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1947 School outing

School outing 1947
From the private collection of Barry Flahey

I am sorry but my memory is quite dim in regard to these school outings.

Perhaps you recognise yourself – or someone else?

Perhaps you remember the outing?

If you can help, please post a comment below.

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  • Perhaps Tony Betteridge will have a sharper recollection of who is who in this photo. I do not even remember the outing, so the old grey cells are certainly in decline. While I can then, these are my observations of those I recognise. Back row and left to right is John Comber. Valery Ayling (whom I had a crush on), Pamela Law and at the far right Doreen Baker. Middle row is Fred Mepham, Dave Ridehalgh? Bottom row is a mystery boy with spectacles, Chris Root, John Collins, Barry Flahey and Chris Cotton. 

    By Barry Flahey (09/11/2015)
  • The outing was to Devil’s Dyke and must have taken place in late June or July of 1947, judging by the short shadows in the photo. It was taken close to the left (facing north) of the bridleway (now truncated by the bypass) that ran from the northernmost part of the old West Hove Golf Course (near the ninth green) almost to the former Devil’s Dyke Railway Station. I first became aware of the abandoned, rusting 1920’s, or so, pick-up truck when I was about five because my mother and some neighbours used walk there with bags to pick blackberries in late summer from the clumps of brambles and gorse which were to be found close by on the right-hand side of the bridleway. In those days of austere rationing anything that could be preserved by bottling, pickling or making into jam was highly sought after. Why the truck was abandoned we shall never know, but it certainly remained there for a few years before disappearing. Probably we walked from school via Locks Hill, Manor Road and Hangleton Lane before joining the bridleway close to Benfield Cottages, which were the homes of the green keepers of the golf club. I recall that before we climbed to the top of the Devil’s Dyke we passed through a small wooded area through which a small stream ran and that this was something new to most of us because there were no streams in our part of the world. So it was a happy day out enjoying the simple pleasures of the countryside. Which teachers organised the day and went with us I can’t say, but we can probably rule out Miss Patching and Mrs Wells. As far as the photo is concerned, I agree with Barry about those of the group he was able to name. In addition, I am almost certain that the bespectacled boy on the left is Donald Tucker. Less certain, but coming to me in a flash of inspiration, is that the other girl between Valerie Ayling and Doreen Baker is Marian Godsmark and that the girl far left is Joyce Stacey. Perhaps Barry has more photos to add to the site? I hope so! For my part I have some small group pictures which I want to scan in and publish. Watch this space ! But we can’t be alone. Surely there are other contemporaries out there still with the energy to operate a keyboard. Let’s be hearing from you !

    By Tony Betteridge (11/11/2015)

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