Football team 1949/50

This is a photograph of the St Nicolas School football team and was taken between 1949/1950.

I am front row 2nd from right. Can you recognise yourself or anyone else here?

If you can supply names for these chaps, please leave a comment below.

St Nicolas Junior School football team 1949/50
From the personal collection of Frank Piner

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  • The year is more likely 1948/49 – sorry.

    By Frank Piner (06/07/2010)
  • Left to right back row: 2nd Barry Eastwood, 6th Derrick Green.

    By Frank Piner (26/08/2010)
  • The year is definitely 1949-50 Back row – Fred Mepham, Barry Woodward, ….. Crowhurst, Kenneth Ede, Christopher Cotton, Derek Green, John Comber, Peter Edwards. Front Row – Brian Cherriman (slightly unsure), Tony Betteridge, Gary Forgham, Frank Piner, Ian Roberts.

    By Tony Betteridge (17/02/2012)
  • The two teachers at the back could be Mr. Turnouth (Headmaster) and Mr. Eastwood.

    By Roger Bateman (18/04/2012)
  • Hi, thanks for adding the names, Tony Betteridge and Roger Bateman. Your memories are much better than mine, Kind Regards (long time no see.)

    By Frank Piner (09/06/2012)
  • It was “Gordon” Crowhurst.

    By Barry Flahey (21/08/2012)
  • Far left front row, definitely John French.

    By Bob Kennett (25/06/2015)
  • I’m glad that Bob Kennett has added his thoughts to this and I now totally agree with him that this is John French.  His family lived in Mill Cross Road as I recall.

    By Tony Betteridge (10/08/2015)
  • Yes, they were my next door neighbours at number 17. David, Richard, John, Clive and the youngest Christopher. I remember you Tony (Bev) from Hove Grammar – a demon bowler if I am not mistaken responsible for the memorable dismissal of Rex Hepburn first ball in a school vs. masters match. Halcyon days. Have you visited the school website ?

    By Bob Kennett (11/02/2016)

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