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The happiness goes on

Rottingdean High Street in 2008
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I loved school

I went to Rottingdean Infants school and absolutely loved it, Miss Reeve was the headmistress and our class teacher was Miss Newton who was equally as lovely. I went to Rottingdean Junior School in Whiteways Lane where Mr ‘Dicky’ Darlow was Headmaster and I was very scared of him. The only teacher I can recollect that was unpleasant was Miss Hilton – I heard many years later that Mr Darlow’s wife had died and he married Miss Hilton.

Mum worked in the bakery

I remember Heather Wiley, who was very good at drawing, Alan Kitson and David Pop who used to collect butterflies and birds eggs, and had glass cases of them which they brought to school to show us all. My Mother was the cook at the ‘home made’ bakery in the High Street, it used to have a Windmill in the window. She then worked as the cook at a hotel in Rottingdean where they had a golden cocker spaniel called ‘Chippy’.

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The happiness goes on

In the Summer holidays we went to the beach every sunny day, when it was low tide we scratched about on the rocks, and at high tide we would go in swimming, happy, happy days. Last year I took my husband to what we used to call “our beach” and showed him the little play house area in the rocks, nothing had changed in that play house, even the little pool we called our washbasin. He and I picked winkles together – the first time in his life and he is 73. Next year our grandchildren will be old enough to come with us and so the happiness goes on.

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  • What a lovely story.

    By Andy Mountford (01/08/2014)
  • I too remember Alan Kitson and Jon Pope, mainly because Alan and I grew up together in the same shared house, we all went to Woodingdean County Primary and to my shame I collected birds eggs with them!  My mother used to take us to the beach every possible day and we used what was the “lifeguard” beach.  I now live in Spain thank you for your memories.

    By David Binder (02/03/2016)
  • The bakers you refer to was called “Hilda’s”.


    By David Binder (03/03/2016)
  • I remember Dickie Darlow as well. His pure frustration was obvious to us as we tried to sing our little hearts out. I was in the choir….not sure why as I can’t sing a note! Miss Hilton and Mr Roland scared the poop out of me. I had a hard time reading the blackboard and never wanted to tell anyone I couldn’t see very well, so a lot of the teachers assumed I was backwards. Overall I loved living in Rottingdean. I remember working at the Trellis Restaurant for a short while washing dishes for Mrs Venturi. Working there must have rubbed off on me, as later in life I bought two restaurants in the US. I left the UK in 1981 but hope to return for a visit next year.

    By Lisa Bushby (Buxbaum) (08/11/2016)
  • Hi Lisa, not sure if you still visit this site. I was born with the name Buxbaum in Brighton Hospital, in May 1974. Adopted at 6 months old. I would like to find out about my biological parents. If anyone can help? –

    By Nick Redfearn (20/09/2018)
  • Happy memories of Rottingdean .I attended both the infant school ,then the juniors .between 1954 -1960 .So many names from photos I’ve found are so familiar .I lived in Park Road in one of the police houses .I remember playing and often falling out with Carol Collier .Waiting for David Sutton to appear and rushing off down to the beach .My friend Michele Boxall next door and Mary Ashdown .Barbara Dunn the lolipop lady .Happy days .Would love to hear from any Rottingdeaners from that era .

    By Carol Offord nee De ‘Ath (22/07/2021)
  • Reading Carol Offords memories brought back memories of my own.I attended Rottingdean Infants school a bit earlier than Carol 1947/1948 when we moved to Woodingdean.Jocelyn Burrows must have stayed at Rottingdean School when she also moved to The ridgway and was a friend of mine.Her Dad was a policeman.I also remember Pauline Copper and Susan Moppet who went to The Convent. I have a photo of my class in the playground with Mr Darlow and Miss Cameron my teacher which I will have to get someone to put on here if anyone wants to see it. Liz Hersee nee Head.

    By elizabeth hersee (23/07/2021)

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