Memories of the bike sheds

I was a pupil at Stanmer from 1964 until 1967. I cannot say that my time there was marked with any distinction. It was a lovely school though, very modern at the time; light and airy. The head teacher at that tim was Mr. George Williams, a very friendly man in his mid-fifties. He was ably assisted by Mr. Colin (Whacker) Wills as deputy head.

The antics of Stanmer boys knew no bounds. I remember girls knickers being run up the flagpole and flour bombs being thrown from the domestic science glass by a group of unruly girls. Mr. Kite was the English teacher, Mr. Pennells the woodwork teacher, Mr. Gough the geography teacher, Mr. Brady the (I think) science teacher and Mr. Boiling … Bubbles as we nicknamed him … was the languages teacher. Miss Scutt took music classes.

My mates were Ian Blakey and Anthony Baker.

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  • I, too, went to Stanmer between 1964-1968, though don’t remember Vernon Page. Mr Kite (English) and Mr Boiling (Spanish) were new teachers in 1964 – Mr B left in 1966 as Spanish ceased because French had to be taught instead. I remember we (as a year group) were asked if we would like to do a couple of years of French or no language – the decision was no language, funny that! Who’d have guessed! Mr Gough was also an English teacher and was my form teacher in my first year. Mr (Bombhead) Brady was the maths teacher and very scarey. Both Messrs Gough and Brady and Miss Scutt (music) were at Stanmer when my brother went there in 1958. Then there was Mr Morrison, (geography), Miss Whitney (history), Mr Hurley (science), Miss Harvey (PE), Mrs Agate (also PE), Mrs Dodson (cookery), Miss Radford (art); Mrs Moorhead (needlework); Mr Rickard (RE); Mr Critchley (maths). Can’t remember any of the other teachers though. My school days were not the happiest days of my life.

    By Lynn Vine (10/02/2008)
  • I attended Stanmer from 1959-1963. I remember Mr Gough, “Bombhead” Brady, “Ruby” Whitney (the heavy lipstick), Teresa Scutt, Mrs Agate, and most of the others mentioned. There were also Mr Umpleby(woodwork), Mr Louie (metalwork), Mr Lovell (pottery), “Digger” Davis (gardening), Mr Tuley (R.I.), Mr Davies (geography) – a short man but very strict, Mr Sims (Spanish), Mr “Fingers” McPhee (science) and Mr Fitch also science.  During those years we had “school houses” Trevelyan (blue), Britten (yellow), Fleming (red) and Hepworth (green) which made for good competition between each other (particularly on Sports Day) as we wanted to be in the top house at the end of the year. Every week we had 2 double periods of P.E. gym, cross-country runs, football, cricket, etc. A few years ago I visited the old school, now called Falmer High, sadly thanks to the nanny state today, anything to do with competition in schools has been stopped. I noticed the roll of honour board has gone, school sports are now a thing of the past and the whole place looks run down. I was very happy there and hope the academy materializes.

    By Robert Taylor (12/08/2008)
  • Blimey, I went to Stanmer in the early ‘70s for 2 years. The teachers, Pennells (Mallett), Louis and Willsy (I got caned by him) were still there then. Others I remember are Mr Coles (RE), and Mr Silverman (Maths) I hated him. Not the best memories of my life.

    By Jon Walls (01/10/2008)
  • For any of you who attended Stanmer and who remember the Metalwork teacher, Mr Louis (the correct spelling is Loewy): he taught there from the early 1950s until 1983. He died on 4th October 2008. His funeral will be held on Friday 17th October 2008 at 1:30pm at the Downs crematorium. Any of his former pupils would be very welcome to attend. Dress code is informal.

    By Dave Loewy (14/10/2008)
  • Stanmer! Mr Hurly the science teacher, Mr Brady – Maths, Mr Morrison – Geography, Mr Gough – English, Ms Dobson and Ms Strange – Home Economics, Mr Mainwaring – English, Mr Cole – RE. Stanmer joins with Westlain! Mr Skull – Biology? Mr Roberts – Geography? Yo Titanic.

    By Julie Wright (05/12/2008)
  • I went to Stanmer School 1959-63 and not only do I remember all the teachers mentioned by Robert Taylor, I am sure Bob and I were classmates. As well as those teachers already mentioned, do you remember Mrs Hughes (our form teacher), deputy head Mr Robinson (BK), Mr Yetman(woodwork & TD), Mrs McCloughlin (history), Miss Helmson (English I think), Mr Jones (Spanish, took over from Mr Sims)? Ah happy days!

    By Len Foster (20/01/2009)
  • I went to Stanmer between 1957 to 1961. When I was there Mr Williams was head master. I am trying to find anybody who has still any photographs of that time as mine were lost years ago.

    By Michael Hale (12/02/2009)
  • I was at Stanmer 1953-1958 and Hobart and then Williams were headmasters; I was in Fleming (the best house). As for Tingey’s in Lewes Road, I remember it well. It was next to Devesons, Frankie Toffs, Brookers and Twitchen’s. Opposite was Platts and Martin Harringtons, then along was Wild’s pawn shop, then Carter’s along with Trotmans and Paynes. Bradshaw’s also had a shop in Lewes Road opposite the bottom of Elm Grove (where the trolley arms were always coming off!). Remember the pie shop in St James’s Street? Superb. What more could one ask for after a great night at the Regent. I have plenty of memories if you want to know more.

    By Ray Cook (27/03/2009)
  • I was at Stanmer from 1956 to 1961 and yes, I remember some of those teachers, especially Mr Yetman with his humongous T square that he used to hit your desk if you dare fall asleep. Also the rivalry between Westlain and Stanmer, especially with the snowball fights! Even the old bun shop brings back fond memories and the old Carter’s at the bottom of Hartington Road. What sweet memories!

    By Chris King (27/06/2009)
  • I was one of the first pupils to attend Stanmer in 1951 when Mr Hobart was the Headmaster. Everything was brand new and more than a bit daunting. I remember Mrs White - games, Miss Blairs Cox - music and choir mistress and Mr Needham and Mr Wills - boys PE. I stayed until 1955 having completed two years of the brand-new Pre Nursing course, spending two afternoons a week at Brighton General Hospital in Elm Grove. Have there been any reunions?

    By Yvonne Ray (05/08/2009)
  • PLEASE!! There must be pupils out there who went to Stanmer School 1953-1957 so please write so as we can exchange memories!!  Before we pop off! RAY

    By Ray (28/08/2009)
  • Hi Ray Cook. When was the last time I saw you? In Upper Gardner Street one Saturday morning with some of the Nocker boys – that was a long time ago! Yes, I remember lots of the boys and a few of the girls from our school days at Stanmer, and up the Regent Thursday night. Half a crown to get in then a shilling for a pint of beer, having a chat with the boys then a walk round the Regent to see who was there that night. Like you say, that was a b****y good night out. Do you remember ‘Joe’s Place’ at the top of St James’s Street? It was a seafood bar, 26 for a nice plate full of all sorts of crab, prawns and other bits. And I remember the pie shop, I liked the Beano pies. Well, really I liked them all! Yes and I can remember lots of the shops in Lewes Road. Most of all me and a few other lads walking home used to nick a handful of the broken biscuits and the big dog biscuit, then run along to Saunders Park to eat them.

    By Colin Burgess-Bennett (13/10/2009)
  • I just found this web site it’s great. I was at Stanmer School between 1958-1962 do you remember me? I was in Fleming House, and was well into sports. I used to throw the javelin and was captain of the net-ball & hockey teams. I can remember Shirley Lemon, Doreen Ransom, Shirley Boxall, and Roger Evans.

    By Barbara Squibb (now Thomas) (18/10/2009)
  • I remember Barbara Squibb who used to spend time with a girl called Dorothy Langridge, and I also remember Roger Evans, Doreen Ransom, Roger Tranmere and Les Wiltshire. No one has mentioned the gardening teacher Miss Digger Davis.

    By Peter Salvage (21/10/2009)
  • I attended Stanmer School 1967-1972 and its great to look back at my school days. I went to Coldean before that and used to live at Ashurst Road at the end of the approach road to Stanmer School. I remember Kevin Wooley, Bob Phillips (school sweetheart), Boyd Humphreys, Gina Gower, Sandy Colby, Heather White, Anne Woodhart, Sue Wood and Susan Middleton who lived in Stanmer village. Anthony Baker seems to ring a bell. I think he went to school with my brother Stephen Leaney. Mr Hurly the science teacher, Mr Brady – Maths, Mr Morrison – Geography, Mr Gough – English, Ms Dobson and Ms Strange – Home Economics, Mr Mainwaring – English, Mr Cole – RE. These where the teachers when I was there. It would be really great to hear from any of you who knew me.

    By Sandra Leaney (Sandy) (21/10/2009)
  •  Hi, I attended Stanmer school in the early 60s and remember a lot of these teacher’ names. Some of the pupils that come to mind are Robert Harguey (if that’s how you spell it), Raynor Gander, Lynne Stewart, Margret Blackwell, Jacky Jhonston, Mick Stanley (I think he played for B & H A for a time), Virginia Luff and many others.  I Live in Greece now but if anyone wants to get in touch please do so at

    By Russell Webb (08/11/2009)
  • Peter Salvage, I remember you. I remember walking in the snow to see you at the Avenue. As for Dorothy Langridge I still keep in touch with her.

