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Mr Darby's class photographed in 1954

I went to St. Joseph’s School from 1948 to 1955. Teachers I remember are Miss Larna, Miss Beard, Mr. Holland and Mr. Darby. Miss Clark was headmistress and she was very strict. She wielded an ebony ruler that I had reason to be wary of.

The street as a playground
The infants and girls played in the playground whilst the boys had to make do with Milton Road as a playground. If a car came along while we were playing, the teacher on duty would blow a whistle and we would all have to run to the pavement. When the car had passed, the teacher would again blow the whistle and we would return to the road. We would play marbles in the gutter and tabs against the school wall. Some boys would use cardboard milk bottle tops and some would use cigarette cards. Gallagher’s were the best tabs.

Physical education
For PE we would trudge up Elm Grove to St. Wilfrid’s Hall in Whippingham Road. I  remember going by Southdown bus out to the playing fields at The Highway, Moulsecoomb for a sort of sports day. We also had the annual Brighton schools’ sports day at Preston Park.

Our ideas of a treat
School outings were spent at Chessington Zoo and the Isle of Wight. We would wait excitedly at the school for the bus which would take us up to Brighton Station to catch the train for Portsmouth and then on th the ferry for the Isle of Wight. Another treat we had was to be allowed to listen to a schools radio broadcast once in a while, I wonder what the kids of today would think of that.

Can you recognise yourself here in this photograph of Mr Darby’s class from 1954. Maybe you can identify an old school chum? If you can add some names for this group, click on add comment under the photo and let us have the details.

St Joseph's School class of 1954
From the private collection of Anthony Daly

Comments about this page

  • What a lovely photo. It sent me down Memory Lane again.
    Names I can put to faces are: David (or Richard?) Tarrant-back row on the extreme left. Second row from the left: Eileen Parkinson, Christine Archbold, Carole Dickinson, Brenda Mustard and Josephine Walsh. Pity Mr Darby wasn’t there as well, although I can still remember his face.

    By Kathy Nichols (08/06/2009)
  • Hi Kathy, glad you liked the photo. I knew Brenda Mustard was in the photo but I couldn’t remember what she looked like, thanks for identifying her. Pupils I remember are as follows.

    Back row left to right.
    David Tarrant, Michael Eade,Ray Cook, Sidney Tilling,Barry Bishop, John Clark, ?
    Second Row left to right.
    ? Andrew Dolan, Eileen Parkinson, Christine Archbold, Carole Dickinson, Brenda Mustard, Josie Walsh, ? Francis Gunstone.
    Third Row Left to right.
    Mary Mckeever, ? Moira Farrell, ? Teresa Perrin, ? ? ? ? ?
    Front row jeft to right
    Lawrence Howell, ? Paul Hodson, Patrick Patten, ? Barry Kavanagh, Harry Sargent, Anthony Daly, ?

    If anyone else can identify any one in the photo, please do as it would be great to identify the whole class. I’m sure Teresa Storrow is in there somewhere and perhaps Mary Holloway.

    By Anthony Daly (08/06/2009)
  • Hi Anthony, looking at your list of names I do remember Barry Bishop, Andrew Dolan and Francis Gunstone. I’m not sure about Moira Farrell-I thought it could have been Bernadette O’Farrell but I could be wrong. I’ve had a careful look and I don’t think Teresa is there. I found my picture of the May Queen and I realised it was Margaret Canlin. I think the pageboy might have been ?Scott. This was probably the year before you. Aren’t we doing well with this, for ‘old ‘uns’? Hope we get some more replies-or better still, more pics.

    By Kathy Nichols (10/06/2009)
  • Hi Anthony, I did reply to you yesterday, but it doesn’t seem to have happened. Maybe I had a senior moment. I apologise if it comes up twice. Now you mention those other names I do remember Barry Bishop, Andrew Dolan and Francis Gunstone. I’m not sure about Moira Farrell-I thought it could be Bernadette O’Farrell but I could be wrong. I don’t think Teresa Storrow is there.

    By Kathy Nichols (11/06/2009)
  • Hi Kathy, thanks for your comments. It’s definitely Moira O’Farrell, I used to sit next to Moira. Was Margaret Canlin’s page boy Anthony/Tony Scott?

    By Anthony Daly (11/06/2009)
  • Hi Anthony, would Moira have been Bernadette’s sister do you think? I think it probably was Anthony/Tony Scott. His sister Teresa was in my class.

