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1960s Class Photo


I have recently discovered this site having seen many very familiar names and posts connected with Stanmer School which I attended between 1965 -1970 having attended Coldean Primary beforehand.

So many names coming back. Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? If so please post a comment below.

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4GCE 1968?
From the personal collection of Rob Tasker

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  • ps. I am back row top left. Although I captioned this as 4GCE for the term 1968/9 it could also be class V1 from 1969/70 in our final year.

    By Rob (Bob) Tasker (22/08/2017)
  • Hi Rob, I don’t think I am in this photo but I can see Gaynor Whatman,  Sharon Vane & Keith Moody. I am terrible with names. Are you going to the Stanmer reunion in March?

    By Julie Bean nee Ralfe (26/01/2018)
  • Hi Julie,

    I used to sit next to Keith Moody and I am still friends with Paul Halestrap & Ray Pither & between us we have identified most in this pic.I didn’t know there was a reunion but yes I would be interested if you have details – thanks.

    By Rob(Bob) Tasker (27/01/2018)
  • Hello again Rob, so if that is me just below you with us both looking smart in our ties, it was def.1968. Diana Marsden.

    By Diana Marsden (08/10/2019)
  • Oh my word, that’s not me, it’s a boy LOL, so no Rob that can’t be 4GCE. 1968 I was in, don’t even recognise a single face or name. Does anyone remember me at all? Diana Marsden? I remember quite a few people at the school.

    By Diana Marsden (08/10/2019)
  • Hi Diana,
    Your name rings a bell, do you have a brother Gary? I’m sure I knew a Gary Marsden at either Coldean or Stanmer schools.

    I am still friends with two others in the back row, Paul Halestrap & Ray Pither & between us we have named almost everyone. The pic could also be our final year in class V1 (five one) – I am not totally sure. Also in the back row is Tim Wood next but one to me, he was head boy if that helps.

    Nice to see your response & glad you’re not a boy after all 😉 I think his name is Alan but can’t remember the surname just now.

    By Rob Tasker (21/10/2019)

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