    By Barbara Thomas (Squibb) (12/01/2010)
  • Further to my earlier comments when I was at Stanmer from 1957-1961. I can remember Mick Baldy, Ian Bowles, Roger Evans, Colin Haffenden, Philip Shaw, Ian Lamb, Peter Cook, David Campbell, John Ballard, Shirley Lemon, Susan Hedgecock, Doreen Ransom, Michael Glew. Mr Wills was one of my teachers. Digger Davies (Gardening), Mr Yetman (Woodwork), Mr Gough (English), Mr Davis (RI), Mr Lewey (Metalwork).

    By Michael Hale (22/01/2010)
  • Having read the comments on this page, I have not read one from pupils from Westlain Grammar School which merged with Stanmer Secondary Modern, to become Stanmer High School. Are there any out there? I went to Westlain from 1960 – 1964, does anyone remember me?

    By Carol Lynn(nee Hanretty) (08/02/2010)
  • I attended Stanmer from 1960-1964. Ray Ransom, Ian Curtis, Mervyn Blakey, Ben Green, John Connelly, Alex Brown, Stephen Turner,etc. where are you now? I became a gypsy and worked all over England, Germany and eventually settled in the US. Contact me at if you see this message.

    By Ronald Baker (21/05/2010)
  • Hi, I went to Stanmer school between 1967 and 1970. Does anyone remember Mr Mathis the maths teacher, who everyone called Spitfire every time he spoke to you?

    By David Patrick (10/06/2010)
  • Hi, I went to Stanmer School between 1962 and 1966. Friends were Tony Lodge and Colin Finley -anyone know them, or myself?

    By Brian Fisher (05/07/2010)
  • I attended Stanmer Secondary from 1967-1972, also lived in Stanmer village,. Looking through the above messages a few names stand out, especially some of the teachers, Mr Cole, Mrs Agate Snr and Jnr, Miss Labinska, Mr Morrison, Mr Wills, to name but a few.

    By Pauline Best (nee Humphrey) (28/07/2010)
  • No one mentioned Mr Towner, he was a really lovely teacher who wore patches on the elbows of his jacket sleeves. I wonder if he is still around. I left school in 1967 at the age of 15 and remember almost all of the teachers from my time at Stanmer. It was a great school to be at, although I couldn’t wait to leave.

    By Marion Bell nee Long (05/08/2010)
  • My twin sister (Vanessa) and I went to Stanmer in 1970 after Elm Grove Girl’s school closed. We were in the Pre-nursing class with Mrs Aziz as form teacher. I remember going to Stanmer village in lunch breaks and popping in to see Sue Middleton’s family. There were great flour fights on the buses home. I think the girls used their left over cookery class ingredients to chuck at the Westlain lot!

    By Belinda Lumsden (08/08/2010)
  • I was at Stanmer 1955 onwards – best school I ever went to and how I cried when I left unexpectedly. The teachers I remember were Miss Christine Moore (PE), Miss Bowling (Cookery), Miss Chaplain (needlework and later form teacher), Miss Bellairs-Cox (Music), Mr Davie (Georgraphy), Mr Toogood (Spanish but only for one year), Mr Williams (Headmaster), Mrs Hodge (2nd Head), I also remember Mr Umpleby, Mr Rawsthorne (Art), Mr Gough and Mr Baldry (History). I was in Trevelyan House (blue) – we won most of the sports things for a couple of years. My best friend was Gwen Birch who emigrated to Australia later. I also remember Dorothy Cookson and Robert Scott and Peter Gregory.

    By Chris Troak (nee Morane) (09/09/2010)
  • Just found this site! I was at Stanmer from 1957 – 1962. I was in Fleming House and was Head Boy. The teachers’ names mentioned bring back memories but there are no many stories. I can remember when they built a new staircase beside the main hall. It had slatted stairs and prefects had to be posted to stop the boys looking up the girls skirts. Also the gang fights with Moulscombe School. Got the strap once from Mr Lovell the pottery teacher. The snowball fights against Westlain and trying to hit the “softball” ball into the water board pumping stations chimney. R.I.P. Stanmer soon to become one of the Government’s Academies.

    By John Cobbett (16/10/2010)
  • I was at Stamner from 1958, I was in Trevelyan House. My friend at school was Jill Young and we are still in touch. I was also friendly with Diane Mitchell and I believe Mr Brice was my form teacher.

    By Phyllis Johnston nee Green (28/11/2010)
  • I went to Stanmer in Sept 1972, it changed after beng there for a year to Falmer High School. The teachers mentioned above were still there when we were here, Mr Skull, Mr Gough, Mr Wills, Mr Williams, then Mr Hockton, old Ma Berry, Ms Mathews, Mr Brand, Mr Morrison, Mr Smith, Mr Coles, Ms Dobson, Ms Lebinska, Ms Cooper, Ms Hudspith, Ms Oxford, Ms Proctor, Mr Cunliffe, Mr Loewy, Mr Lepper, I was glad the school went together with Westlain. I found Stanmer a hard school and hated the underground (Stanmer building) where we would go for a smoke, absolutely dreaded walking down the ‘approach road’ Lucraft Road there were some well hard people there that scared the living daylights out of me. I left in May 28th 1977. I couldnt wait to leave but now realsie those were some of the best days of my life and have some lovely friends from then. x

    By Liesa Saunders (22/06/2011)
  • I went to Stanmer School, all the teachers mentioned were still there when I was being a bad girl! I hated the colour of the uniform, and those horrible school showers. I had the schools on strike in Brighton many year’s ago.

    By Anita Parsons (30/06/2011)
  • Having recently read all the new additions I also think Len Foster and I were classmates. I seem to recall we used to debate the chart records, remember Nut Rocker, Good Timin’ Saturday Nite at the Duck Pond? I also remember those slatted stairs that John Cobbett mentioned, a treat for the boys! With regard to Mr Yetman’s T square, some teachers used to throw chalk and even the blackboard rubber which was solid wood, they would be prosecuted for doing that today! And I still remember the breaktime rush to those trays of penny buns (not when you were in the 4th year!) as the prefects selling them were our friends, you just walked to the front of the queue to howls of protests from the 1st and 2nd years. As to Liesa’s comments things must have gone down quickly in 10 or 15 years as I don’t recall that much trouble in the approach road in the 60s. Although I was happy there, I looked forward to starting work, but that last year seemed to fly by, and the very last day it suddenly hit you, after four years together we’re all going our seperate ways, it really was all over. I agree with Liesa, looking back, yes, they really were some of the best days of my life as well.

    By Robert Taylor (03/07/2011)
  • Re: Phyllis Johnston’s message. I know Diane Mitchell, she is a couple of years younger than me. Her sister Susan is my age, I still see her occasionally. She is a friend of Margaret Prior (nee Lunnon) who was the same age as me and in the same class. We all attended Brownies which was run by Diane and Sue’s mum Mrs Mitchell.

    By Chris Troak (08/10/2011)
  • Re: Chris Troak’s message. Always wondered what had happened to you Chris – would love to hear from you.

    By Peter Gregory (15/10/2011)
  • Wow, a real blast from the past, Peter Gregory. Thanks for remembering me anyway. I knew that you became a policeman – I know in another lifetime! Do you see anyone else who was around then? I lived in Brighton at that time but many years ago when my son Robert came home from school with his new friend Robert – he turned out to be Robert Scott’s son! Now that is a small world especially as this was in Worthing.

    By Chris Troak (16/10/2011)
  • Hi Chris (Troak nee Morane) Forgot to give you my contact email – please email me on: Peter Gregory

    By Peter Gregory (28/10/2011)
  • I went to Stanmer only for the last two years, finished in 1964 I think (I was in the pre nursing course – Miss Whitney was our class teacher – I never took history with her – but she knew her subject well). It is funny how you can forget some things quite easily, until someone just pokes a memory. I can remember so many funny things that happened; like Paul Walker parking his motorbike in the prefects room. Mr Williams never coming to math class after lunch as I believe he had frequented ‘The Swan’ – I loved my biology and anatomy teacher whose name escapes me but lived in Kingston. I can remember the snack truck getting stuck under the bridge and the poor driver trying to fend off everyone trying to get into the back and take the treats. The school debates the year of an election and ‘The Egalitarian Party’ winning. Stephen Turner and Benny Green competing to see who could have the most adorned scooter with mirrors etc. sportsday with a pair on Long Johns flying from the flagpost. Anyone else remember any of this?

    By Jeanne Clarke-Walker (nee Cornwell) (01/01/2012)
  • I went to Stanmer from 1959 – 1964 when I transfered to Westlain. Nice to see all the old teachers names. Nice to see Digger Davis mentioned. I never did gardening but can remember going on a school trip to Tarragona in Spain (by train) and she brought back a large wooden fork (about 6 foot long). I remember Anne Wankling, Erica Hedgecock, Stephen Gorringe, Gary Vallier and Tony Streeter from my year. I remember missing the Christmas film in the hall for throwing snowballs at Westlain kids and being made to clear snow all afternoon. I can also remember that they had a clampdown on something and the prefects put dozens of us in detention – we were lined up in all the corridors facing the wall. The open slat stairs also brought back happy memories.

