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Stanmer Secondary School Form V
From the personal collection of Chris Redford

Who are the people?

In the photo is Harry Hellier and Terence Harding (middle two top row), Allan Lakin, Graham French, David Sharples, Howard Holden (1st four middle row), Janice Haste, me in a white jumper, John Corbett, Bowditch (?), Jennifer Parrett ?, Christine Darling? (bottom row). Names I have for those unidentified are Gordon Reeves and Michael Dick. There is one completely undecipherable signature on the back of the photo, which makes 15 in total. Brenda Hallett was absent from the photo opportunity on that day.

Familiar names

Browsing this site recently I noticed the names of John Corbett and Graham French in separate posts, both classmates in the above photo of Form V. We left the school after taking our GCE ‘O’ levels in the late spring of 1962. It was nice to see familiar names from Brighton as, as after a summer working in Meads Delicatessen in St James St, I joined the RAF in September 1962, and eventually lost touch with all friends and girlfriends except obviously my family. My sister, Lesley Redford, followed me through Stanmer but three years later than me. She still lives in Brighton and is a grandmother of four.

A career in aviation

After a lifetime’s career in aviation, I have retired to Chelmsford, Essex – for various reasons but mostly one woman – my wife. I have been fortunate in having two lovely daughters and a beautiful granddaughter along the way, all taking after me of course. I’m looking forward (?) to my 72nd birthday next month (December 2017).

Best wishes and long life to all readers of this post,


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  • Hello Chris,

    Some Missing names..Top row: left Derek Smith, right Graham Reeves. Middle row: right Malcom Dick. Bottom row: 3rd John Cobbett, right Audrey Bowditch.

    Robert (Bob) Standing…I believe he left early to become an electrician.

    We liked our racing bikes in those days. You had a Claude Butler, I had a Viking and we met up daily with others Terence Harding,  Howard Holden to cycle the 3.5 miles to Stanmer School. Two trips come to mind cycling from Stanmer to Kingston and back one lunch hour, about 11 miles and we only just made it before school restarted. And from Bevendean to Rustington, one afternoon, where you hoped to get a temporary job in the holidays and cycle, each day, the 48 mile trip. Don’t think we would enjoy that now, in our 70’s.

    By Allan Lakin (09/04/2018)
  • Hi Chris, I would love to get in touch with your sister Leslie Redford. We were friends for many years mainly at school starting at Bevendean Primary and then at Stanmer Secondary. My maiden name was Heather Whitton and I lived in the Avenue Lower Bevendean. I have lived in Australia for nearly 40 years and lost contact with many friends. Look forward to your reply.

    By Heather Cooper nee Whitton (03/05/2018)
  • Hi Chris, I have just seen the school photo, I remember you at Stanmer, we were in the same classes until this one, you were all the bright ones. I remember Audrey Bowditch very well, she was really good at drawing I seem to remember.  I left in the Easter of ’61 without taking any exams, I didn’t really enjoy school at all, though it hasn’t prevented me from having an interesting and rewarding life.  I  remember you Allan Lakin, I think you lived in Bevendean as I did.  Oh yes my name was Barbara Gibbs, my best friend at school was Rae Sharpe, we are still friends after all these years, though I haven’t lived in Brighton for many years.  I’ve lived in many different places including Munich and Taiwan, I now live a fairly quiet life in a small village in North Norfolk, I play ukulele and sing with two local music groups, I make things in silver and copper and paint.  Stanmer school is no more I think, is it now The Keep?  Best wishes to all.

    By Barbara Knowles (09/05/2018)
  • Hi Barbara, thanks for the excellent re-kindled memories of Bevendean, the Primary school, the games we played…all good innocent fun, but instructive. I remember you well, and Rae Sharpe too,from Stanmer. She was in Mr Gough’s first year class, as was I. The  Stanmer school site has sadly become a car park for the Amex Stadium and ‘The Keep’ takes up the small wood and field site between the railway line and the road to Falmer, where the jump sand pits were. I took up the guitar, but never got anywhere near playing it !! Must try Norfolk for a holiday. Keep Strumming. 

    By Allan Lakin (16/05/2018)
  • Hi Allan, Barbara and Heather.
    Sorry for this late comment. That bike Allan cost me £24 10s 6d. It was in a shop window in Oxford Street and for some reason I walked that way over weeks and months and told myself I had to have it. As you know I did buy it in the end. I took it into the air force with me where unfortunately in literally broke in half in 1964 when I lent it to a friend.
    Barbara I remember you and your sister living in Kenilworth Close, Wendy Jefferies lived nearby didn’t she? I lived the other end of Norwich Drive. I had a great life living around the world too, sad it had to come to an end, no one wants to employ an old codger.
    Hi Heather, I’m happy to give you mine or Lesley’s phone / emails addresses but I don’t think we’re supposed to do it in these comments pages, perhaps there is another way. Lesley is fine, I saw her in last November (2018) at her 70th b/d party. She lives in Patcham, cycles to the beach every Saturday and swims in the sea all year round with Brighton Swimming Club (madness!) and goes dancing every Wednesday. She’s much fitter than me.
    Fantastic to hear from you all, I promise to look in once a month. Best wishes, Chris

    By Chris Redford (04/03/2019)

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