    By Kathy Nichols (11/06/2009)
  • Hi Kathy. I honestly don’t know if Moira had a sister named Bernadette, perhaps one of them will get in touch and let us know, or anyone else for that matter. I’ve got a few more photos to put on the site so watch out for them

    By Anthony Daly (12/06/2009)
  • Third from the right in the front row is my brother Harry Sargeant. Great to see the old photos.

    By Roy Sargeant (15/07/2009)
  • Great photo. Unfortunately, although I remember names, I can’t identify anyone else. I do remember the ebony ruler. It hurt. I also remember the playground with, I believe, the outside toilets?

    By Brenda Mayotte (Mustard) (04/09/2009)
  • Hi Brenda, not sure if you remember me but I’m glad to know you are still alive and kicking. I along with half a dozen or so others were put up into your class six months earlier than we should have been as we were considered to be bright and Miss Clark thought we might be eleven plus candidates. As far as I can remember, Teresa Perrin was the only one of the group who actually passed the eleven plus. Yes, you are right about the outside toilets, a bit prehistoric weren’t they. Sorry to hear that you also became acquainted with the ebony ruler.

    By Anthony Daly (12/10/2009)
  • Second row from the top, last boy on the right is Francis Gunstone, my cousin. Also in his class was my brother Robert Gillespie, unfortunately he is not in the picture.

    By Mary Smith(nee Gillespie) (29/12/2009)
  • Hi, my mum (Mary) Teresa Perrin (married name Peace) is actually fifth from the left on third row from the back or second row from the front – with the long dark curly hair. Unfortunately mum passed away on April 28th this year – I’m her youngest daughter, Katherine, of 3 children (another daughter and a son). My Dad, her husband Gordon, found this photo, having just made us an album of Mum containing the very same photo. If anyone else has any memories of Teresa Perrin do let us know.

    By Katherine Peace (30/12/2009)
  • Hi Katherine Peace. I was so sorry to hear of your mum’s passing. I was in her class at St. Joseph’s and remember her well. After we left St Joseph’s I never set eyes on her again. I’ve commented previously that half a dozen or so of us including your mum, were put up into the top class earlier than we should have been as we were considered to be eleven plus candidates. Your mum was the only one in the group who actually passed the eleven plus exam and I think she went on to Our Lady of Lourdes school. Your mum had a good memory. A few years ago, my sister’s mother-in-law was in a care home in Hove. There was a photo of my sister and her husband on her mother-in-law’s bedside table, and your mum whom I believe was a social worker, recognised my sister from the photo not having seen her for over fifty five years, remarkable. My sister and your mum had a good old chat about the old days and I think your mum said she was living in Steyning. If you look at my comment above I think you will find I have identified your mum correctly in the school photo, how could I forget such a pretty face? Also, your mum is in the Nativity Play photo, fourth from the left. I’ve just lost my dear old mum so I know how you must be feeling. My condolences to your dad and to you and your sister and brother.

    By Anthony Daly (12/01/2010)
  • Hi Mary Gillespie. I’m not sure why Bob is not in the photograph, perhaps he was off sick that day. I haven’t seen either Bob or Tommy for ages, give them both my regards. I remember your mum and dad well. My dad and your dad were great mates and used to have a drink together. My brother Danny and myself also used to have a drink with your mum and dad in The Wellington pub in Elm Grove years ago, happy days.

    By Anthony Daly (12/01/2010)
  • Anthony – I did eventually twig that you’d identified Teresa Perrin correctly. Thank you from all of us for your comments and glad to hear mum and your sister had a good old chin wag at the home (she was working as a care officer) – mum always liked a chat. Dad thinks he remembers her mentioning it at the time. I’m very sorry to hear about your mum’s passing also – it’s never easy. Was lovely for us to find a few photos of mum up here and it’s nice to hear a bit of history about her former classmates and school.

    By Katherine Peace (15/01/2010)
  • My mother Miss Colette Larner (not Larna) as she was then (now Mrs Cullen) is still alive and living in Eastbourne. She has fond memories of her time at St Joseph’s. I will ask her to write a comment to be added in the very near future.