    By David Whatman (02/02/2012)
  • Hello Ray. I have recenty acquired my first computer and have just found this website. What memories! I too was at Stanmer from 1953-1957. I was so upset to have failed my 11 plus as I wanted to go to Varndean. But looking back I am so glad I did or I wouldn’t have such wonderful memories of Stanmer! I remember my first day very well. I was quite daunting trying to find my way around such a huge building. But how proud we all felt in our brand new uniforms of maroon and blue. I was in Trevelian House and loved my blue tassle on my beret! Believe it or not I still have most of my school excercise books and reports! The teachers I remember most are Mr. Hobart (headmaster) Mr. Wills (geography). Miss Bellairs Cox (music) Miss Dobson (housecraft and cookery). There were countless others – Mr. Neasham. Miss Dodds and lovely Mr.Whitehead who taught Spanish. I have such treasured memories and would love to share them with anyone who remembers me. (My unusual surname should jog a few memories!) I think the one thing that stands out for me and which I have carried with me till this day is the school’s performance of THE MIDAKO I can’t remember the exact year but I think I was about 13 or 14. My love of Gilbert and Sullivan has stayed with me ever since! I remember Alan Morgan playing Koko (I think he was my first boyfriend!). I am sorry I don’t remember you but would still love to hear from you. My email address is Looking forward to some feedback.

    By Barbara Roberts (nee Leuty) (25/02/2012)
  • Ray, is that Ray Cook, the same guy who once worked for coca-cola?

    By John Perriss (04/03/2012)
  • I went to Falmer High as it became in 1978-1982 and was taught by Miss Dobson, Mr Skull and Mr Gough – they were still there! In fact my mum (Margaret Hutchings) went to Stanmer and was one of the only 2 girls who took the 1st O levels available as a trial at Stanmer, and she was taught by Miss Dobson who was a friend of my grandma (Doris Hutchings) who was Lady Chichester’s dressmaker (Stanmer House). Miss Dobson left around 1982 also.

    By Claire Townsend (05/03/2012)
  • Stanmer School: 1960-64. They were some of the best years of my life. The teachers were high intellects, for the most part. I remember Miss Moorhouse (needlework), my form teacher, speaking to me in my native German very well. My favourite teacher was Mr. MacDonald (English) a cultured, kindly gentleman, who took real pains to teach me proper English, spoken and written. He had a profound love of and ability in music too. Remember Mrs. Finn (science) – a beautiful Hebrew lady. Mr. Tomkinson (PE), Mr. Chris Thrower (RI), Mr. Alec Wills (geog. and PE). Mr. McPhee (science) would mumble and nod off. Miss Scutt gave me her love of music, that I have to this day. The tartar Mr. Brasher took over PE in 63. I later came to know his wife, who was sweet and I wondered what she was doing with such a man, whom she later divorced. W. W. Williams was Headmaster and a bit of a red-headed temper he had. Mr. B.E.B. Robbins came up from Somerset and was one of those very able all-rounders of English education – Maths, PE and Music (he made me sing a solo of “How Jolly Are We Beggars” from the balcony in the hall). Tall Mr. Davis (Maths) cut my wrist with a cane. Friends: Alan Thomas, David Griffin, Paul Walker, Danny Herriott, Peter Hall, Michael Fitzgerald, David Eke, David Solomon, David Simmonds and David Simmons (!), ? Tomlinson, Colin Eldridge and boys. Girls: Nancy Knight, Jean Smith and Denise Hayward were smart and good sports. David Sorrell was our soccer star. ? Pollard was my fellow prefect on DT duty – a good lad. I loved Trevelyan House and Mrs. Wooldridge, my dear history teacher, who was kindly. I liked cross country, rain or shine, but wasn’t good at it. I really loved beautiful Stanmer Woods and the path through to Coldean shops, where school chums would nick pies from Eldridge’s tuck shop. Where are you all now? I live in Arizona – been here since 1980. I’ve travelled every continent and many, many countries. Write if you like.

    By Peter Strub (07/03/2012)
  • Hello Peter, sadly I am not in your list of those you can recall, but after so many years it is not surprising. My name is Ean Ross and I was in your class, finishing with 4 CSEs 1. I remember well all those in our class, especially David Griffin, Alan Thomas, and Chris Protas, who I used to sit next to. I still live and work in Brighton. They are going to demolish Stanmer School soon and Westlain school is now an academy. Brighton has changed such a lot since the ’60s. I hope some of our class may read your letter and write in. Thanks for your comments.

    By Ean Ross (24/03/2012)
  • Ean: How wonderful to hear from you – I certainly have not forgotten you or Chris Protas and the wonderful laughs we had together at Stanmer. You had a delightful sense of humour then and I’d like to hear more of what you’ve been doing throughout the years. I must admit that, although those times were long ago, my memory of them is incredibly fresh. Among other things we prepared three years for the “Black & Off-White Minstrel Show”, and it was a smash hit. Please drop me a line at:

    By Peter Strub (30/03/2012)
  • Hi Peter, I never made it to your list either! But can only vaguely remember Ean Ross. Dave Griffin and Alan Thomas were in my class all through junior and senior schools. You certainly remember a lot more about the staff than I do, I don’t recall Mrs Finn at all, let alone her being Hebrew! Living in Canada now, where it’s just starting to warm up!

    By Steve Tugwell (04/04/2012)
  • Hello old classmates, good to hear a few of us still around! Re my name, my middle name is Sydney, so if I recall, most at school used to call me Syd. Sometimes we all got called different names, and they kind of stuck. I still have all my school reports so will get them out to refresh my memories of days at Stanmer. The only classmate I used to see often was Paul Walker, I was really surprised to see him when I needed an accountant, he turned out to be the man in charge. Sadly I think he moved to Cyprus to work, so we lost contact. Did any of you go on the trip to Burwash, it was like an outward bounds course, canoeing etc? Keep in touch. Syd

    By Ean (06/04/2012)
  • Hi all. I was at Stanmer in 1960 and remember a lot of these teachers. Miss Scutt who gave me my love of music and Mr Wills who was the only teacher ever to be able to teach me anything about maths. So sad to have heard he had passed away. I also remember Mr Davies who we used to call ‘ISAIAH’ because he had one eye higher than the other! I remember in my class, Suzanne Jakeman and Judy Corrigan, also Raymond Cheeseman and David Neville. Does anyone else remember them?

    By Carole Dudman (nee Meredith) (22/04/2012)
  • With Fathers Day on Sunday, thought I would trawl the internet to see if there were any memories of my Dad, Alec Wills (1920-2001) and was so glad to find this site. Carole Dudman, it was so nice to hear that my Dad managed to teach you something about maths! Barbara Roberts, I also remember the Mikado with fond memories even though I was a little girl at the time I have fabulous memories of school trips to Germany that my Dad organised and we used to tag along – Steve Eke, Cheryl Probert (with her fabulous hairy jacket!) and Kevin Goldsmith are just three names that I can remember. Also have memories of “Snowy” the Caretaker because he used to scare me along with red-headed Mr Williams, the Headmaster. My dad loved Stanmer and most of its pupils and still had his canes lined up in our garage in Mill Rise, Westdene, just in case. I would love to hear of any other memories, good or bad, about him

    By Paula Wise (nee Wills) (15/06/2012)
  • Hi Paula. So great to read your letter about your Dad. He was one of my favorite teachers at Stanmer school and I remember him very well. He taught me geography and, thanks to him, I learned a lot about the Isle of Wight. I have kept most of my school excercise books and report book for the 4 years I was at Stanmer.His comment on my geography result for July 1956 was “Barbara has worked hard but her final exam result has been a disappointment to me”! As I said in my previous letter, I loved my years at Stanmer and although the discipline was hard, we all learned a lot and respected the teachers. Would love to share more memories if anyone else out there remembers me and especially if you were in The Mikado!! Barbara Roberts

    By Barbara Roberts (nee Leuty) (13/07/2012)
  • Hello Paula Wise. I remember your father very well. Alec Wills was my last form teacher at Stanmer. He was another of those multi-talented personalities that made the English school system what it used to be. Your anecdote about the canes is interesting. He never brandished one in my direction, though. That was the generation in which we boys rapidly approached 6 feet and your dad was rather diminutive in comparison with some of us. Nonetheless, he would brook no nonsense but, despite a strict demand for respect, he had a tremendous sense of fun with us, which our class loved and appreciated. Your father had me for PE and geography. Maths was not my strong suit and I could have done with his tutelage. Regrettably, I was routinely caned for not understanding the teaching of other maths instructors, whom I will not name here. When I came to the USA over 30 years ago and told stories of the English education system I was told it never would have worked here, where one has the prerogative of self defence. On our last day in your dad’s class, we rigged up a waste paper basket filled with rubbish and balanced it on the hydraulic door closer. Your dad was too smart and kicked the door so that it fell down harmlessly in front of him. However did he know? Canny years as a schoolteacher, I suppose.

