook (10/09/2022)
  • I believe that the top left in the building was Firle. My class in 1973/74. Such awesome memories.

    By Robert lane (06/11/2022)

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