    By Desmond Boksan-Cullen (02/02/2010)
  • My son, Desmond very kindly forwarded to me details and comments that appeared on these web pages concerning St Joseph’s (pasted onto paper as I am not online!) I am Colette Cullen (née Larner) and taught at St Joseph’s School from 1949-56. So many memories were revived on reading the comments and seeing the photographs. It was also great to recognise so many of the names. I was not suprised that many children were afraid of Miss Clark – so were the teachers!, although she was a great character. All the teachers were a fine crowd and it was sad that Eileen Gregory had to cope with Parkinson’s disease which she borne very bravely. I made an album of photographs from my school years and presented it to Father David Rea when he became the St Joseph’s parisih priest. It is probably either still in the presbytrery or with Fr Rea. Amongst the happy memories there were also sad ones such as Janet Sykes who died in 1953 following a tonsils operation. Although I have lived in Eastbourne for many years, I had the pleasure of last summer of meeting Tom Perrin, his wife Margaret née Canlin and Julian Taylor, and we had so much to talk about. I often reflect on what the current health and safety crowd would think of the Milton Road playtimes complete with traffic! They were character building days and lots of happy memories. I will write again soon.

    By Colette Cullen (06/02/2010)
  • Hello Miss Larner, how wonderful to know that you are still alive and well. I read your comment with great interest as you were my first teacher when I started at St. Joseph’s and I remember you well. I still have a photograph of you with some of the children in the playground but unfortunately it’s not very clear so it’s not really good enough to publish on the school site. So the teachers were also frightened of Miss Clark, she was a bit of a tyrant wasn’t she but I think she had the best interests of the children at heart. I remember when Janet Sykes died. She and her sister Margaret went into hospital together to have their tonsils out and sadly Janet died, an absolute tradgedy. I remember Julian Taylor although I haven’t seen him for years. We used to collect money for the orphans in Africa or some such care organisation and Julian or his Mum and Dad used to save farthings throughout the year and once a year he would bring the farthings in to school wrapped up in a bag. I have many happy memories of the old school. I look forward to reading your next comment.

    By Anthony Daly (15/02/2010)
  • Hello Anthony, we sort of know each other through your sister Kathy. I’ve become intensely interested in the various comments, and I have left my own recollections and lists of pupils on other message-boards but related to my time at SJB (1951-1955). I went to St Joseph’s carrying within me the trauma of having been bombed out (Grosvenor Street) and buried under the rubble with my family – we were all rescued successfully, but that’s another story. It left me sometimes crying out at night because I thought the walls of my bedroom (Lynton Street) were ‘coming in on me’. Consequently at school I was very sickly and nervous, and terrified of some of the teachers but not Miss Larner. Another teacher I remember with affection was Mr Quinn. Some pupils: Mary Storrow, Tony Cavedaschi, Dierdre Walker, Barry Sullivan – when we were about 18 we nearly joined the army together – were four I clearly remember in my year. When I got to secondary school I toughened up considerably and those bad memories began to fade, although it left me with mild claustrophobia. I think your work on this web page is absolutely brilliant. Very best wishes.

    By James Jeffery (20/04/2010)
  • Hi Jim, yes I remember you and of course your sisters Pat and Margaret. Also your mum who came to my mum’s 90th birthday party. Sad that neither are no longer with us. Interesting to read your experience during the war when you were bombed out. I didn’t know about that. My Aunt who lived in Bonchurch Road had a similar experience. The story goes that the Germans were trying to bomb the trains which were stored overnight in a tunnel behind Elm Grove School. Part of the old Kemp Town line. Like yourself, she survived the incident. Great to hear from you. Anthony Daly.

    By Anthony Daly (27/05/2010)
  • ATTENTION BRENDA MAYOTTE!! I live in your old home in Keymer Rd and have received a letter trying to make contact from a Belgian man called Rene who came to stay with your family in 1961. Would love to pass it onto you. Please contact me on my email Regards Kate Toms

    By Kate Toms (07/07/2010)
  • What a pleasure it has been looking at this web site. It brought back so many memories. I am in contact with Anthony Daly who steered me toward this side. It would be great to hear from anybody who remembers me, Good or bad!

    By Ray Cook (05/10/2010)
  • The small girl in the middle of the front row is Theresa Storrow!

    By Angela Storrow (01/03/2011)
  • Hi all. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the photo of Mr Darby’s class cos there I was sitting in the front row 2nd from right. I had a copy of this years ago but having moved up and down the country so much over the years, it got lost with various others from the same era. Anyway here goes, I remember some of them – Theresa Perrin, Anthony Daly, Mary Holloway, Eileen Parkinson, Josie Walsh, John Clark, David Tarrant, Barry Bishop. There’s two names that I didn’t see and they were Barry Hill and Esther Mathews. I remember her because she was always winning, when we had P.E. along Milton Road and she ran twice as fast as most of us. Barry Hill and David Tarrant and myself used to get told off for climbing up the fire escape that led from the yard to Miss Clark’s office and often got sent up to get punished and it wasn’t with an ebony ruler. I only ever got the cane as did most of the boys, because she had a row of them hanging on her wall, about six if I remember correctly, varying in thickness. And I also remember breaking one when she told me to take one down to punish me after which I ran down the fire escape and went home. While at the school my parents moved to Woodingdean and I had changed schools so lost touch and never made contact again till now. So I don’t blame you for not remembering me. Good memory site, so keep it going. Wish you all well.

