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School trip 1959

Children from St Peter's on a trip to Small Dole 1959
From the private collection of Sally Merrett

I was born in Brighton, and lived in Portslade until I was 10. I lived most of my adult life in Jersey and am now retired to Spain.

I went to St Peter’s Portslade and having seen other similar photos, found the attached picture of a school trip to Small Dole in 1959. In the picture, I am the 6th girl from the right on the back row.

If you can recognise yourself or anyone else, or can add some names, please leave a comment below.

Click on the photograph to open a large version in a new window.

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  • The middle row is: Susan Walters Danny Reynolds, David Preece? me, Graham Huntley, Chris Smith? Martin Rabbets? Lee Pritchard, Ms Conner, the dinner lady. Front row: David Townsend, Keith Cornford? ? Antony Harwood? Norman  Buckman, something Greenwood, Laurence Garrett, David Orchard. That’s all  I’m afraid. All are left to right.

    By Steven Hamblin (12/07/2015)
  • I remember this outing! Think we went to Birling Gap.

    By David Foster-Smith (04/09/2017)
  • Hi. My name is Christine Baffin and I am the girl with the large bow at the back. There were Margaret Myers, Marion Peter, Susan and Carol Stephens and Julie Martin. Are you Carol and did you live in Vale Road? I used to live in Norway Street. Goodness this is a long time ago. I have the same photo somewhere. Hope you are well.

    By Christine Baffin (05/07/2018)
  • Gosh, that’s me next to Steven Hamblin. And there is Miss Clothier and Mrs Palmer. I remember all the jokes about her and me when I was in her class (Huntley & Palmer?).

    Steven, do you recall our adventures on the waste ground (bombsite?) behind the school?

    By Graham Huntley (01/08/2021)
  • I think this trip went to Small Dole. Though we did go to Birling gap one year, I’m sure. My name then was Sally Hawke. I have managed to identify most of the teachers and pupils now.

    By Sally Merrett (16/04/2023)

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