More Memories Of The May Queens c1949

This was the year that Margaret Canlin was the May Queen. I think it was probably 1949. I believe her pageboy was Anthony Scott. The other attendants are, from left to right: Josephine Pirolli, Valerie Hope, Josephine Walsh, Brenda Mustard, Mary Storrow, Christine Archbold,Teresa Scott, Eveline Tierney and Kathleen Read.

I think the next photo is Mary Storrow crowning the statue of Our Lady, which would be 1950. Others in the photo are, Father Leahy and Father Munns. The ‘altar boy’ is William ‘Pop’ Lewery.

The last photo is the procession leaving the church led by Anthony Daly

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  • Hello Anthony and Kathy, do you recognise me behind you on the left of the photo. I was friendly with Stella Dorrington, Margaret Canlin and Moonyen Collins. I was at St Joe’s from 1945 to 1951.

    By Beryl Cheeseman (nee Brown) (09/08/2010)
  • From left to right: 1-not sure. 2-Valerie Hope. 3-Evelyn Tierney. 4-Brenda Mustard. 5-Mary Storrow. 6-the boy, not sure. 7-Margaret Canlin, (whose daughter is now the headteacher of St Peter’s in Shoreham). 8-Christine Archbold. 9 and10 not sure. 11-Kathleen Reid. The wall behind is where I learnt to do handstands!

    By Beryl Cheeseman (nee Brown) (16/08/2010)
  • Hello Beryl I remember you well. I remember you being charged with minding little Tommy Paul on my first few days at school. Later I was an altar boy with Pat Cheesman who you married. Seeing your entry brought the memories flooding back.

    By Thomas Paul (03/03/2012)
  • Hello Beryl, I’m sorry but I can’t remember you. The correct line-up is from left to right: 1-Josephine Pirolli. 2-Valerie Hope. 3-Josephine Walsh. 4-Brenda Mustard. 5-Mary Storrow. 6-Anthony Scott. 7-Margaret Canlin. 8-Christine Archbold. 9-Teresa Scott. 10-Evelyn Tierney. 11-Kathleen Read. Regards Kathy Nichols nee Read

    By Kathy Nichols (21/03/2012)

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