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Class photo 1965-1966

I think this was Mr Manton’s 1965/66 class. I apologise in advance for forgotten names and misspellings.

Back Row: Adam Moseley – Colin Wood – Francis Frazer – Steven Ring – Shirley Austin – Nicholas Selsby – Michael Ring – Graham Dawtrey

Row 2: Julian Penfold – Joanna Drummond – Tracey Fields – Gillan ? – ?? – Betty Lou Franckel – Gail Neidwidgz – Robert Ivison

Row 3: Nicholas Moore – Steven Bosely – Ivan ? – Dexter Moseley – Guy Phillips – Martin Harvey – Crispin Ely – Sindi Puri – Graham Caddy

Front row: Linda Sweetman – Heather Watts – Lynda Herrington – Theresa ? – Lynn ?  – Angela Pavey – Julie Stevens – Janice Cook – Carol Bashford

If you can add any names, or recognise yourself or anyone else and can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

Class photo 1965-1966
From the private collection of Martin Harvey

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  • I remember Graham Caddy throwing up after eating 3 packets of cheesy biscuits on a hot Friday morning in Mr Smithers’ class, and over his desk so that it all went down the open ink well… ah memories!

    By Dexter Moseley (24/11/2012)
  • Ah, yes! I do remember that incident too, although I wasn’t aware of the detail involving the inkwell. I must also apologise, belatedly, to whoever was sitting in front of me at the time. Best wishes to all.

    By Graham Caddy (27/05/2013)

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