    By Danny Dave Kimberley (14/10/2011)
  • Hi Angela Storrow. I haven’t looked at the site for a while so have only just seen your comment. I remember Mary, Joe, Theresa, Bernadette and your mum and dad but I don’t remember you, are you the youngest of the family? Thanks for identifying Theresa, I thought that was her in the photo but wasn’t certain, seem to remeber that Theresa wore specs. If you read a previous comment of mine dated 13/10/2009 you will see why myself, Theresa and a few others are in that class before we should have been. I said that I thought Teresa Perrin was the only one of the group who passed the eleven plus but of course your Theresa did as well. Is Joe in the photo? Not sure how old he is. If he is a year older than Theresa it’s possible that he is in it. Please give my regards to all the family.

    By Anthony Daly (24/10/2011)
  • Hi Danny, nice to read your comments, it’s amazing how vivid some peoples memories are of school days. What was the outcome of you doing a runner from Miss Clark? I don’t think I would have had the nerve to. Thanks for naming Barry Hill and Esther Mathews but unfortunately, you haven’t said whereabouts they are in the photo, be grateful if you would. Also just to clarify where you are in the photo, is that you sitting between Lawrence/ Laurence Howell and Paul Hodson?

    By Anthony Daly (24/10/2011)
  • Hi Anthony. I thought I was sitting front row 2nd from right, but apparantly it’s you, (you sure we aint twins, I was a twin but he was still born, now I’ m not so sure.)Sorry, I’ve looked hard at the photo but cant be sure if Barry or Esther are in there. I  thought Esther was in 2nd row 3rd from right and Barry in the back row 2nd from right. I had another name come to mind, Paul Tennant but cant pick him out either, must be something to do with age eh? I do remember Mary Holloway playing Mary in the nativity play and I was an angel along with (twins) Rosemary and Malvena Reeves. They’re not in this photo either, I think some of the classes got mixed up as some that I had years ago had kids from other classes to make up a group. The reason I recall this is because I got told off for telling some of them to move away while we had our picture taken. We had a lot of photos of that time but because of moving home so much over the years they were lost. Sorry cant be more helpful but if anything comes to mind I’ll write in. Check to see if you were a twin cos that still looks like me in the photo. I didn’t have any problems after doing a runner cos my dad had a word with Miss Clark. I don’t think she ever came down the fire escape, I only ever remember her standing at the top glaring at us with what seemed like hatred in her eyes.

    By Danny/Dave kimberley (26/10/2011)
  • Hi Danny. No I’m definitely not a twin but I was sure that was me sitting next to Harry Sergeant, now you’ve got me thinking. Well there’s only one way to sort this out “FIGHT”. No seriously, time can play tricks with the old memory, it’s a strange one isn’t it. Anyone out there recognise the boy sitting front row second from the right. Sorry, Can’t agree or disagree with your positioning of Barry or Esther as I don.t remember either of them. I remember a Patrick Hill and Re; Paul Tennent, don’t remember him either but do remember Carol and Gloria Tennent. As you say, Mary Holloway played Mary in the Nativity play. Sadly, Mary died at quite a young age. Nice to hear from you.

    By Anthony Daly (30/10/2011)
  • Hi Danny, me again. Just out of curiosity, what’s your date of birth?

    By Anthony Daly (30/10/2011)
  • Hi Anthony, my DOB is 2/4/1949. By the way i made a mistake with Barry Hill, he wasn’t at St Joseph’s, he was at my previous school at Coombe Rd. Esther was definitely, but I still can’t pick her out in the picture. Are you any relation to a Kathy Daly that used to live in Dewe rd or around the Milner rd area, ‘cos her mum used to look after me when my mum visited my dad in hospital over a 2 month period. Sorry to hear about Mary, I remember she played the part of Mary in the nativity play 2yrs running, the one at the top of the page was the first year, I was in the play the following year. Do you remember the Reeves twins, Rosemary & Malvena they used to live in Preston rd & their parents had the greengrocers there, the three of us were angels in the play.