    By Peter Strub (23/08/2012)
  • I went to Stanmer school then changed to Falmer High. First of all I would like to mention all the people that was in my class here goes: Colin Langridg. Patrick Lyons. David Allan nickname (zombie) Laurence sharp. Jimmy Hargie , Tony Skinner. Jeffrey Donnigan. Keith Marchant. Peter Western. David Wragg. Michael Wright. Allan Tipping. Lesley Barnes. Roger Towner. David Fordcomb. Michael Best. If I have forgotten your name please get in touch. Well I can remember 1st day in the senior school when all the class stood outside the headmasters room to be caned and boy did it hurt, it didn’t help matters running down the corridor holding your hand and all your class mates laughing. Well after assembly I don’t know why but our class was always left on our own until the teacher arrived to take us to our next lesson. While waiting for the teacher we would grab hold of the metal handle at the bottom of those long curtain cords swing them and they would smash the stage lights to bits we all found this funny so would do the same and so on. We would turn the tables upside down and a class mate would push you along and then it would a be a game of bumper cars breaking all the tables. Any way the new teacher would arrive and take us to the classroom which was next to the gym the wooden hut; once there we would make a cup of tea and light a fag up to the amazement of the new teacher we would tell him it was ok as we always done this. While joking about drinking tea and having a fag and a good laugh the headmaster walked through the door well you couldn’t hear a pin drop as the head teacher said to a class mate what the hell are you doing as the chap replied smoke came out of his mouth we all laughed our heads off and the new teacher that was only in his new job ten minuets was sacked – the rest is history. I will speak to you soon by for now.

    By Carly Bonner (21/09/2012)
  • Hi Carl, I wonder how Katrina and Andre are; I can’t remember your other sister’s name. Stanmer for me was a place I wanted to leave and I have never regretted that. It was a nice enough place, school just wasn’t something that I enjoyed. I did much better for myself once I had left. There was a nice teacher in room 4 can’t remember his name. Poor ole digger, she sure took some stick yet she was such a nice lady. Was it McDonald who gave ya house points for more or less anything if you were in his house. Well I left in 1968. I rememebr Olley beak, David Ashton, Keith Hale, Harold? Steve Delacy, Banger Bowley, Pentecost, Alan Harris, Alan Jennings, Percy Parker, Richard Long, and Monica Welch, to name a few. I remember a fight about to start with Dougy Jay spinning a bike chain around. Madness. Hey Carl, I remember your family moving in and your dad in a flash Zephor 6! bet even you don’t remember that.

    By Bully (09/10/2012)
  • Hi Bully, I can just about remember the Zephyr 6 – long time ago, do I know you? I left Mouslecoomb when I was 18 but do have lots of wonderful memories of living there. Its nice to read from when people you know lived there and where they are now, Iwill keep on reading as there is so much to catch up on. Speak to you soon, Carly B.

    By Carly Bonner (25/10/2012)
  • Very good. I was there from 1969 to 1974. It’s good to remember some of the teachers names, yes it is a car park now and I use it for the Amex. It’s so sad to see it.

    By Richard Lewis (26/10/2012)
  • Mr Wills! A brilliant teacher. I remember he was always losing his biros so Barbara Pollard and I organised a presentation box of biros as a Christmas present for him. When I visited Canada in 2009 and flew over the Great Lakes between Toronto and Winnipeg it was extremely emotional as it was if Mr Wills taught me Canadian geography for that specific reason.

    By Cassandra Langridge (10/11/2012)
  • Hi Cassandra, I remember those classes and now live within a mile of the St. Lawrence Seaway. I often think about how unlikely I was to see any of North America and now it’s my doorstep!

    By Steve Tugwell (19/11/2012)
  • Hi John YES this is the same Ray that worked on Coca-Cola have now moved to pastures new in Cyprus if you wish to correspond my e-mail is would like to hear from you. Ray “I’d like to teach the world to sing”

    By Ray Cook (23/11/2012)
  • Brilliant page of well remembered schooldays from around 1952 to 1956, but was surprised to see Yvonne Ray went there too – she is my cousin I guess from my dads family side, but we obviously shared the same very inspiring and lovely times with the great teachers and Headmaster in those days – re Mr Hobart and his staff (do you remember Miss Williams Yvonne, our rural science teacher?) and the penny buns in the morning 🙂

    By Tony Stevens (26/01/2013)
  • Hi again Yvonne. Was looking at details of my old school on the Brighton website and was surprised to see your comments on the Stanmer Secondary School section. Have left a previous follow up message on there, but always imagined you were a Girl’s College or of the elite Varndean community! Was amazed we didn’t come into contact at Stanmer, but must say I agree with your comments – it was an excellent school in our time (the 50’s) and can’t help thinking a benchmark for what schools should follow today! Anyway, hope you are keeping well. Many Regards Tony (Anthony Ray, Stevens)

    By Tony Stevens (28/01/2013)
  • Hi Steve Tugwell (funny how we remember people by their whole names), thanks for your reply. I drove past Stanmer the other day – you wouldn’t recognise it now! Just behind Falmer Station there is the new stadium for Brighton and Hove Albion football team and Brighton University also have something resembling a village there. I’m a grandma now and also a Guardian to a 12 year old orphan I’ve known all his life! Love it! Regards to you and your family. xx

    By Cassandra Langridge (09/02/2013)
  • Hi Cassandra, e-mail me at   We’ll compare grandchildren!

    By Steve Tugwell (14/02/2013)
  • Stanmer School Memories: I recall walking up the long approach road at the tender age of 11 in September 1956 with my friend Linda Pollard on our first day at Stanmer. We were a little nervous and our mums insisted on coming with us but when we reached the old ‘underground’ playground / bike shed area we sent them home as there did not seem to be many other parents around and we did not want to be thought of as ‘babies’. With what seemed like hundreds of others, we found our way to the main hall and had to sit on the floor and wait for our names to be called and classes allocated. Luckily, we were together in 1A, with Mr Gough (English) as our form teacher. I do remember that it was his first day also. The school was huge but we soon found our way around and I can see the layout in my mind to this day with the calls of ‘single file on the left’ ringing in our ears. Funny how some things are with you forever, I recall the words of the school song and felt quite emotional on my last day singing: “Lord dismiss us with Thy blessing, those who here shall meet no more”. I enjoyed 5 happy years at Stanmer and was sad to leave. To all my former classmates: I remember you so clearly and send good wishes and hope that life has treated you kindly.

    By Elaine 'Edwards' (16/04/2013)
  • I attended Stanmer School the first year it opened. Mr Hobart was the headmaster at the time. A few of the students have mentioned a Spanish teacher, I seem to recollect a Spanish teacher, I think his name was Mr Whitehead. I can also remember a Miss Williams. Mr Alec Wills was also there, he came with me from Moulsecombe School. A question for anyone who was there a lot later than I – did they continue with the tiling of the wall [I think it was the art room]? Mine was the first tile to go on the wall, I believe they were going to put a tile on each year. I now live in South Australia and lived here for nearly forty years. I have some really great memories of my time at Stanmer School, it was a real fun time. Someone mentioned the penny cream buns sold at morning break, I used to be one of the sellers, can anyone remember me? I wish you all well. Waiting for your replies, cheers Rod.

    By Rodney Lawrence (01/06/2013)
  • I attended Stanmer right at its opening. Us kids transferred from Moulscoomb. I was in Trevalian (Blue). Most of the named teachers of that time have been mentioned but a few names have stayed with me through the years. Now aged 74 – humph! I remember Mr Whitehead, my form teacher. He used to line up small pieces of chalk along the front of his desk and use them as bullets for any misbehaved pupils. My god he was so accurate with his aim as I well remember the sting. He taught Spanish and looked Spanish, I remember some Spanish dancers coming to the school. I have retired to Spain and have been resident for the last three years, so his Spanish has come in handy. I remember Daisy Dirt Track, the constantly smoking Rural Science teacher who got us boys to dig trenches for the vegetable garden to be. She once came to me and asked why I wasn’t digging. “The ground is frozen and I can’t get my fork into it”, was my reply. “Get out of my way you useless boy and give me your fork. I will show you.” Upon which she plunged the fork into the ground as if it was butter. That’s the way to teach. Bless her.
    I remember one pupil, I forget his name, spiked my foot to the ground with his fork – fortunately it went between my toes not harming me. “Oops sorry, Mole” he said and quickly removed same. If I remember rightly, his family were Brighton fishermen. My mates were Daivid Ritchie (who emigrated to Australia for 10 quid), I still keep in touch with him. Roy Scarborough, David Watts, Brian Grey a very good artist. (Art and technical drawing were my best subjects.) Mousey White, a real fire cracker, I met up with him in my Teddy Boy days in the 50’s. I remember him hitting Pop Tuley the RI teacher with a milk bottle. The rogue. Roy Cooke a good boxer. Rodney Fiest an excellent footballer. Fatty Francies, David Ford and lots of faces whose names I have lost.
    The first love of my life, Jean West. If you are out there Jean please get in touch, as I have tried to contact you but failed. Rosemary Johns / Tonya Payne a real looker who sent a friend over to me in the playground one day to ask if I loved her. My reply: “If she loves me I love her”. To which she came over to me and slapped me in the face and said “In your dreams Glanville”. Oh such happy days. Jean West was my girlfriend all of my infant / junior and last days at Stanmer School.
    I was in the chess team and remember high teas at posh schools we used to challenge. Lots of school friends I continued to see when I left are now departed. I spent many happy hours fishing with most of them. Patrick Faulker being one of them. Roy Nibblet! just remembered him. Not sure if he is still with us. All in all my days at Stanmer were great. I should like to say thank you to all the teachers and old pupils out there for a wonderful school childhood. I ended up being a Brighton Borough fireman, before that a skilled glass beveler. I do remember Rodney Lawrence. Just. Hi Rod do you remember me? Any one interested in getting in touch drop me a mail on   Cheers.

