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Class photograph c1950s

This photograph was taken sometime in the 1950s, but I cannot remember the exact year.

I am sitting on the first row of seats on the left hand side.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else here? Do you remember what year this was taken? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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Class photograph c1950s
From the private collection of Roger Ivermee

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  • How lovely to have a photo. I went to St Luke’s juniors in the fifties but sadly have no photos from there.

    By Jackie Thomas/Parker nee Jones (25/02/2014)
  • Hi Roger, we both lived in Firle Road. That photo must be 1951, second year of Infants, Miss Winstone’s class 3, Miss Griffiths was head mistress on the right. Names I remember are left to right, back row: Miss Winstone, Malcolm Tennent, Peter Milton, Michael Betts, ??, ??, John Walder, Sandra Stepney,??, Miss Griffiths. Second row:Barry Porter, David Heasman, Audrey Townsend, Phillip ?, Me (Dennis Mackey), Anthony Felix, Christine Linnington, Reginald Gordon, Diane Strange, Sandra Heavens, Jacqueline Smith, Percy Hopper, Colin Newland. Third row: yourself, Marion Baldwin, ??, Sandra Brown, ??, Evelyn Hornsby, Sandra Feist, Carol ?, ??, Ann Fletcher, David Durrant, ??. Front row: Edward ?, David Guy, Victor Wilkins, Geoffrey Kelley (my cousin), Gerald James, Roy Chamberlain, Graham Birch, Keith Warburton and I think just out of shot is Keith Newbury. I have all the St. Luke’s photos from my classes: Infants were Class 5 Miss Lincoln 1950, Class 3 Miss Winstone 1951, Class 1 Miss Lincoln 1952. Then Juniors 1a Mrs Smith 1953, 2a Mrs Morgan 1954, 3a Mr Tampkin 1955, 4a Mr Tamkin 1956. I left in 1957 to start Seniors at Fawcett. Hope this helps. 

    By Den Mackey (26/02/2014)
  • Hi Den, I remember you very well. If I remember rightly you lived at the top end of Firle Road. You have certainly jogged my memory about some of the people in this photo, I also attended Fawcett afterwards. I would love to see any other pics you may have of our time at St Lukes, especially if I am in any of them as I can show them to my daughters and grandchildren. Miss Lincoln was my favourite teacher in the infants, I also recall my time in the juniors in Mr Tampkin’s class. Happy days and very fond memories.

    By Roger Ivermee (28/02/2014)
  • Hello Den, gosh this photo brings a lot of memories flooding back. I’m by the way John Heasman and not David, although it sounds quite nice. Miss Winstone, I remember was always very pleasant and considerate, unlike some I can think of. Lots of faces I recall, Anthony Felix, whose Dad I think was a man’s hairdresser working in St James’s Street, and Diane Strange I think lived not far from me (Canning St) in Sutherland Rd. John Walder I remember, and going to tea with a couple of times in I think Firle Rd. Geoff Kelly’s face rings strong bells, wouldn’t it be great to all somehow meet up again? I’ll have a good look back through some of my old photos and see what I can find regarding St Lukes etc. Regards

    By John Heasman (27/07/2014)
  • Hi my name is Mark Johnson and I’m trying to find out info about my father, his name was Thomas Johnson but everybody new him as Tommy. He was from Longsight and was born around 1946 and if I remember rightly he was from round Dickie Street area and went to saint Luke’s. He sadly past away 5 years ago and I’m just looking for any information about him or his family. He had an older brother called Jimmy and two older sisters Jean and Irene. They have all passed away now and would love to find out more about them as I have no contact with any of the family.

    By Mark Johnson (03/07/2018)
  • it looks like Ian Crouch in the back row, sixth from left.

    By Gerald O'Brien (27/09/2019)

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