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St Joseph's Church altar boys

This mischevious bunch of little terrors were all altar boys at St. Joseph’s church.

The photo was taken in the garden at St. Joseph’s church in 1948.

Some of the boys in the photo are Barry Sullivan, Barry Daly, Michael Harris and Michael Mansbridge.

Does anyone know the identity of the other boys? If you recognise anyone, or even yourself, let us know by making a comment below here.

Altar boys from St. Joseph's Church 1948
From the private collection of Anthony Daly

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  • This picture brought back some wonderful memories. I have lived in Canada since 1966, but go to this site often. I can’t remember the other people’s names, but I think it’s Finbar Daley and not Barry Daly.

    By Barry Sullivan (27/07/2009)
  • That’s my Dad on the far right - Eddie Waller.

    By Anne Waller (05/08/2009)
  • Hi Barry. Yes you are correct. My brother was christened Finbar but no one in our family has ever called him that. He has always been called Barry.

    By Anthony Daly (10/08/2009)
  • Altar boy, second from the right is my brother Tommy Gillespie. Oh happy days.

    By Mary Smith nee Gillespie (04/02/2010)
  • Hello Barry Sullivan, are you the Barry Sullivan who lived in Arnold Street, and who I nearly joined the army with? I lived next door in Lynton Street, and went to St. Joseph’s and then St. John the Baptist School, first at Bedford Street, then the Annexe in Warwick Street then finally to Woodingdean. I knew Eddie (then ‘Teddy’) Waller whose family lived in Elm Grove, my sister Margaret is a close friend of Kathy Daly, whose mum (sadly) recently passed away. Some other names (in no particular order): Vic Sambucci, Dennis Crook, John Blunden, Sean O’Grady, Patrick Dunkliffe, Peter Heffernen, Dennis Moyces, Eddie Chapman, Mickey Toner, Pat Wells, Paddy May. Teachers: Mr ‘Kong’ O’Hara (Head Master), Mr. Goodman, Mr. Liddel, Mr. Crowley, Miss. DeMohun, Miss Grounsell, Sister Augustine, ‘Bob’ Watterton, Mr. Carolyn (?) Best wishes to all.

    By James Jeffery (18/04/2010)
  • Many thanks to you Mary and you James. Yes I did live on Arnold Street. This reminds me of so many happy days in England – I did spend quite a lot of time with the Gillespie family and their parents were very good to me and I wondered how everyone is doing? God bless.

    By Barry Sullivan (24/03/2012)
  • I had grandparents who lived at No. 10 Arnold Street, either the Attrells or the Steedmans.

    By Nicola Cahill (23/04/2012)
  • Hi Barry and James, Reading all those names from a lifetime ago has been so moving. I remember most of you, especially you Barry. What a wonderful site this is. It would be so great to have a class reunion! I’m now living in Nottinghamshire.

    By Pat Summers (nee Wells) (16/11/2012)
  • Hi to Barry Sullivan, are you the famous Barry Sullivan nicknamed “Suds” who use to go to Hollingbury Youth Club that was held in Carden School. Your girlfriend was in my class at school and first name was Carmel. I always remember how you always protected our club from the “Heathens” over the hill in Coldean when they came with nasty intentions in place. If only we had seen that photo of you as an alter boy while you played table tennis. Happy Days “Suds”.

    By Gerry Millard (30/12/2013)
  • Hi Pat, you don’t know me but the thing that we have in common is Barry Sullivan, what a man, but this week his wife Carmel informed me that Barry passed away on the 12th January this year in Canada where they lived. l knew Barry from our youth club in Hollingbury in the mid 50s and like you he will always be remembered with affection.

    By Gerry Millard (18/01/2014)
  •  Hi Gerry, Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know of Barry’s recent death. A very sad day indeed but the memories of that very cheeky lad will remain with me.

    By Pat Summers (18/01/2014)
  • So very sorry to hear of Barry Sullivan’s death. I’m not sure Barry remembered me very well but we nearly joined the army together. We had been through all the tests in the Queens Road Recruiting Office and on the day we were meant to sign-up I awoke and thought “God, I don’t wanna do this”. I walked down Elm Grove to meet Barry, and at the bottom of Arnold Street he was coming down and shouted out: “Jim, I’ve changed my mind” (LOL as my Grandchildren would write) After that we went down Elm Grove to the town, where I think we parted company, and lost touch after that. RIP Barry. 

    By James Jeffery (16/04/2014)
  • Hello Pat,

    I have the ideal opportunity for your reunion. I am the Head at St Joseph’s and we are launching our 60th Jubilee on the 20th Jan, probably a little too short notice this time, but are having another open day in the summer months and hope to have as many former pupils as we can. Watch this space or check our school website for more details. In the meantime if you have any photos or memories to share, please contact me on or call the school office 01273556607.

    Hope to hear from you.

    By Fran Morrison (07/01/2016)

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