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School trip in 1949

An unknown school trip: click on the photograph to open a large version in a new window.
From the private collection of Tom Paul

This group of likely lads were ready to go off on a school trip. Sorry but I cannot remember where it was going.

Can you recognise yourself – or anyone else? Do you remember the destination of this trip? Can you share any of your memories of this time with us?

If you can help, please leave a comment below.

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  • Just to get the ball rolling, here are the names of those I remember in the front row, left to righ: David Tarrant, Peter Cambell, David Meredith, ?, Terry Banks, Barry Bishop, Tom Paul, Ronnie Cavadasci, Joe Storrow, ?, ?, Vincent Brown. ?, ?. Can anyone add to my list?

    By Tom Paul (16/03/2012)
  • Another lad that I recognise from this photo who also went to Fitzherbert from St. Josephs is Ron Cavadasci. Another school friend said that he had a party trick of holding his breath and making his face go as red as a beetroot. He always had his hair slicked down very neatly with Brylcreem. I wonder, did Ron Cavadasci also go to St. John Baptist primary at some time as I seem to remember him being there. I wonder if anybody remembers Patrick Scrase who I think also went to St. Josephs school? These little pictures keep opening other windows in our minds as to our past. How lovely. Mike Peirson

    By Mick Peirson (23/03/2012)
  • Hi Mick. I mentioned Patrick Scrase in my previously published photo of Mr Darby’s class of 1954 on this site. He was seventh from the left in back row. Regards Tom

    By Tom Paul (23/03/2012)
  • Thanks Tom for pointing out Patrick Scrase for me, I could see that it was him the more I studied the photo. In the same photo could the lad second from the right be Anthony Thompson, or Pete Mitchell? In an earlier photo that I uploaded about Fitzherbert class 3a, Anthony Thompson is on the far left in the front row and Pete Mitchell is next to him. Mike Peirson

    By Mick Peirson (24/03/2012)
  • Names of some of the boys in this photo are: ,Brian Bostock, Barry Sullivan, Edgidio Sechi, Tony Cavadaski and Tommy Walsh. I was in their class, but had recently left to go to an Open Air School. Also in it (I think) are Tony Scott and Pat Duncliffe

    By Finbar (Barry) Daly (15/05/2012)
  • I remember so many of the names above but I only went to St Joe’s for two months in 1948.I  remember Ronnie Cavadasci from St John the Baptists, he had a brother and I always thought it was Kavadaski. Dave Tarrant, Tommy Paul and Joe Storrow I remember from St Joseph’s scouts 49th Brighton,(or was it 48th?) and also from the Xaverian College where so many of them ended up. My sister Veronica Black was there from about 1953 and moved to the Hollingdean site later. The Milton Road school has memories for my family as my mum (Norah Haines) went there in the early 1920s and my grandfather (John Haines) was there in the 1890s when the little walled bit in Elm Grove was the playground. If I remember correctly when I was there the younger children played in the yard at the back and the older kids played in the street and a teacher blew a whistle to move to the pavement if ever a car came by.

    By Richard Black (17/06/2012)
  • Hi Richard. I never knew that you were also at St Joseph’s. Obviously I remember you from Xaverian, I used to sit right behind you in class. We used to hang out with O’Brian & Scott-Allen. I have a photo of our class when we were in Lower 4th at Xaverian which I will post to this site later. If you are interested I can send it to you if you let me know by email at Regards Tom

    By Tom Paul (17/06/2012)
  • I’m the 13th boy on the front row at the right hand side of the picture, wearing the dark clothing.  It was a trip to Chessington Zoo.

    By Maurice Hoadley (26/04/2014)
  • Hello, I am currently the Head at St Joseph’s Catholic school in Hollingdean. You may have realised that this year we are celebrating our 60th Jubilee. If there are any former pupils, particularly from the 1950s, who would be willing to come in and talk to the children about their school days, we would love to hear from you. Please call the school office or email to get in touch if you can help. Our telephone number is 01273556607 or

    Was it a boys school in Milton road?

    By Fran Morrison (06/01/2016)
  • The last boy on the right side of the picture as you look at it almost out of the shot is Patrick Duncliffe.

    By john duncliffe (13/12/2020)
  • I am in this picture as the third boy from the right with my back to the wall, looking like a ‘nice’, tall, round-faced boy. I was best friends with Brian Bostock when I was there. I believe that the trip was a trip to the Chessington Zoo. We all had to research in the Brighton Junior Library the places that we would pass through. It was for a leaflet that we each got on the trip to make it more interesting.

    By John Broughton (12/04/2021)

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