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Mrs Batten's class 1968

Mrs Batten's class 1968 - click on the photograph to open a large version in a new window
From the private collection of Richard Wenstone

I know that this photograph was taken in the school year 1967-1968 as I found my end of year school report in Mrs Batten’s class 1A1 dated 1968. I have done my best with the names, but look forward to some of the gaps being filled.

Back row (L to R):
Mrs Batten, Tony (Howell?), Thomas…, Robert Wardle (now in Australia), David Garnham, Simon…, Lance Champ, me(!), Nicholas Easterbrook.

2nd row from the back (L to R):
Neil Robbins, Trevor Hubbard, ? ?, Dawn …, Judith Hirsch, Helen ?
(possibly deceased), Caroline Phillips, Grant Laker, Ben Abbo, Phil

3rd row from back (L to R):
Jayne Martin, Sarah Rutherford, Tina(?) ?, Linda Wells, Beverly ?, Sara Roberts, Rosemary Pavey.

Front row (L to R):
Guy ?, David Rosselli (?spelling), Paul Stammer, Christian Ely, John Tett, Raymond ?

If you recognise yourself, or anyone else, please do leave a comment below.

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  • It’s Sara Boseley next to Rosemary Pavey. Beverley Saunders. Wasn’t it Raymond Brown? Tom Jenkins next to Robert. Isn’t it Fiona Thomson next to me? Helen’s surname should come back to me…. Oh well dementia not striking yet, (I’m very impressed with your recall, I thought I had a good memory. I wouldn’t have got as many of the boys as you have the girls… though would have got you!). I loved Mrs Batten and that whole year at school!

    By Sarah Rutherford (06/02/2012)
  • 2nd row, could it be Helen Grain. Front row, Guy Herrington. 3rd row, I think could (Tina) Christina Smith! I must have been in another shot, remember most of everybody in the pic. Happy days.

    By Andy O'Callaghan (20/02/2013)
  • Hi Sarah and Andy, although I was a year below you, I remember so many faces but very few names. I loved Mrs Batten too, she left to have a baby at the end of my year with her. Andy – hope all is well with you? Tina Fleming.

    By tina fleming (20/05/2013)
  • That is Tony Howell next to Miss Batten he is my brother, I also attended the school but I am 18 months older than him. I have my original class photo still.

    By Jeannie Bradshaw (06/02/2016)
  • Is it Kenneth Charrington in the front row next to Chris Ely? Its so wonderful to see this little piece of gold dust. I still miss Helen Grain who very sadly committed suicide when we were 14 and I would love to be able to catch up with my old friend Sarah Rutherford.  I still have some ancient old photos of various class mates from the trips we took to the Isle of Wight and Kew. I will have to dig them out of the archives (loft).

    By Sara Gee (Boseley) (29/06/2016)
  • Sara, hi!

    By Sarah Rutherford (27/08/2016)

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