    By Maurice (Mole) Glanville (23/06/2013)
  • hi, I went to Stanmer school 1959 to 1963. I was in Miss Whitney’s class for the last year. We did the child elementary exam. Does anyone remember? and also the Brighton school leavers exam? We were always having a good laugh. My best friends were Linda Ransom, Linda Evans, Janice Smith and lots of others. If anyone remembers me let me know. Thanks

    By Susan Jenner was Chapman (28/08/2013)
  • Hi again, yes I remember Mr Towner -  he was one of my favourite teachers. He was very tall, if I remember right. Mrs Davies the gardening teacher was really scary and I never really took to her. Miss Scutt was ok for music, and with Miss Harvey and Miss Agate for P E we had to run out on to the playing fields in those awful navy blue knickers.

    By Sue Jenner (31/08/2013)
  • I attended Stanmer 1961-1965. I got on well with Michael O’Malley, a tall lad of Irish descent who was in my class. I had an accident in the Art class of Mr Paine and received 7 stitches in my knee, Mr Davies (I think that was his name) bandaged my injury during his senior girls Science class and used the event to show my visible joint. Coming back to Michael, he gave me 6d to see a show organised by some girls of the 4th Form. The school was raising money for a charity (I forget which) probably around 1964. People were to dream up schemes for raising the money. These girls somehow got permission to perform a striptease, of course all the boys wanted to be there, my funds were low but thanks Michael for the 6d. I can only remember one girl, her name was Fitzgerald (again someone with Irish roots), she had black hair and was um.. well built. It didn’t go too far, only down to underwear and stockings. Does anyone remember this?

    By Richard Norman (06/09/2013)
  • Richard Norman that girl you mentioned doing striptease is Wendy Fitzgerald. I still see her now. I went to Stanmer from 62-66. My name is Marian Jones (Gregson). My mates were Linda Stewart and Lesley Trott. My brothers went to Westlain. Good to read all the stories.

    By Marian Jones (12/09/2013)
  • I would like to get in contact with previous Stanmer High students and invite them for a tour of the new school now on the site – can anyone help? Please see this link for more details:

    By Natasha Silsby (12/09/2013)
  • I remember Michael OMalley well. Also the girl doing the striptease was Wendy Fitzgerald. I still see her. My friends were Linda Stewart and Lesley Trott. Moved back to Coldean and see quite a few old school friends.I was at Stanmer from 1962-66.

    By Marian Gregson (13/09/2013)
  • My name is James ‘Jimmy’ Hersey, I was at Stanmer 1954 – 1960; it was a very good school to go to. The teachers I remember were Miss Bellairs-Cox (music), Mr Davies (geography), Mr Toogood (spanish) – I enjoyed his lessons, but only for one year. When he left I remember we had a very poor teacher and the class gave her a very rough time because she was not as good as Mr Toogood. Mr Williams (Headmaster), Mrs Hodge (2nd Head), I also remember Mr Umpleby, Mr Rawsthorne (art), Mr Gough and Mr Baldry (history). I was in Trevelyan House (blue) – we won most of the sports things over the years. I helped to run the school library during my years at Stanmer, this gave me the chance to learn about and love reading books. I was not a sporty person but I have never forgotten some of the pranks that pupils got up to in PE. During cross country in Stanmer Park a pupil was stripped naked and left to return to the school in that state. I know how he must have felt for I later became the victim of a prank. The boys’ changing room was just along the corridor from Mr Williams office and I was thrown out naked into the corridor, this resulted in Mr Williams giving all involved six of the best with the cane. I also remember the very good chemistry lessons we were allowed to undertake and one in particular when the class had to evacuate the lab due to an escape of chlorine Gas, (the fire brigade had to be called out). I remember selling buns and undertaking events to raise money to allow pupils to go on a trip to Spain. I very much enjoyed my time at Stanmer, but as the years have rolled by I have forgotten the names of many of my fellow students. I do remember Graham Baker, Reginald Caplin, Susan Rolfe, Douglas Banks, and Peter Gregory is a familiar name. Can any former pupils who remember me add to the history? Thanks.

    By James 'Jimmy' Hersey (19/09/2013)
  • Hi Marion Gregson. I lived on Wolseley Rd. We were neighbors in Woodingdean in the 1970s. Lockwood Crescent if my memory is correct. I eventually emigrated to the US in 1984 first to NY then on to Sarasota Fl. and finally settling in Burlington Ct. I don’t get back much now but still follow the Albion. Say hi to your older brother when you see him. His name escapes me now. Such is life. All the best

    By Ron Baker (26/09/2013)
  • As stated before, I attended Stanmer 59-63 and my classmates (such as I remember) are, in no order of importance, but as I remember them:- Paul Southern, Linda Chesill, Robert Taylor, Jenifer Martison, Ronald Baker, Janet Powell, Richard Brown, Carol Blemings, Eric Pollard, Anne Wankling, Alan Rollings, Janet Wells, Gary Vallier, Tony Streeter, John Gillham, Roland Braby, Roger Flynn, Richard Blakey, David Whatman, Howard Masterson. Apologies if I spelt your names wrong. After leaving school, I had a couple of dead end jobs, then I became a pro musician. Now retired, anybody who remembers me please contact

    By Len Foster (05/10/2013)
  • Well I have just seen my name mentioned by my then very good friend Chris Morane! (now Troak). If you are still reading this page Chris my email is I am still living Adelaide Australia but was in the UK last year and came to Brighton for a few days. Would love to hear from you.

    By Gwen Conlay (nee Birch) (10/10/2013)
  • Hi Rodney Lawrence, yes I remember you. I swapped an air-rifle of mine for a guitar from you. I also put in a word for you to obtain a job with Quick Deliveries. All my family also live in South Aus in Adelaide.Yes they were good days alright – lots of fun with the girls. It’s possible I may have been the first pupil to set foot in the school. I remember being right behind Mr Hobart as he led us in, before the school was open. The powers had picked some of us to be prefects, which meant that we had to go in in the Summer holidays to help the Teachers get organised. I now live in Devon. Hope that you get to read this. Cheers all

    By Brian (Chicka) Birch (25/10/2013)
  • I am trying to locate anyone who went to school with my late wife, Diane Geoghan. She attended Stanmer around 1959 0r 1960 on a pre nursing course. Would be nice to hear from any of her schoolfriends. I lost Diane back in April 2012 after quite a long illness and miss her very, very, very much.

    By Brian White (28/12/2013)
  • Brian, I was not at school with Diane but believe I knew her in the early 60s. Did she live east of Brighton, somewhere like Peacehaven? If that is her, contact me at

    By Michael Cook (07/01/2014)
  • Not many from my vintage on this site. I am adding this comment to encourage people perhaps. I was at school here from 1965 to 1970.

    By Ray Pither (19/06/2014)
  • Paula Wise, You wanted comments about Alec Wills [your father] I have got nothing but good comments, he taught me a lot. First I consider myself privileged to have been one of his favourites, I was selected to be in his gymnastics team. We would train in our dinner break when I was at Moulsecoomb boys school. He invited the team to tea at his house when he lived at Dyke Road. I went to Stanmer School the first year it opened, so did your father. I remember we would go to the school to play basketball in the evening [I must have left school and had been 16 at the time because I had a BSA 250 motor cycle]. When I went to start it, it back-fired through the carburettor and caught fire and if it hadn’t been for your father I would have lost my motorcycle. He calmly grabbed hand fulls of sand and threw it at the carburettor and put the fire out. I can also remember your father having a motorcycle, I can’t recall the make. I recall him having a girl friend in North Moulsecoomb, who I believe became your mother. It was  a few years later that I made contact with him again, a friend of mine lived in Bramble Rise Withdean and I think your house was very close. I never saw him after that as my friend was killed in a ski-ing accident near the Palace Pier. I hope you’re proud of your father, he was good kind person. I did not know that he’d passed away until I read your comment. I don’t know whether you read my first comment but I’m now 78 this year and am now living in South Australia. I wish you all the very best. Cheers.

    By Rodney Lawrence (10/02/2015)
  • Hi Brian [Chicka] Birch, Yes I do remember you and I too was one of the first to go to Stanmer School and I too was a prefect. I apologise for not responding sooner but lost my way with all this modern technology – now I’ve found a quick way to find the site. I do remember the job with Quick Deliveries and Chalky White the boss. I seem to recall you coming from another county or town in the latter part of my schooling at Moulsecoomb. You said you live in Devon – what a beautiful place to settle. I love Devon and Cornwall I spent many a holiday with my family there. Thanks for your comment earlier it’s nice to know I was remembered by someone. I live in Banksia Park just in case your relations ask. Cheers Rod.

