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Class photo early 1960s

This photo is of my class at St. Mark’s School, I am sorry bit I am not sure of the year; early 60’s most probably. I am middle row 6 from the left in front of the shorter boy with the striped tee shirt.

Working from the left back row, the names I remember are :-

Joanne Tucknott, David Lumsden, Robert Warren ,Alan Leeves, Glen Surtees next I boy don’t remember, Rachel McKenzie, next boy don’t know, Shirley ?, Linda Lewisky, Sylvia Goode, Julia Holmes, Mr. Pinchin.

Vanessa Hayward, Susan Rawlings, Susan Smart, Rosemary Taylor, Pauline Jones, Julia Jenkins, Janice Thwaites, don’t know next girl, myself Wendy Dawson, Anna Falle, Lesley Tyson, Jeanette ?, Pat Williams, Ian Hayler , Miss Mawhinney.

Keith ?, Michael Marchant, Derek Fulker, Peter Richardson, Jeffrey Jackson, Roger Wingrave, David Budd, Mandy Highland, Mark Pybus, Lawrence Gumbrill, Chris Ross-King and Alan Hallett.

If you recognise yourself, or a friend, or can identify someone not named, please leave a comment below. If you have memories of this time, maybe you could share them with us.

Class at St. Mark's School
From the private collection of By Wendy Lawrence nee Dawson

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  • Hi Wendy, thank you so much for the chance to see a photo of Miss Mawhinney. It has really jogged my memory into remembering her and what she was like. She used to get so annoyed when people spelt her name incorrectly, which they often did (usually parents). Hope we’ve spelt it properly. Ha Ha!

    By Elaine England (nee Nelson) (12/09/2012)
  • Hi Wendy, quite spooky seeing this lot again on screen, got the photo somewhere. I can help with a few names I think, starting with the back row: David Hall, Shirley Nelson? Jeanette Lammy. Front row: Keith Donno. I certainly remember Miss Mawhinney, a bitter spiteful little woman from Northern Ireland, and God help you if you couldn’t understand the accent, or could not play the recorder- I was in trouble on both counts, I think it was the longest year of my life..happy days.

    By Alan Leeves (09/11/2012)
  • Hi I’m trying to find out about David budd, I don’t want to cause trouble for him I just want to know where he’s from as I inherited his olive skin and I haven’t seen him for 22 years so cannot find out. Many thanks.

    By jodie maltby (28/12/2012)
  • Hi Wendy god what memories this brought back! I am still a Jones. I was married, had two children then divorced, and, then married a Tony Jones. I live in Southend on Sea. I can remember so many faces but luckily you added a lot of the names. It is so lovely to see this photo. Thank you

    By Pauline Jones (05/01/2013)
  • Hi Wendy, Thanks for posting this. I remember this class for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it was in this year that I and Michael Marchant received “The Strap” from Mr Pinchin. Michael and I were passing rude notes to each other and somehow Miss Mawhinney got hold of one. She was so horrified that we were removed from the classroom, lectured to by our mortified teacher and headmaster and then hit with a leather strap across the hands. We had written something like “shitface” and other such ghastly obscenities on scraps of paper and passed them to each other, whilst attempting to stifle bellyaching guffaws of 9 year old hysterics. What a different world it was! I received corporal punishment on other occasions later in life (at Varndean Grammar School for Boys) so clearly my descent into a life of crime was not curtailed by the “strap”. I am enormously impressed with your list of names for the class. Please tell me that you didn’t remember all of them yourself? Did you see the photo I posted of an earlier class with Miss Phillips? It’s at Is it possible for you to post a larger image file, as the one on this page pixilates before I can zoom in close. I am also very impressed by my own “long trousers”. I note that it is only David Budd and myself who have experienced that rite of passage closer to manhood. I believe that others were not long in following and may have overtaken us. Thanks again.

    By Derek Fulker (02/03/2013)
  • My oh my, what a surprise.
    Watching Premier League soccer on a Sunday morning and the name Derek Fulker came to mind. I googled you and got a pleasant surprise. I live in Los Angeles now after 20 years in San Francisco. Until last year, my mum lived in the ex-nurses residences across the street from where that photo was taken.


    By Jeffery Jackson (24/11/2013)
  • So around three years later I come across this thread. Wonderful – thanks for posting Wendy. 

    I confess to being Rob Warren - third from the left back row. The unnamed boy 6 from the left is David Hall. You probably won’t remember him because his family went to Canada not long after on a £10 assisted passage as was the thing back then.

    I remember Anna Falle as she was the most exotic species of the class being Danish. I think she saw out primary school but perhaps moved elsewhere thereafter.

    I can remember Des Fulker and Jeff Jackson who in their teenage years were way more cool than most and certainly me. Expect the same still applies. Hi to both.

    By Robert Warren (04/03/2016)
  • Well what can I say? I was looking up my old school Brighton Secondary Technical when I thought I would go back a bit futher to St Marks and to my surpise I saw some faces on the class photo that I have not seen in such a long time. My name is Peter Richardson and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw your name Jeff, well as you know I got married September 1972 to Julie and about 6 months later moved to Perth Western Australia where we still live today with Samantha & Sarah our lovely daughters and our grandkids Jamie 13, Skyla 10, Sol 7, and Chevelle 5. I was a bricklayer for 40 years here and did well. I now own a Hydroponics Store. Please contact me so we can talk more my email Do you miss the Sea Life? I was thinking the other day when we met in France you were on the Oronsay and me on the Oriana. I think that was the only time we were in port at the same time. How is your sister Jack? My Mum and Dad passed away, Dad 1999 and Mum 2014. 

    Well I’m talking to Robert, you talked about Anna Falle, she lived just around the corner to me in Sussex Square and I dated her when she was older before they moved to London. If you know how to get hold of Jeff can you please get him to contact me. Has anybody heard from Roger Wingrave? Like so many people that have commented you think to yourself where did the years go as we are all about 62-64 now. 

    By Peter Richardson (21/04/2017)
  • Message to Robert Warren. My name was Catherine Hill and I was the same age as your sister Linda. I remember coming to her birthday party in May in your house in Bennet Road.
    Hope you are both keeping well . Please say hi to her.
    Take care and keep safe.

    By Catherine Hemmings (16/01/2021)
  • Greetings all, yes as Robert has mentioned, I’m David Hall the boy in the middle of the back row next to Rachel, wearing the striped top. A few months after this photo was taken, I was kidnapped by my parents and shipped to Canada, but am happy to report that I escaped and returned to Brighton at the age of 19. Robert I remember very well, but also Alan, Ian and Len, and Joanne, Shirley, Susan and Lesley. Miss Mawhinney was probably my least favourite teacher at St Marks, while Miss Hewitt was certainly ace.

    By David Hall (02/01/2022)

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