    By danny/dave kimberley (30/10/2011)
  • Hi Danny, sorry to be a pain but would you just confirm your date of birth please. Kathleen Daly is my youngest sister and yes we did live off Milner Road in Buller Road so that was my mum who looked after you. This is getting a bit spooky, you sure your twin was stillborn? Since I first read your name, I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember you and now that you’ve mentioned my mum, did you live in a shop near the bottom of Milner Road? Was your mum’s name Peggy and did you used to keep chickens in the back garden? No, sorry, don’t remember the Reeves twins at all. Funny you should mention Coombe Road School, the pipes froze at St. Joseph’s one year and they shut the school but because we lived so close to Coombe Road School we had to go there for a few days until the pipes thawed out. Cheers for now.

    By Anthony Daly (08/11/2011)
  • Hi Anthony (or should I say ‘Twin’). First off my D.O.B. is 2nd April 1949, now here come the ‘spooks’ – yes, I did live in the greengrocers in Milner Road, next door was John and Bobby Darling at the sweet/paper shop and at the end was the Paynes who had the deli. We did have chickens, rabbits and a few ducks. I used to take eggs round to a lot of the elderly people and earn a penny tip for doing so. Yes, my mum’s name was Peggy but also known as Dutchie as my dad was a Cockney. Do you remember the James’s and the Jones’s who lived up Milner Road past the school, they were well known locally as they were always fighting with each other. Bryn Jones used to sit on the kerb outside the shops always sucking his thumb, one of his sisters, Vannah, was always dolled up, we all thought she was a filmstar. Two other families were the Taskers, John and Steve, who lived in Nesbit Road, and the Pannetts who lived at 82 Milner Road, they were Marcia, John, Jean, Jackie and Dave, they also had a foster sister called Jenny Newton, their dad Jack used to work at the Evening Argus. After reading your previous blog I decided to have a rummage through my albums, I don’t believe what I found – three old photos from Milton Road and I was wrong about Barry Hill, he was at the school because he’s in the photo with me and five others. (It’s a case of guess who.) If you’d like a copy to include in the blog give me a call, text or email. By the way I still think we’re TWINS. All the best.

    By Danny / Dave Kimberley (10/11/2011)
  • Hi Danny, I did reply to your comment of the 11/11/2011 on the 12/11/2011 but apparently my reply is still whizzing around out there in cyberspace so here goes again. So you are the little boy who lived in the greengrocers, must be about sixty years since I’ve seen or heard of you, amazing. My mum would have been interested to hear of you but sadly she died two years ago. My brother Barry remembers your dad well. Barry used to do a paper round for Darlings. Your dad built Barry a bicycle and one day as he was riding it doing his paper round the bicycle disintegrated beneath him, he’s not sure how he got away without serious injury. Yes I do remember Bryny Jones, quite a lad wasn’t he. I met him some years later and he seemed quite a nice bloke and was quite a snappy dresser. I don’t remember any of the names you remember in Nesbit Road. I do remember the Walsh family, you may have gone to school with Michael. Sidney Tilling lived along the end by the Gun, remember the Gun? The Coates family lived opposite you in Milner Road and the Grinyer’s lived just down the road. Denyer, Triggs, Guy, Beckett, Ayling, Lander, Miles, Buckley, Berry, Page, all families who lived in Buller Road, remember any of them? Now then, sorry but I’m just about to demolish your theory about us being twins. I asked you to confirm your date of birth just in case you had hit the wrong key when typing but you confirmed it as 1949. I was born in 1944 so I think that puts that one to bed. Also this is probably why I don’t remember some of the names you come up with. Demolition job number two. The above photo was taken in 1954, most of the pupils in it were born in 1943 the rest were born in 1944. You would have been five years old when the photo was taken and I believe you said that your early schooling was spent at Coombe Road school so that can’t possibly be you in the photo. Re; the photos that you have found, why don’t you send them into My Brighton and Hove for publication and then others can see them as well. Great hearing from you All the best, Anthony.

    By Anthony Daly (11/12/2011)
  • Hi Anthony, I sent an email about sending copies of the photos but haven’t had a reply yet. I don’t want to send the originals in case they get lost in the post. I’ll need an address to send them to so if you can email or text me on 07932146037 with details. Hope to hear from you soon.

