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Does anyone recognize a face in this class photo?

This photograph was taken in the school grounds of St Paul’s school, Brighton. We are unsure of the date or of the occasion; but the photo belongs to our relative Mr Leslie Markwick who is to be seen standing almost in the middle of the photograph beside the girl with the bow in her hair.

We hope this brings back memories to those who may also be in the photograph and if anyone can shed light on who else might be in this class gathering then please let us know.

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St Paul's School
From a private collection

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  • My twin sister and I were at St Paul’s School, West Street from 1958. If this is the St Paul’s mentioned I do not remember any ‘grounds’ consisting of grass / garden as is seen in this photo. Is this definitely St Paul’s? Appears to be from 1940’s looking at clothes worn.

    By Belinda Lumsden (02/05/2012)
  • I don’t know if I am correct or not but the name of your relative struck a cord. I am not an old boy of St Paul’s but I think that Leslie had a brother by the name of Alan who I knew at Fawcett School. Hope this is of some help.

    By John Wignall (04/05/2012)
  • St Paul’s did not have a garden like the one shown. The vicarage wall garden was rectangular, about 30 ft by 15ft. The priest in the picture was not Father Chown nor do I think Father Flavell. Remember that St Paul’s was situated between Russell Street and West Street and that the picture shown seems to be in the country. I have very good memories of the school being there from 1951-1957, passing the 11 plus and going to Varndean. The 11th Brighton Scouts was based at the school, run by Fred and Dennis South assisted by Ian Gravett. Happy days indeed!

    By Peter Maurice (04/05/2012)
  • Thank you all for your comments. There is a note on the back of the photograph which states that it was taken in the vicarage gardens circa 1950. Leslie did indeed have a brother Alan as well as two other brothers named Stanley and George. Both Leslie and Alan attended Fawcett School after leaving St Paul’s. Leslie too has happy memories of his time at St Paul’s not only as a schoolboy but as a choirboy too!

    By Mark Kemp (04/05/2012)
  • I agree that the priest was not Father Chown. I was a member of the 1957 Brighton Hove and Shoreham Scout Troop that attended the Jamboree at Sutton Park. I have a photo of Father Chown and can provide copies for anyone that might require one. David Morris.

    By David Morris (22/08/2012)
  • Hi Mark, I have the same photo, the occasion is Harvest Festival day, probably September 1950. I am standing with my sister, we both have blazers on and she is holding a bag. Not sure if anyone will remember but I lost my brother and sister in a drowning accident on Brighton groyne in Sept 1950. They also went to the school. We had the funeral in St Paul’s church- the whole school was there. One of the hymns was ‘There is a green hill far away’. Their names were Rita Tucknott and Anton Tucknott.  A very sad day. Names I remember are Miss Hook the headmistress- she’s standing at the back with a book in her hand (he was scary), Trevor Furlonger, Maureen Martin, Leslie Mark wick- I was in his class. Other names are Brian Scott gwen scott, Gwen Chambers, Bernadette Hill, Judy Whitelock, Betty Keith Pat Selves, Catherine Selves, Richard Caffyn, Anne Goringe, Jennifer Goringe, Josie Wood, Kathy Weaver, Carol weaver, Joan Wearing, John Wearing, Brenda Itchings, Brian Itchings. The place was the vicarage garden .The priest I believe was Father Smith- he was at the church service.

    By Rose Tai (10/03/2013)
  • I am the little girl kneeling at the front, with tartan skirt and white blouse. Margaret Collins from Artillery Street

    By Margaret Hammond (30/04/2013)
  • I also have this photo – my Mum’s written on the back ‘School Garden Fete 1951’ in the Halliwell Hall Gardens around the corner from the Church. My Mum is standing right at the back behind Miss Hook (headmistress), next to her my Aunt Vera holding my cousin Michael, then our Teacher, Miss Jones, and then my Nan! I’m standing two rows down from our lovely Vicar to the left with blonde plaits! Rose Tai – I can remember the terrible tragedy with your brother and sister so well…it was truly awful and served as a constant reminder for us never to go on the Groyne again! Names are difficult after so long: the Weavers (Carol, Marlene, Ann & David?) June Piddington, Carol Leedham, Carol & Barry Barnhard! Remember Leslie Markwick (I think he lived not far from the school & had a dog – went round his house sometimes). Standing left from him in the pic is Brian (?). I loved that school & was broken hearted when we moved to London later on.

    By Pamela-Ann Nothoff (10/08/2013)
  • Hi Pam. You have a very good memory, do you remember the service for my brother and sister, he was only four and a half and my sister was just nine, her birthday was the day before the accident? Wow, I remember you so well with your double pigtails. Also Tessa Kent, she used to have lovely birthday parties. Her mum is standing next to your mum. My mum is the lady with the bunch of flowers. Pam, can you upload your photos to this site – it would be lovely to see them?

    By Rose Tucknott (19/08/2013)
  • Hi Rose – Can’t really believe that we’re in touch again after so many years! As for memory, it’s old age I guess – can remember so many things in the past, but don’t know what I wanted to do five mins ago! I remember you and your family so well…it was such a tragedy with your brother and sister. My Mum took me to the service for them – at that young age, it was very hard to comprehend! I remember your Mum very well, she had such black, curly hair and nearly always wore a scarf (as in pic!) – looking back, can’t imagine how she coped with such a loss! I think it’s June Piddington’s Mum on her left. Thanks for the tip with Tessa’s mum, wouldn’t have found her from alone! I use an iPad and didn’t know how to upload photos direct on the site – I sent some to Jennifer (from this site) and left it to her whether to put them on here! If you give me your email address could send you some (although you must have been in another class, can’t find you on my pics) or if you are maybe on Facebook? So lovely to find someone from my favourite school, take care, Pam x

    By Pamela-Ann Nothoff (was Bryant) (21/08/2013)
  • I am a very recent ex-pupil from this lovely school. It’s still brilliant. When I was in year five, we made this proper documentry called Chalk to Mouse about the history of St. Pauls. Its a brilliant school and I really love it. Does anyone remember Mr Morgan?

    By Lucy H (10/09/2013)
  • My mum is Gwen Scott; she is the girl on the right hand side of the baby which is being held on the left of the photo. Her brother Brian Scott is the 3rd child on the same row to the right of her.

    By Sandra Agate (29/12/2013)
  • Hi, my father was called Leslie Markwick and was from Tower Hamlets, London although relatives were from Sussex. I don’t think this is him as he was born in 1926. If anyone can help I’d be very grateful. 

    By Teresa Markwick (14/01/2014)

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