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Class photograph c1951

This is my school photo taken at Whitehawk Primary school I think it 1951 as I was 5yrs old then. I am the 4th girl in from right in front row the boy next to me is Ian Bingham  

Other people I remember in the photo are:    

Back row   Daryl Wilson 2nd one in from left (he went to Australia I think) on other end  ? Robinson

3rd row   Maxwell Withers (2nd one in from left) (7th in left) Jacky Sheppard (10th one in left) Betty Kirby (11th one in left) June Atterbury

2nd row – I am not sure of anyone here.

Front row   2nd girl in from left  Maureen?  Ian Bingham; Susan Bennett; end girl Mel Jones 

Looking forward to more names being added – do you recognise yourself – or anyone else?

Click on the photo for a full-size version.

Whitehawk Primary School: class photo c1951
From the private collection of Sue Beckett

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  • Hi Sue, is the blond girl, fourth from last on the back row, not Carol Hitchings?

    By JH (26/11/2009)
  • Is that working in from right? Plus who is J H, where you in this picture?

    By Susan Beckett (nee Bennett) (27/11/2009)
  • Well, now you have it from the horses mouth, (whoops sorry dear, the boss just clipped my ear). That is Carol Hitchings and the only one she can remember and confirm is; June Atterbury, as stated by you.

    By JH (27/11/2009)
  • Hi Sue, she is directly above you in the back row, but cannot recall you at this time.

    By JH (27/11/2009)
  • Hi JH: I guess you are the hubby of Carol. I remember the name; where in Whitehawk did she live? I lived in Twineham Road. Does she remember who she was pals with at school? I would be interested to know. I was pals in later years with Maria Clark, Rene Martin and Joyce Page.

    By Susan Beckett (28/11/2009)
  • I think this photo above was taken either 1952/53 by looking at the other photos on this site as some of the children in the other photos I recognise and are younger than me.

    By Susan Beckett (Bennett) (04/03/2010)
  • This message is for Maria Clark, Hi Maria this is Shirley from California. I just found this web site and saw your picture, it’s been a very long time, lets chat. Here is me e-mail address:

    By Shirley Terry (15/08/2010)
  • Hi Sue, I’m not the boy in the back row, I’m actually slouching 2nd row, fourth from the right.

    By Darrell Wilson (12/10/2010)
  • Hi Darrell. Well I never expected you to reply on this site. I thought you and your family emigrated to Australia or was it someone like you? It would be nice to hear from you. Who was the one I got mixed up for you?

    By Susan Beckett (12/11/2010)
  • I think my dad is in these photos -  I think he is 3rd row down 4th in. Does anyone recognise the name Peter Adams?

    By Katy Shorrocks (nee Adams) (04/09/2013)
  • I am in the bottom row, second from left. On my left is Janice Chitty, second from right is Sue Gilson I think. I remembered where Darryl was but he corrected that mistake. Can’t remember anybody else at the moment.

    By Maureen Doo (nee Stenning) (04/09/2015)
  • Hi, I am in the front row 4th from the left, and next to me is Ian Bingham. I think top row 2nd in from the right is Kenny Knight.

    By Ken Winder (07/12/2015)
  • Hi to everyone who has commented. Full marks to Susan Bennett for getting this memory tester going. My contribution is as follows;

    L to R Rear Row 4. 1 Philip Mallet, 2 Alan Maskel, 4 Kenny ?, 6 Peter Nye?, 10 Kenny Knight. Row 3. 2 Maxwell Withers, 8 Paul Tatersal?, 9 June Steadman. Row 2. 1 Michael Strong, 3 Alan ?, 4 Michael Watford, 6 Colin Coombes, 7 Darrel Wilson. Row 1. 3 Paul Platt, 4 Kenny Winder, 5 Ian Bingham, 6 Susan Bennett.

    In 1996 I advertised in the Evening Argus for Whitehawk class mates to get together and celebrate a reunion, coinciding with 50th birth years! Thanks to Peter Gallant phoning around, 46 managed to attend the event in a public house in Hove which proved a fantastic evening with nonstop stories and laughter. A good number attended from above. Perhaps another could be organised for the ladies as well next time. RSVP

    Kr Mike Strong.

    By Michael Strong (28/03/2017)
  • Mike. Nice photo. Recognised me straight away, and a few other faces. Your 50th was a great success. If l could get on this site it would be great.

    By Philip Malet (16/07/2017)
  • Dear Emma,
    Sorry but we have had to delete your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy. We recommend you try social media websites if you want to track old friends or neighbours.
    Comments Editor

    By Emma Cull (09/08/2017)
  • I’m 2nd row, 2nd girl right in stripey jumper. I recognise many of the names. Michael Strong lent me a ‘Mr potato Head’. Alan Maskell was a neighbour when we lived in Wiston Close.

    By Pat Guile (24/02/2021)

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