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Class 2A 1962

I have recently found these class photographs from St Luke’s School. I remember a few of the names but there are lots of blanks does any one know themselves and what are you all up to now? We all looked so clean and tidy considering we did not have to wear uniform.

From left to right
Top Row
Susan Sullivan, Pat Harland,? Keith Slyvester, Lynne?, Christine Steer,?, Linda Stevens,?,?,?,

Middle Row
Linda Thomas, Diane Brenchly, ?, John Marsh ?,?,?,?,?,?,

Front Row
?, Linda Johnson, June Bantock,?, Me (Laine Whitington)?,?,?,?,?,?,

?, Gary Scarfield, ?,?,?,?,?.

If you can recognise yourself or anyone else, please leave a comment below.

2A Class of 62
From the private collection of Laine Greenland

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  • It’s really weird because I just left to go to my secondary school, but that’s my old school and it hasn’t changed that much judging by the picture

    By Thea (25/02/2011)
  • What a surprise to see this photo! I am third from left in middle row (next to Diane Brenchly) and I was called Janet Patterson in those days. Think you may find that the guy next to me is John Field (not Marsh) but my memory may have diminished over the years. I do remember the chap third from the right in the front row as being Christopher Horlock. He was a fantastic artist in those days and now writes books on the history of Brighton!

    By Jan Jenkins (04/04/2011)
  • I remember you! And you are right, it was John Field. Must have got boyfriends in a muddle! Hope you are well. Would love to know what has gone on in your life.

    By Laine (08/04/2011)
  • Hi Laine. When I left St. Lukes I went on to Margaret Hardy & then Brighton Technical College to obtain Shorthand/Typing qualifications. Worked for total of 18 years in Brighton, Hove & Lincoln Magistrates’ Courts. Married to Chris for 36 years (Chris used to be drummer with local band Lodestone). We have one daughter, Samantha, now 26. Have two wonderful grandsons, Aaron 5 and Kieran 19 months. We moved to Lincoln in 1987 and live in a lovely village called Welton, about 6 miles outside City. For the past 13 years I have worked at Lincoln County Hospital as an IT/Clinical Systems Trainer. Just about to take voluntary redundancy, so will soon be a “lady of leisure”. Looking forward to it!! Still visit Brighton occasionally to visit Chris’ brother. Lincolnshire offers a very laid back way of life in comparison!! Anyway, that’s a brief outline of my life. Hope life has treated you well. Love to hear how your life panned out. (PS – A few more names have sprung to mind. Jane Oliver & Neil Judge – both on back row with glasses? Jeffrey White – seated on very front row, with arms crossed?)

    By Jan Jenkins (12/04/2011)
  • Thanks so much for this, even if it is making me feel very old. I, Tim Riley, would be the dishevelled mite third from left in the back row between Pat Harland (I think her family owned the shop nearby at one point) and Keith Sylvester. That’s certainly John Field, who was my best friend at the time, in front of me. Typically he has girls all round him. I recognise a few others: the young lady in the back row, with glasses, would be Jane Older who later sat behind me and I remember as a cheerful, cheeky lass. To her left is, I think, Christine Shears. Then Linda and Neil to Jane’s right as previously identified. Next to Neil is another friend of mine for a year or two, who joined me at Westlain- Paul Tugwell. In the next row down I certainly recognise Linda as she was still a friend quite a few years later until we left Brighton to be students elsewhere. I remember Janet Patterson and Linda Johnson (who also sat next to me at one time) but am a bit vague on some of that row. The tall lad in the middle is another friend from those years though: Leonard Bransbury, and to his right are the inseparable June Inman and Diana Gillings, both of whom also went on to Westlain. To Diana’s right is, possibly the other Christopher, I think. Christopher Howick? The next row has many gaps for me, sadly, but the chap holding the board is Simon Muschamp I believe and second in from the right is Michael “many nicknames” Heal who sat next to me in the fourth year and with whom I used to watch Popeye at his house after school. He had a great sense of humour and was a fine choice of desk-mate.  The first on the left in the front row is Gary “Wagger” Watkins and next to him is Gary Scarfield as previously noted. The rest won’t come but is the chap in the centre perhaps Alan…something? …and I think the boy with his arms folded is possibly Jeff Hart rather than White. Two more names have just popped into my head – Susan Edmonds and Marguerita Partridge – possibly behind Gary Watkins and to the right of Simon Muschamp respectively. Happy days. Many thanks for the memories. 

    By Tim Riley (15/03/2012)
  • I went to St Lukes in the 60s. I remember Linda Johnson, June Bantock, Pat Harland and Pat Squires. Pat Harland lived across the road from St Lukes. They were happy days.

    By Jackie Brechin (nee Harriott) (09/07/2013)
  • I am the last one on the right in the back row – Lee Walder. This was my last class and I actually left the country to go and live in South Yemen. So I missed out on forming long-term friendships in my home town. However, many of the names are familar to me (I still have this class photo myself). You can see many more names filled in on this page, which features the following year:

    It would be lovely to hear a shout of “hi, I remember you!” from anyone in the class. I’m hoping there will be more Past Pupil Reunions organised for St Lukes as I’ve only just discovered they existed in the past – so maybe I’ll see you there.

    By Lee Walder (04/06/2014)
  • I have only just joined this amazing site. In confirmation of Tim Riley’s comment I can confirm that the girl in the back row wearing glasses is indeed my old friend Jane Older, now Tulley, of City Cat Shelter. I first met her September 1961 when our Mums were seated next to each other waiting to introduce both of us to the school head as ‘new girls’. Jane being slightly younger than me went into year 1 and I into year 4 where I took my 11+ that year. I was only at St Luke’s for that year. Our Mums remained firm friends as did Jane and I for some time until our lives gradually took different turns. 

    By Carolyn Docwra (26/06/2016)
  • It is great to see photo. I am Gary Watkins bottom row 1st on left. I remember some faces and names. I went to seniors with some ..secondary tech. I still see mike heal and remember waving goodbye to Lee Walder when he left to go to Aden. I used to live in Craven Rd and now live in Newhaven.

    By Gary Watkins (26/03/2017)
  • I’m Neil Judge, 3rd from the right on back row – in the specs. Paul Tugwell is on my left (right in picture); can probably name more.  I am now living in Dallas, Texas and would love to hear from anyone that remembers me…

    By Neil Judge (09/01/2018)
  • I went to at St Luke’s in the 60s and I remember harvest festivals and I remember being in the Argus carrying a marrow which was nearly as big as me, happy memories of that school with the very nice Mr Dunkerly as Head.
    Quite ironic as I now work in a school as a caretaker.

    By Tony Bonwick (06/07/2020)

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