    By DANNY KIMBERLEY (23/01/2012)
  • Just reading the comments from Danny Kimberley, I think you might be recalling Joan Holloway (Mary’s younger sister) as Mary in a nativity play, with the Reeves twins as angels. I think we have a photo somewhere. Also, Esther Matthews was two years younger than me, so definitely not in Mr Darby’s class with Anthony Daley etc.

    By Angela Storrow (21/06/2012)
  • Hellow Angela Storrow. I don’t know if you will remember me but you brother was my closest friend from St Joseph’s and through Xaverian. We also joined the scouts together and stayed in touch after school. Joe came back from the RAF in Singapore and turned up at my wedding in 1965. I have lost touch with him since then but would love to know how he is doing now. I also remember the rest of your family, Peter, Mary, Teresa and Bernadette. So sorry to hear of Mary’s passing. I hope the rest of you are in good health. Kind regards, Tom.

    By Tom Paul (22/06/2012)
  • Hello Tommy Paul, of course I remember you. Joe has been living in Kingston on Thames for many years. Unfortunately he doesn’t use the internet, but I will pass on your regards. Who knows, a miracle might happen and he’ll get himself a computer! Thanks for putting your photos on this site. Best wishes, Angela.

    By Angela Storrow (23/06/2012)
  • Hello Angela, I have just read your post and you could be right about it being Joan Holloway instead of Mary,(years play havoc with the memories) but if you have got the photo of the nativity play where the Reeves twins were angels, You’ll probably see me in between them as I was reluctantly the angel Gabriel with a cut-out cardboard halo on my head. It’s amazing the things that come back in your head when reading all these notes-it’s a great site so keep it going.

    By Danny/Dave Kimberley (01/08/2012)
  • Hello Angela, do you remember me and Helen Tierney? We three were great friends at St Josephs. After we all passed 11+ Helen and I went to Lourdes Convent and you to Blessed Sacrament we lost touch. I still see Helen regularly. (Is there a way to contact people directly or only through a post here which they may not see for months?)

    By Elizabeth Stanbury (nee Matthews) (22/11/2012)
  • Hello Danny/Dave, my sister is Esther Matthews, you’re correct she was a very good runner! She was born in 1949. I’ve forwarded this page to her, she cannot recall you unfortunately! I’ve posted some photos. Esther in an attendant in the May Queen group.

    By Elizabeth Stanbury (nee Matthews) (22/11/2012)
  • Hi Elizabeth, what section of the site did you post the photos because I’ve been browsing through but can’t find them.

    By Danny/Dave Kimberley (09/01/2013)
  • Message for Elizabeth Stanbury. You posted photos but did not give any information about them. If you want them to be published you need to add that information. I have emailed you twice without success. Contact me:

    By Jennifer Drury:Website Editor (09/01/2013)
  • Hi Anthony, long time no see, it must have been in the Wellington with our brothers all those years ago. This is a wonderful site, lots of brain teasers, faces and names. My cousin Francis Gunstone passed away on 28-11-13, and we are going to his funeral service this Friday 13th down at the Worthing Crematorium. The top seven of us are all doing well, Bridget, Tom, Mary, Kevin, Dennis and Richard, Patrick our youngest brother died quite a few years ago. 

    By Robert Gillespie. (10/12/2013)
  • Just found this page. What a lot of memories. I’m still in touch with Josephine Walsh and visit with her whenever I’m back in England. I live in Washington state in the USA. Thanks for all of the photos and comments.

    By Brenda Mayotte (Mustard) (01/04/2015)
  • Hi everybody,my name is Veronica Startup neé O’Farrell and my two older sisters were and are (!) Bernadette and Maire (pronounced Moya) O’Farrell.  Bernadette is two years older than Maire and four years older than me. Maire is the child third from the left in the third row. I remember Theresa Perrin and her younger brother Charles very well as they lived opposite us in Rotherfieled Crescent. We have photos of them sitting on a wall with us. Their mother was from Northumberland and was such a welcoming and warm lady…lovely memories! We moved from Brighton shortly after this photo was taken to Bromley, Kent.

    By Veronica Startup (15/05/2015)
  • Hi Anthony, I stumbled on to this site by accident. Truly amazed to find my sister Rosemary and I are remembered. We were always picked to be angels, how funny! I was at my grandson’ s sports day last week and mentioned to one of the parents there, how I can still remember being beaten at running by Esther Matthews. 

    By Malvina Whitten(nee Reece) (22/07/2017)
  • Hi, a miss spelling on the previous comment. My maiden name was Reeve not Reece. 

    By Malvina Whitten(nee Reeve) (23/07/2017)

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