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Form 4GCE 1966

Form 4GCE Stanmer School
From the private collection of Irene Dobson (nee Budd)

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I went to Stanmer from the Downs Juniors and was in 1a, 2a, 3GCE and 4GCE.  I remember the classes being quite big, about forty pupils in a class. My first form teacher was Miss Scutt, the Music teacher; later when she married, she became Mrs Dennis. In later years she was teaching at Patcham Juniors and my daughter was in her class. She said she remembered me, as I was the only Irene she had ever taught. Sadly she died suddenly a few years ago. I can remember all the teachers as if it was yesterday. Such a shame the school building has now been demolished, it was a good school.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else and can share your memories with us? Please leave a comment below.

The photograph was taken in my final year at Stanmer – I left in 1966 when I was 15 years old. I hope I have everyone’s name right; apologies if I have got any wrong.

Back Row L to R – Nicholas Green, Michael Levy, Christopher Jones, Paul Hayler, Stephen Knight, Graham Wild.

2nd Row – Peter Clayton, Kenneth Towner Michael Lewis, John Feek, Barry Tyler, Mark Chappell, Thomas Baker, Leigh Dodd, Ken Penfold, Philip Jouanides.

3rd Row – David Ballard, Dennis Newman, Christine Parr, Anita Sole, Yvonne Bowles, Lynda Durrell, Jean Treherne, Hazel Fairchild, Ken Harris, Graham Orchard.

4th Row front – Jean Goble, Marie McDonald, Anne Lloyd, Sandra Wood, Margaret Stevens, Susan Dyer, Heather Orris, Marilyn Spicer, Me – Irene Budd.

Absent from photo – Shirley James, Janet Wilmshurst and Phyllis Gillespie.

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  • I recognise several of these names albeit they were older than my year at Stanmer, I was there from 1965 – 1970 but I knew Phil Joanides well & worked with him in later years & his older brother John was a good friend of my late brother Ian who was also at Stanmer. I have a class pic of my class if I can work out how to upload it!

    By Rob (Bob) Tasker (12/08/2017)
  • My name is John Feek and I remember most of the people in this photo, although in truth I would probably pass them all in the street without a second glance. I have not seen any of them since a Stanmer Old Boys football reunión in around 1973, although I still have fond memories of my old schoolmates. I have lived in Spain for the past twenty years and get back to the UK very rarely now, but still look back on my childhood days with great affection.

    By John Feek (03/08/2019)
  • Hello John,
    I used to come to your house in Beatty Avenue when we were kids – was your brother Chris ? or am I imagining that after all these years ! I lived in Coldean Lane (my Mum is still there) & went to Coldean (1960/65)& Stanmer (1965/70) schools.

    By Rob Tasker (05/08/2019)
  • I don’t recognise the faces but do know all the names of your class 4GCE1
    I was in 4GCE2.

    By Julie Pocock nee Edwards (19/10/2019)
  • Good days, I always accepted school and had many friends how I wish we had been able to keep in touch, I do wish everyone in the photo all the best. I still live in Hollingdean in my parents house but am now retired and enjoying it very much.

    By Michael Lewis (10/05/2020)

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