    Hi Maurice [Mole] Glanville, Yes I have memories of you and all the names you mentioned. You asked about Jean West, I’m sure she married Syd Peters, he was a close friend of mine at the time. Tonya Payne – I went out with her for a short time. Do you remember playing badminton in the school hall? Mr. Lovell and Mr. Stone got me involved in the sport. I made the portable stands for the nets with the help from Mr Umbleby [I think that was his name]. I recall one night we were asked to play the teachers [Syd Peters and myself] ,we played Mr Whitehead and another teacher, who I can’t recall, We beat them, we should have let them win! I suffered a few days later when Mr. Whitehead found a reason to give me the strap, he was a tall man so he made me suffer. You also mentioned Mousey White, another close fried of mine at one time. I remember when the Bikers came to Brighton, if you remember they used to take over one of the seaside resorts every year. Mousey threw a beer bottle at one of the bikes and then did a runner and got away with it. Well that’s all for now, I hope I’ve jogged a few memories, lets hear from some of you oldies. Cheers Rod.       

    By Rodney Lawrence (11/02/2015)
  • I was at Stanmer School in 1962-1968. One of my best friends was Bob Philips as a previously mentioned in a early message. I iook back with mostly happy memories and had some great times. I often wondered what happened to all my class mates, maybe some of you will remember a boy with a girls name ha ha!

    By Tracy Homewood (05/03/2015)
  • Just logged onto the site again.  Is  there anyone out there who was in ‘The Mikado’?  So many years ago but what a wonderful time we had.  I was only in  the chorus but I remember Alan Morgan who played Ko Ko.  I would love to hear from anyone who was at Stanmer in the 1950s when we were all so proud of the  school.   Happy days eh?

    By Barbara Thorne (nee Leuty) (10/08/2015)
  • Hi John Perriss. Is this the chap known as Pepsi from Coldean, Saunders Hill? Was only talking to mum about you a few days ago. Regards, Cliff Marlow.

    By Cliff Marlow (30/08/2015)
  • Hi Barbara (nee Leuty). I remember you very well and am still regularly in touch with Alan Morgan who has stayed to this very day as my all time best mate! I wondered if you might have known Barbara Redgrave who was my heartthrob all through those wonderful days at Stanmer. Sadly she didn’t have the same interest in me, although I saw her one day a while after leaving school and she seemed quite friendly then! I would love to know how she is and hope life has treated her well. Hope you too are happy and enjoying a healthy life still. I have worked mostly like Alan as a professional musician since those days but still hold a great respect and admiration at how we were taught and disciplined at Stanmer.

    By Tony Stevens (27/10/2015)
  • Hi Barbara, I was a mere guard in Mikado, but Alan Morgan was then and still is my life long friend who I am very much in contact with almost on a daily basis – I remember you and likewise have a great respect and gratitude for the times we spent at Stanmer. A great start and preparation for a decent and respectful life.

    By Tony Stevens (28/10/2015)
  • I was at Falmer school from 1968-74 and although l didn’t enjoy my secondary school years, l can now look back with fond memories. Some of the names from my class were: Kevin Freeman, Graham Goldsmith, Ian English and Mark Harris to name a few. I wonder how many people remember me?

    By Dave Batchelor (22/03/2016)
  • Hi, just found this page. My good friends at Stanmer were Marian Gregson and Linda Stewart. My lovely brother still lives in Coldean. I still meet Barry Coleman who lives close by me in Peacehaven. I have been married to Tony for 40 years and have one son who lives in London with his lovely wife and both work in “investments” and are doing well. I sometimes meet Sue Miles, and Shirley Colbey. I remember Wendy Fitsgerald, but not the strip scenario. Does anyone remember Joseph Ellison and the  William Harrop?

    By Lesley Dennett nee Trott (16/04/2016)
  • I attended Stanmer 1956 til 1963.The last 2 years were the pre-nursing years. Miss Chaplain was my last home teacher. My friends in early years included Nola Christmas and Julia Burtenshaw. The last two years my friend was Chris Higgot, who I have caught up with since and hope to catch up with again. I nursed at Brighton General Hospital for a while then Eastbourne before migrating to South Australia. Miss Moorhouse visited me in Adelaide about 1972 and I wrote to Miss Chaplain for a while too. I have read the letters sent in but no names of students seem familiar. I remember the teachers’ names. My two sisters and brother attended Stanmer too. Anyone remember me?

    By Janet Whitton (21/04/2016)
  • Hi Tracy Homewood I lived at 3 Ashurst Road, unfortunately Bob (my childhood sweetheart) died in 2007, he fell off a ladder at work and is missed by so many people my email is

    I would like to heat from anyone who remembers me.

    By Sandy (Sandra) Leaney (26/04/2016)
  • Hi Lesley, I remember all your friends  and Joe I remember him as being a very smart dresser, and Willie that you have mentioned. I used to go around with Brian Saunders and Adrian Goringe a lot and I went out with Angela Miles (Susan’s sister) for some time. A lot of us used to go to the youth club in Coldean. I have been married for 45 years and now live in Ferring, West Sussex, after moving from Bevendean to Woodingdean where I spent most of my married life. We were foster carers for about 15 years and adopted the first baby we looked after. He is now 20 and we have a older daughter. It is nice to remember people and hear how they have done since school although it is now a very long time ago. I certainly do not remember Wendy doing a strip. I have a couple of school photos and can remember faces but not all the names. I have worked in the motor trade all my life and own a garage in Lancing, we also have a house in southern France where we spend as much time as poss. I am not in the best of health having had a triple heart by-pass in 2014 so am semi-retired. Oh well, hope you get to read this and maybe we can remember other people between us.

    By Keith Osborn (Stanmer School Sept 1961- July1965) (10/05/2016)
  • I was at Stanmer for the pre-nursing course c1961-1963. Can anyone remember our TV top of the form performance in the Dome or the final in Winchester?

    By Linda Cargill nee Coppin (15/05/2016)
  • Hi All, My Name is Isabel Lee, i was at Stanmer School from 1953-1957. If anyone would to get in touch to reminisce my email address is: – I was at school with Christine McMacnamara, Sally Pierce, Susan Rolf, Maureen Baker, Ray Cook to name but a few.. would love to hear from anyone i went to school with. This is written by Isabels son as mum is technologically challenged!

    By Isabel Lee Marks (29/06/2016)
  • Hi friends from Stanmer especially anyone who was in 3 commercial around 1956. I cannot remember the name of the form teacher but we had. Mr Toogood for Spanish. Miss Turnidge for games.
    Mrs Hodge for science and Miss Belairs Cox for music. My best friend and still is was Christine McNamara.We were always in the netball team.She is divorced and lives near Arundel.Whilst at Stanmer I lived in Upper Wellington Rd.fairly near Lewes Rd.I now live in Patcham.I remained friendly with our art teacher,Danny Rawsthorne who did a couple of portraits of me which I still have.I used to like a girl called Maureen Baker who used to sit in class knitting.She would knit lots of jumpers throughout the term and nobody ever. said anything. I liked Stanmer and thought the education was excellent.however I find I.T. difficult and computers do bore me.Apparently, I am a Luddite. This is my first attempt. On the whole I have good memories from school but truth is I was bullied for ever there ,day in day a girl called Shirley Bennet and her small gang. I so hope any former pupils who remember me are well and happy. I used to walk down the approach road ,(oximoron) with Chris and a boy called Spud Taylor.I wonder what happened to him?

    By Isabel Lee Marks (30/06/2016)
  • Hi Isobel. I don’t know if you remember me or not. I was in this class. I do recall the teachers you mentioned – plus I think it was Mr Baldry or Mr Davies who was the Home Room teacher plus Mrs Dodson, Home Economics, bit fuzzy on the rest – soooo long ago. I remember Maureen Baker, Sylvia Glanville, Pat Harris, her friend Judy ??, Heather Hills who I still have contact with. The twins Francis and Gillian Davies, who was a friend of mine. Brenda Tidzer, Tony Bastable, Maureen Sharp. Remember your friend Christine McNamara, Shirley Prodger. Really enjoyed the commercial course, and was so proud of myself when we did the mock exams – got 97% and came third in the class. Wish I’d stayed on to complete it, but wanted to get out of school at that time, plus the fact my parents weren’t too interested in me staying. Stanmer was such a modern school, really enjoyed it for three years, but it was a different story in the fourth, just wanted to get finished and out. It served me well though, took typing and shorthand at Brighton Tech. and the commercial subjects we learnt serve me well to this day – ended up working for the Government. Hated the showers, having to run through. But all in all there were so many good things about that school – not too many bad. We moved to Canada in 1966, had 3 children. Unfortunately my husband died in 2014 – we had been together for 56 years – married for 50, miss him terribly. How has life treated you – good I hope? I don’t remember you being bullied, was this in the commercial class? All the best.

    By Carmel Hinkley (nee Sullivan) (14/07/2016)
  • Have been sitting reading these comments, unbelievable names from the past. I was at Stammer 58/63 and remember Digger Davis and her 20 Payers smokes, also Wills l think that l was his pet hate.
    Broke a couple of records – first person  to get the strap first lesson first day, l still remember it now.  Brice used a split bamboo cane, Williams the slipper  and Umpleby called you a silly arse and threw whatever he had in his hand and did not miss. Apart from that l was very calm as a pupil. I remember a few names: Brian Baker, Robin Kerry, Pete Jones, Ian Spicer, Val Trott, Mavis McNamara, Val Hardy, Elaine Twamley, Gillian Miles, John Harrison, Mick Edwards, Pauline Ray. Could go on but it was great to read all the stories and see the names.  Now living in Spain.

