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Class photograph 1964/65

This is a photograph of Class 4 A of St Luke’s School.

This is who I remember please fill in any blanks! Was I ever this young?

Top Row-Left to right
? ? ? John Marsh, Lynne ?, Sheena Carr, ?, Christine Steer, Linda Stevens, Keith Sylvester.

Middle row
?, ?, Linda Thomas, Me (Laine Whitington), June Bantock, Diane Brenchly, Susan Sullivan,?, ?, ?, Linda Johnson.

?,?, ?, ?, ?, Gary Scarfield

If you recognise yourself or anyone else, please leave a comment below.

Click on the photo to open a large version in a new window.

Class 4A 1964 -1965
From the private collection of Laine Greenland

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  • This is a good photo. I have a group photo taken in St Luke’s School playground which is about 57 years old. It is of the school’s senior boys’ boxing team. If you would like to use on your site my email address is

    Editor’s note: Check your email Kathleen. Thank you.

    By Kathleen Catt (12/02/2011)
  • Front left, might be Ray Dearing ? who used to live in Firle Rd.

    By Terry Anderson (20/02/2011)
  • I went to the school (Infants and Juniors) This photo is a little before my time by a couple of years, and a grade above me! All the “B’s” I’m afraid. But Diane Brenchley used to live three doors away from me. I remember climbing on her father’s lorry (a petrol tanker!) with all the others kids in the street, that he used to park up at night in Tilgate Close.

    By Barry (29/08/2011)
  • I can’t see Michael Heal, who sat next to me in 4a. He must have been ill that day.

    By Tim Riley (15/03/2012)
  • My attempt – Back row: Peter Sharp?, Mark Peters?,?, John Field, Lynn —?, Sheena Carr, Leonard Bransbury, Christine Shears, Linda Stevens, Pat Harland, Keith Sylvester. Next (Girls) row: Janet Patterson, ?, Linda Thomas, Laine Whitington, June Bantock, Diane Brenchley, Susan Sullivan, (thanks Laine) Carol Smith?, June Inman, Diana Gillings, Linda Johnson? Next (Boys) row: Me! (Tim Riley), Gary Watkins, ?, Neil Judge, ?, Gary Scarfield, Derek Hill?, ?, Simon Muschamp, Paul Tugwell, Christopher Howick?, Front three: yes Raymond Dearing I think, Chris Horlock, Stephen Staphinedes? Thanks very much for this Laine. I remember you well and would have been able to spot you, but for the girls to your right I needed you to jog my memory. Still some gaps…and after nearly half a century I can’t guarantee I haven’t invented some of those names.

    By Tim Riley (16/03/2012)
  • Good gracious Tim Riley you have a great memory. I do remember all of those names now I am prompted!I remember those days at St Lukes with some joy, not always mind. I was still a good student then! I then became, lets say a challenge for my teachers at Queens Park. I had passed the 11+ but my parents were advised that if I went to Grammar school I would struggle as my early education was in Canada! In those days parents did not question head teachers and I was sent to Queens Park which in all fairness was a good school but I was bored and it was too easy so I messed around and not bad by todays standards but I was a pain and would regularly get sent home to remove my make up and then not return and spent more time in detention for smoking when I should have been in lessons! I left school and spent all my life catching up, and I did. I have been working in Education until I retired.

    By Laine (23/01/2013)
  • Bril, how lovely to see all those old faces. Laine, I remember we were naughty together. I too have spent the last 18 years working in education mostly with kids with behavioural problems. Prior to that I was a nurse.

    By June Greener (21/10/2013)
  • Only just found this! Yes it is me front left – good spot Terry.

    By Ray Dearing (22/03/2015)
  • Hallo Ray, long time no see or hear, if you feel like catching up

    By Terry Anderson (25/05/2015)
  • Great picture and Tim Riley above got it spot on – that’s me, Simon, looking rather serious third from the right on the bottom row. A real memory jerker!

    By Simon Muschamp (12/06/2015)
  • Great photo.  I just found this page and it certainly brought back many happy memories of St Lukes. I am Neil Judge, 4th from left in the front row and I could add a few more names to the photo if anyone is interested. I was at St Lukes all the way from age 5 to age 11 and I can remember the teachers: 1A-Miss Back, 2A-Miss Payne(?), 3A Mr Taylor, 4a Mr Daffin… Fond memories and its nice to see the school is doing so well.

    By Neil Judge (09/01/2018)
  • Next Past Pupils Reunion is on 20 July 2018. Please contact the school secretary if you wish to come along. 

    By Jeanette Eason (30/05/2018)
  • Well well.Just found this site.This has brought back a few memories.I remember so many faces in the picture.Neil I remember from Varndean also.Ihave just retired from my job as a surgeon in Wales and moved to Tunbridge Wells.I have good memories of St Lukes.It was a first rate primary school education.Love to hear from anyone.

    By Keith Silvester (08/03/2021)

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