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Class photograph c1950s

Class photograph c1950s: St Mary Magdalene Upper North Street
From the private collection of Diane Millard

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This is a class in St Mary Magdalene School in the 1950s sometime, I am not sure when.

Can anyone tell me what year it was? Do you recognise yourself or anyone else?

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  • I am sure that it is me standing second right second to back row.  I am wearing a smocked dress and a bow in my hair. Susan McCaran is the sixth girl from the right seated and standing behind her is Vicky ?surname who were my particular friends.  We look about six years old; it’s a shame the teacher isn’t in it as it would give us a clue of the year.  I am guessing that the year is about  1952/53 if we were six.  Are you in it Diane? Pat Lawrance

    By Patricia Lawrance (11/02/2014)
  • Hi – I have just seen this photo and it was taken around 1955.  Susan McCarran was my best friend at that time and in my class was Yanina Merta, John Flynn.  I have a photo somewhere which I will post.  The headmistress was Mrs Thurmer and teachers were Miss Harvey and Mr Worsley took the Drama class.

    By Geraldine Adams (06/09/2016)
  • I think it’s about 1954/55, recognise some faces , back row 3rd on the right as Leslie Rye ,also second row at front 4th girl dark hair sat next to me in class,
    I am 74 now , where has time gone?

    By Michael Cramer (01/09/2020)
  • Although I wasn’t in this class, it’s warming to see people who are as old as 70+ went to the same school as I did. I’m 14 right now and my last year was 2019. I still know where that wall is and it still looks the same.

    By Anh pham (23/11/2021)

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