Happy days in the 1950s

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Stanmer Secondary Modern School
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A wonder new school

I attended Stanmer School in the 1950s. I specially remember that they had the police do bike inspections for safety, and mine did not pass. I think it has affected the rest of my life, as I still remember the shame I felt at the time. As far as I know Stanmer School was one of the first secondary moderns, a wonder new school at the time. The head master Mr Williams would set the curriculum of what we learnt, none of this government setting standards as now.

Wonderful engineering shop

The school had a wonderful engineering shop run by Louie, and I built a working steam engine under his guidance. Danny Rawsthorn the Art teacher was great; I still love art now. There was a religious knowledge teacher who stood at the back of the class when we had to write something down. If we talked he would bash us on the top of the head with a bible. I think I still have several bumps even now; talk about ramming religion in to our brains.

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A school romance?

We used to spy on the girl’s PE teacher and the boy’s PE teacher as every dinner time they would spend together in the girls gym. We were sure they were up to something, not that we ever caught them. Saturday mornings I got a job delivering groceries for the shop on the corner at Higher Bevendean and got two and six, big money in them days. They were very happy days.

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  • I think you mean Ken Box and Miss Turnidge. Isabel and I remember well as Miss Moore was there also.

    By Christine Mcnamara (20/05/2016)
  • Then there was Belairs-Cox, the music teacher. Mr Fitch, who taught science. We had real fun in the science room, but learnt a lot.

    By Derek Bryant (02/06/2016)
  • Well Andrew and Christine, a certain Kenneth J Box and Elizabeth Turnnidge were married in Brighton in 1957!

    By Alan Hobden (05/06/2016)
  • Does anyone remember the fascinating leaping walk that dear Mr Fitch used to keep us entertained with? Silvia Daws run in with Mrs Hodge? and the lovely timid Miss Moss? who valiantly tried to divert our attention to learning!

    By Tony Stevens (30/12/2017)
  • Does anyone remember a poem that was on a poster at the back of a class:   Stanmer County Secondary School, is a factory to passers by, And near our School is a chimney tall that reaches to the sky, Our School has won many trophies, the second year choir the cup, When we lost we lost in a sporting way and cheered our rival that have won. 

    I have probably not got this exactly as it was, anyone remember this?


    By Christina Shaheen, nee Smith (08/07/2018)

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