    By Les Dean (26/09/2016)
  • Having only recently discovered this site I am reading these entries with great interest having been at Stanmer between 1965/70. I also recognise many names from Coldean School which I attended 1960/65. My first form teacher there was Mr Kite who was renowned for throwing the wooden blackboard rubber at people who were not paying attention with the threat of “I will bounce something off your dome!” Imagine that in today’s environment? Some of the names I picked up on here were Sandra Leaney whom I’ve emailed, and Tracy Homewood whose brothers, Stephen Leaney and Stephen Homewood, I knew well. I remember Tracy’s dad was a traffic cop and being very impressed as he drove an MGBGT police car! I also remember Les Dean, the previous contributor, and mention of Ian Spicer whose brother Hillary was a mate back in the day. I have uploaded my class photo under the Stanmer part of this site with a note. If anyone remembers me I was the one who always played the school piano in the main hall and Susan Ockendon used to sing to my accompaniment; she had just an amazing voice. Great memories!


    By Rob (Bob) Tasker (14/09/2017)
  • Yes David I do remenber you, as we went on the school trip to Norway.

    By Richard Lewis (01/10/2017)
  • I only just found this site, and would like to respond to a message from someone I remember fondly. Do I have to register to do this?

    Hi Angela – just respond to the comment as you did to this one. 

    By Angela Austin nee Miles (14/01/2018)
  • I went to Stanmer School from 1966-70. I remember walking up the approach road on my first day the only kid in school wearing short trousers. My teachers were Ms Strange our form teacher for 2 years, Mr Collins PE, Mr Wright TD, Mr Towner, English, Mr Lovell, not to mention the famous Mr Wills, along with the late Mr Pennells. I went to the canteen when in my first year one lunch time, and was told by the man at the door the only seat was with the girl prefects. Well I could not say no could I? I ended up having lunch with them every day till they all left – what a bonus. When we had last lesson with Ms Strange who taught home economics, she always asked me to clear the blackboard and was kept behind to make sure I was ok.

    By David Patrick (29/01/2018)
  • I attended Stanmer from 1964-1969. May I point people to our Facebook page? Stanmer County Secondary School? A very warm welcome awaits you! Also, anyone who lived in Bevendean, my group, Bevendean Baby Boomers has a lively membership too!

    Love & joy to all x

    By Elaine Tiffin (30/01/2018)
  • I wont be making a list of teachers. I was in the A – Gse stream and was a bit of ‘girl’. I’ve been told I’m well remembered so lets see!

    I was there till ’69 when I had enough and left early. Bombhead Brady shut my in the store cupboard and I went mental in there, glued all the rulers together, nearly got kicked out for that, had to sit outside Mr Williams office and sand them all!

    Miss Harvey made me do Hockey without my boots I’d ‘forgot’. I put up with the frost for a while and left the field, she grabbed me by the hair, slapped my face and tried to “manhandle” me back to the pitch by my hair, I saw red and whalloped her one… ran back to school, got dressed and went home, was “ill” for a few days and when I got back, my girls had told Mr W what happened and Miss Harvey had to apologise to me!

    No more PE for me, got to be a class helper with first years! (score for me!).

     wasn’t all bad and was good at everything except math, there must have been a lot of math dimwits cos they made a set 4 and there had only been 3! I’d love to get in touch with Sandra Ince, from that class, my friends were Lynne Whitethread, Brenda Rollings, Betty Hunt and Maz Carpenter. I’m in touch with all except Betty Hunt. Mr Brady told me Id never amount to anything…well you were totally wrong, I’ve travelled the world (not holidays) have left everywhere better than I found it, had  several successful careers, & currently am in Tsawwassen, just outside of Vancouver Canada!  School Days were not my favourite time of my life but the people I met there….the best!! There are more Adventures of Thad @ Stanmer to be told. I regret nothing except a younger girl Kathleen I was mean too for a few weeks. Dunno why, I was never and still am not a nasty or mean girl. I’d love to truly say sorry to her!

    By Linda Thaddeus (30/01/2018)
  • Gosh! What a lot of fantastic memories. Had a great time between 66-72ish at Stanmer. Remember lots of names of both students and teachers. Going to the underground playground, bike shed, and running away from Snowy the caretaker! 

    Teachers were fab, in their own way, Mr Gough inspired me most with English.

    By Wendy Marten (nee Ford) (30/01/2018)
  • Hey Bob Tasker, I’ve found we have a mutual friends, Gillian and Ian. Remembering Yugoslavia 1968.

    By Sally James (01/02/2018)
  • Hi, was at Stanmer from ’63-67. I have only recently found this site and read the entry from Keith Osborn, so touched you remembered me. Amazed to hear you have had a business in Lancing as I have lived here since 1977. My husband and I are both retired (3yrs now) and we have two sons. I have fond memories of Stanmer and all the people I met. I have often wondered where and how you are and sorry to hear you have health problems; it would be nice to know you read this.    

    By Angela Austin (nee Miles) (01/04/2018)
  • Hi Angela, so lovely to hear from you. You were my one true love at school, do you remember packing me up to go out with Paul Watkins? Dad was an undertaker. You told your sister to tell me that there would always be a place for me in the bottom of your heart, but I won you over in the end. I always remember how frightened I was of your dad, when he let me take you out to the Florida rooms (do you remember?) he was waiting at the bus stop when I took you home. Hope you and your family are keeping well and once again so nice to hear from you.

    By Keith Osborn (06/05/2018)
  • I attended Stanmer school from 1971 to 1976, as already mentioned by others it became Falmer High school a year after I started with the amalgamation of Stanmer school and Westlain Grammer school. Many teachers already named by others but some not mentioned include Mr Hollis (history), Ted Wright (T.D), Mr Lovell (art) and Erica Prosser, can’t remember which subject but the lads liked her! Boys P.E.  Nick Schildkamp, Dave Burton and when I first started a Mr Lewis (can anyone remember Claude, a size 12 plimsole for a whacking?). Alec Wills was my geography teacher and one of the best. The woods behind the school, as I remember, were out-of- bounds to pupils so had some explaining to do when a visit to the science teacher (first-aider). Mr Hurley was needed for two wasp stings acquired when aggravating a wasps nest in said woods with another pupil. Not seen any comments from anyone I knew there during these years  thinking back sparks memories. I too remember Snowy Parsons, the caretaker and his son Chris who I believe only had one lung and put us all to shame by winning a hundred-metre dash on the sports field. I also remember having to run along the approach road (Lucraft Road) to catch the 49 bus from just up from the end of the road to get home.

    By Vernon Yeates (18/05/2018)
  • Hi Keith, so lovely to hear from you. Sadly yes I do remember packing you in for Paul Watkins, I was young and stupid. Sorry. I also remember the Florida Rooms but felt I had blown it after that. What a lovely thing to say at the beginning of your message the feeling was mutual. I had a lot of issues in my childhood that were sadly not resolved until much later but made me how I was then. Hope that might explain a few things.So glad you replied. Hope you stay well, Angela.

    By Angela Austin (nee Miles) (01/06/2018)
  • Went to Stanmer school from 1958 to 1963. Does anyone remember me?

    By Maureen ( Starley ) now Mann (24/07/2018)
  • I’ve only just found this site having posted a photo of Jenny Trower and I at the Regent in the 60s, so it’s been great to pick up on everybody’s memories of those good old Stanmer days!  I was particularly interested in posts from Len Foster, who mentioned remembering me in his class.  Also from Dave Whatman who remembered my other two mates, Erica Hedgecock and Ann Wanklin.  It took a while for me (being such an innocent) to understand why the boys made fun of Ann’s surname!  Now Robert Taylor – I’m assuming you’re the same person who often gave me a lift on the cross bar of your bike!  I used to go to Maureen Pelling’s house for lunch and you used to ride down Newick Road too.  You haven’t posted anything for a while so I hope you are still reading everybody’s comments.

    By Linda Chessell (24/10/2018)
  • Well hello, Linda. WOW! my eyes popped out of my head, how lovely to read your comment! I’ve been waiting “ages” to reply. Yes, I am indeed the same person that gave you lifts to Maureen Pelling’s house at lunchtime, my crossbar must have made a big impression on you as you still remember it 55 years later! I seem to recall Janet Wells, Jennifer Brook and Brenda Rowlands being in your circle as well? I never went to the Regent, just a few times to the Starlight, but I was mainly a “Top Ranker”. After a visit a few years ago, I commented that the old school was run down, that lovely assembly hall was just a giant store room, the gyms were also in a bad state, such a shame, and sadly it was obvious to me that it would be replaced sooner rather than later. But we will always have our memories of the lovely school it was in our time. Best wishes, Robert.

    By Robert Taylor (21/02/2019)
  • Been reading through all these memories of my time at Stanmer finishing in the 5th year in 1962. I have great memories of that place and often wondered what happened to all the pupils I shared 5 years with. John Cobbet I do remember you along with many others. Hope you’re all well in our later years.

    By Howard Holden (23/04/2019)
  • To Dave Loewy, I don’t know if you still look at this site after all the years since your post about your late father but I knew him & your mother Diane well. Your father taught me at Stanmer (1965 to 70) & I still have a couple of things I made in his classes! By coincidence I also ended up working with your Mum at BT, when I bought my first flat in St James’ Avenue discovered we were neighbours so I visited your home there in the early ‘80s. So nice to see all the memories here.

