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Class photo 1968

I think this was Mr. Manton’s class (we had him twice). I apologise in advance for forgotten names and misspellings

Back Row:Adam Moseley – Colin Wood – Nicholas Moore – Robert Ivison – Graham Dawtrey – Nicholas Selsby – Francis Frazer – Julian Penfold – Michael Ring

Row 2:Seven Ring – Steven Bosely – Joanna Drummond – Tracey Fields – Betty Lou Franckel – Deborah Chadwick – Shirley Austin – Mark Steadman – Dexter Moseley – Alan Josephs

Row 3:Heather Watts – Angela Pavey – Lynda Herrington – Anne Hirshe – Gail Neidwidgz – Janice Cooke – Carol Bashford – Theresa ? – Lynn ? – Julie Stevens

Front Row:Michael Gent – Peter Greene – Michael Bond? – Paul Doyle – Graham Caddy – Martin Harvey – Sindi Puri – Crispin Ely

Myself, Nick Selsby and Sindi went on to BH&SGS. Crispin Ely’s brother and Anne Hirsch’s sister appear in another photo on this site. Adam Moseley is in the music industry in LA. Graham Caddy is my cousin and lives near Oxford. Heather and Lynda lived opposite each other in Brighton. Julie Stevens was my dancing partner! I live and work in Aberdeen.

If you can add any names, or share any of your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

Stanford Road Junior School Class photo 1968
From the personal collection of Martin Harvey

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  • I wasn’t at Stanford school, but was very close friends with Betty-Lou Frankel who lived in the same block of flats as my grandmother in Palmeira Square, Hove. We played together every weekend and went to Audrey Kent’s dancing school. I would love to catch up with anyone who knew Betty-Lou or who went to the dancing school.

    By Judith Millard (10/11/2012)
  • Sadly Betty Lou died a long time ago.

    By Jill (18/08/2013)
  • Hi! I was at Stanford from ’67 to ’75 (infants and juniors) and was friends with Debbie Harvey. She had two older brothers called Martin and Trevor and I was just wondering if it was the same Martin Harvey who has written the above. I’d love to hear from Debbie if it is. 

    By Valerie Tolooe (nee Clarke) (29/05/2014)
  • Hi from New Zealand…I was amazed to find this photo. I was at Stanford from 67 to 68. Just a year and I am in the photo third from the left…Not Micheal Bond but Robert Wadmore as I was known then. I did a count and could identify and remember at least 20 of the people in this pic. That year at Stanford was one the happiest years of my childhood as we were always moving. Some of my friends were Robert Ivison, Sindi and Nicholas Moore, but I got on with everyone….you must have been a great bunch! I remember the twins and Mr Peckham and Mr Smithers….and all the musical things the school did. ( I am now a musician here in NZ) I was in Brighton 2 years ago on a flying visit and had a quick  look at the school (and BH&SGS were I went for a few weeks). I think the guy at the front row far left was called Richard Bertles or something.I was probably shy and had a broken front tooth and mad on reading books….I also was in  both Choirs (the ordinary one and the Madrigal).I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me…I spent over 30 years in the Telecom and IT  industry, but more recently have been spending some of my time in Rural NZ doing fencing and similar things and being a musician when I am in the city.

    By Rob Wadmore (21/06/2014)
  • That can’t be me in the front row, we moved to Canada in 1966, but I do remember some of the names in the picture.

    By Mike Gent (12/11/2014)
  • Reply to Valerie. Yes I am the same Martin. You can contact me on this email: And I will pass on your message to Deb.

    By Martin Harvey (24/11/2014)
  • How strange, quite by chance, to come across this image one day! There I am, front row, fourth from the left. My family had moved to Brighton from Horsham, and I had travelled from an open plan modern school set in a field, to this Victorian edifice by a railway. I remember the games of football in the lower playground, and the ball kicked high with such force, slamming against the wall in between the windows of classrooms, and once sailing high over the fence and down to the railway line below. I remember you, Martin, drawing those dot patterns to make boxes, or playing my first ever chess game.

    Many of us went on to BHESGS: me, Nick Moore, Sindi, Dexter and Adam, but that’s another story for another page…

    By Paul Doyle (22/07/2015)
  • Can anyone give me me any information about Audrey Kent. She was my cousin.

    By Derrick Parsons (04/04/2022)

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