    By Rob Tasker (05/08/2019)
  • Hi Linda Chessell, sure I remember you, hope you are well. Another fond memory was during morning assembly, we used to snigger at headmaster William’s pronunciation of Moulescoomb. He would always call it Mools koom, haha! Anyone who remembers me can get in touch with

    By Leonard Foster (29/11/2019)
  • Michael Hale, what a coincidence! I was trying to remember the class mates of my final year at Stanmer, Mr Goughs class – a good man was Mr Gough, and I was struggling to remember your surname. Now you will remember my nickname for you as Eccles, as we both liked the Goon Show on the radio. Gordon Archer and Barry Coleman lived in Coldean as we did, and did Roger Akehurst, all in the same year at Stanmer. Gordon lives in Florida, Roger and Barry live close to each other in Peacehaven and I live in Nelson, New Zealand. I am still in touch with Roger and Gordon. I was a prefect my last year at Stanmer but can’t remember the other prefects’ names for 1961, but penny buns that were sold I do remember. Michael, you were also at Coldean Junior school with us as well, I have a class photo somewhere with us all in with Mr Smith our class teacher. Other class mates that my foggy brain can remember Michael Smith, Derek Smith (his folks had a fish and chip shop in Lewes road, hence his nick name Fishy). Also Malcom Stinge Stephens, Rosemary Campbell and Rae Sharpe, Rae as I recall was not in our class but I did have s bit of a crush on her as well as Rosemary Campbell. The agony of youth, eh! My son Marlon found my name on this site in your comment Michael. Ha! such nostalgia, must inform Gordon and Roger. It would be nice to have mail from any of my Stanmer class mates, for the memories, how you are and how has life been for you all. Mick Glew

    By Michael Glew (31/01/2020)
  • Ooops, I made a mistake! Sorry, Derrek Smith your nick-name was not Fishy, I got mixed up with another pupil who lived over a fish and chip shop in Lewes Road. You lived off Lewes road above Allen West, can’t remember your street, though I have been there. You had a sister Dot, as I remember. Linda Thaddeus, we do have a few things in common: Stanmer pupils, your friend Maz Carpenter (she is my sister-in-law, I married Jeannette Carpenter in 1966, we are still together), and my son Steve works at Tsawassen Mills, Vancouver. How about that! I was a prefect in 1961, the only other prefect that I remember was Rae Sharpe. I lived in Wolseley Road, number 86. Ron Baker, was your mum Belgian?? It would be nice to hear from any old pupils of ‘61. Micheal Glew

    By Michael Glew (22/02/2020)
  • I have just seen messages about Stanmer School. I was there from 1968 to 72. I was in the GCSE stream and I do remember you Wendy Ford. In the class was Linda Cornford, Tina Hammond and Brenda Jarratt and I am still in touch with them. Also in the class was Laura James, David Eke, Clifford Maskery (sorry if spelling not correct) Sandra Coleby, Gina Gower, Tina Baldcock, Tony Adams, ? Budd, Alan Tanner who was killed in a motorbike accident in the first Christmas after we left. The first couple of years I was friends with Jean Cockram (not sure if correct spelling) but like you do had a bit of a fall out. Jean left in 1971 at the age of 15 and have never been able to contact her or have heard of her since. I went into commercial class the last two years and we were taught by Mrs Arnold who was a lovely lady. Would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me. I also remember the Lumsden twins who went in the nursing course as they have said.

    By Julie Adams (28/05/2020)
  • Very interesting memories for Stanmer School. I also attended there between 1964 -1969. I remember most of those teachers, including Mr Loewy, Metalwork, who caught me smoking. He bet me 2 shillings (10p) I couldn’t stop for 24 hours. I took his bet, won and promptly bought some cigarettes with my ‘prize money’. He was right though and I did eventually stop smoking.
    I still have some of my pottery made with Mr Lovell and remember smoking the milk straws in science. Trevelyan was my House.
    Mr Kite gets a special mention. Although he was vicious and I remember a Jimmy Forrest and I when he banged our heads together. I saw stars and Jimmy cried. All because we were twiddling our thumbs when we were all sat quietly until after school before starting the lesson (another punishment). However, when I was due to leave the school (thrown out) from the 4th year Mr Kite stopped me on the stairs and gave me a big lecture on how I was wasting my life. It seemed to go on for hours. He convinced me to stay on to do a fifth year and exams (GCE). After agreeing we went to see the Head, Mr Williams (no relation), who gave me yet another lecture. (He had also caned me in the past). He then sent me to Mr Wills to tell him to place me in form 5GCE for next term. When I went into Mr Wills’s office his first words were ‘What have you done now Williams’. When I told him I was staying he did not believe me and phoned Mr Williams (it was only upstairs). After that call I got another lecture.
    I managed some GCE’s and that talk from Mr Kite DID change my life. A lot of my old friends turned to crime or drugs, I did neither. I joined the Army with Ian Blakey and I served my 22 years. After that I even served 10 years with the Police. So thank you Mr Kite. Your talk made me believe that people can change. I did and I always carried on that advice to others when the situation occurred.
    I was made a Prefect (if you can’t beat them, join them) and still have the form 5 GCE photo, I think it is, it could be a Prefects photo, as it only has one girl and 12 are boys. Colin Finley mentioned on this page, is in the photo, Philp Mills, Michael Pedley, Jimmy Forrest, Leslie Fitzgerald, Hughes to name just a few. Is the girl Lynn? If you think you are in the photo and want a copy, email me;-
    Not sure under todays PC ‘privacy laws’ I can just publish a photo without permission.
    Great memories for me and a life changer. I have a good life now and still fit and healthy and living in Sussex and possibly all thanks to those ‘lectures’.

    By Ivor Williams (26/08/2020)
  • Hi Howard Holden, I hope you’re keeping well in these difficult times. I’ve just seen your 2019 entry and wonder if you’ve seen the 1957-62 Form V photo on the Stanmer School page. All the names are mentioned in the comments following the photo. All the best, Chris Redford (in white jumper in the photo)

    By Christopher Redford (26/01/2021)
  • Hi Chris, yes still doing well and enjoyed reminiscing over the form v photo. I did pick you out in your white jumper.
    Often wondered what happened to all the people in our year. Used to see some of the at the Regent, Allan Lakin was one, also saw Harry Hellier some years ago. Hope the world is treating you well.
    Now live in Fleet, Hampshire and married to Josie (nee Hunt).
    If you wish to contact me my email is
    That applies to any of my ex classmates of course.

    By Howard Holden (08/03/2021)
  • To Howard Holden & others who are not aware there is a private facebook group for the school just search Stanmer County Secondary School & Allan Lakin posts there, as do many others with school photos etc – just apply to join if you use facebook. I’ve found a few people from that forum – I was at Stanmer 1965/70.

    By Rob Tasker (09/03/2021)
  • Keith thatcher with a hello to all that I remember, on this site, Bob, Ray, Tracey, and Linda Thaddeus who was a good friend, we got on well and it was she who helped get my teeth back on track when she was a dental nurse at the bottom of St James St! Loved my time at Stammer going on to play football for Stanmer Old Boys which Tracey will remember for over 20 years, Alec Wills was responsible for the forming of this club! nice to hear from anyone who remembers me email

    By Keith thatcher (06/04/2021)
  • Hi Keith Thatcher ! I’ve chatted with your cousin Roy on the Stanmer School facebook page & Linda is there too. I have a photo of our class on there with us all in & I am still best mates with Paul Halestrap. I remember you & Roy P & Stephen Leaney from Ashurst Road – I was in Coldean Lane & my mum is still there in the family home – might drop you an email !

    By Rob Tasker (09/04/2021)
  • Very good, brings some happy memories. I was a pupil from 1963 – 1968, having moved from Moulsecoomb Infants and Junior Schools.My family lived in Hawkhurst Road, Coldean at the time and consisted of Mum, Dad, Roger, my elder brother, also a Stanmer pupil, and me. I was no mastermind and had to work very hard to eventually gain 7 CSE’s before leaving school and entering an apprenticeship with Segas.I remember some of the names Jimmy Forrest, Ivor Williams, Leslie Fitzgerald, Mike Pedley, Ron Cobbett, Chris Sturdy, Chris Stevens, Tony Harris, Tony Humphrey, Bob Bean, Terry smith and his cousin Bill Greenough, some of the girls were, Linda Paton, Veronica Harris, Rita Pentecost, Sheila Hanks, to name but a few. I’m now very retired and living in central Brighton with my wife of almost 45 years and our Son and Daughter. No Grandchildrewn yet,but I still live in hope.
    Finally ,it’s a shame our old School is now a Carpark for BACA.

    By Paul Simmons (01/05/2021)
  • Hi,
    Just flicking through this during lockdown in New Zealand.
    I was at Stanmer mid 60s onwards. I remember you Tracy Homewood and others like Keith Weeks, Andrew, Stan, Annette, Christine, linda.
    Not great memories of being a pupil there, but some good memories of lunchtime gatherings and commerce class.
    Often wonder how others are doing but don’t see many names I recognise appear.
    I was a good friend of Bobby Phillips and sad to just read of his death some years back.

    By Mike payne (22/08/2021)

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