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Class photo 1953

I think I can name most of the children in this photo, but if you can correct me/fill in the gaps, please leave a comment below.

Seated on the ground (l to r):  ?, ?, Douglas Standing, ?

lst row (l to r):  Lesley Berry, Janet Guy, Pamela ?, Maureen Norris, Elspeth Gibbs?, ?, Avril Wilson, Maureen ?, Eileen Stace, Michael Sharman.

2nd row (l to r): John Southwell, Lesley Guy, Doreen Burns, Valerie Baker, Brenda Saunders, Wendy Patching, Linda Burton, Barbara Sutton (me), ?, Diane Perry, Brenda Stace, Vivian Holmes, Jackie Elliott.

3rd row (l to r): Peter Coe, John Verrall, Kenny Newton?, David ?, David Haines, Eddie Sandals, Michael Elphick, ?, ?.

I was born at number 25 Whitehawk Avenue in February 1947 and attended all three schools, as did my elder brothers, David, Michael and Robin.  Mum and Dad were Jack and Eva Sutton who have both unfortunately now passed away. 

Class photo 1953
From the private collection of Barbara Etherton

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  • My thanks to Barbara for producing this photo, I too was born in February 1947 and lived at 138 Wiston Road, my sister Josephine was 5 years older. Neither of us recall having these photos so it was a huge surprise and brought back many fond memories of our childhood. Micky Elphick also lived in Wiston Road but I can’t help with the missing names. You have done so well to remember so many. I have been into the 1950 Whitehawk site and read the many stories from old school friends and neighbours, it has been really enjoyable. Thanks once again.

    By Eddie Sandals (03/03/2010)
  • Is there any way to adjust this photo to make it larger like the others please?

    Editor’s note:
    Sorry Sue but the scanned photo is not big enough to do this. To make it show large we have to have a a larger sized original of the photo.

    By Susan Beckett (04/03/2010)
  • Hi Eddie,it’s good to know that somebody has seen the photo which must have been taken just before we moved up to the junior school. It’s the only school photo I seem to have. Goodness knows how I recalled those names – must have the memory of an elephant! Perhaps that’s why I did quite well in exams. I remember your sister as well and think that she was a friend (maybe girlfriend) of my brother Robin. When we were at junior school, was it you who ‘headbutted’ the railings at the end of a running race? As you say, reading the comments on the 1950 site brings back so many memories, but oh how the estate has changed! Perhaps in the future more people will have a look at the photo and may be able to fill in the gaps.

    By Barbara Etherton (07/03/2010)
  • Barbara, you have an amazing memory and yes I hit the railings and still carry the scar to prove it. My sister has posted some comments on the 1950s site, and was interested to catch up with all the news. It will be interesting to see if others see the photo and post a comment.

    By Eddie Sandals (08/03/2010)
  • Hi, I vividly remember Eddie running into the railings on that trial sports day. I also remember you Barbara and I think I recognise most of the faces in the photo. I am seeing Jenny Blunt on a regular basis for coffee and chats about our days at school. It’s lovely to keep in touch.

    By Christine Chapman (25/04/2010)
  • Hi all, nice to see all those names again. I look foreward to hearing any news from you Christine Chapman – get in touch, haven’t seen you since you left Asda.

    By sandra woolmer nee watts (10/07/2010)
  • Hello to both Christine and Sandra. Are either of you or Jenny Blunt in the photo? Christine did you live down by St David’s Hall or in that vicinity? Shame not everybody in the picture can be named. Last time we visited Brighton, I took a bus trip around Whitehawk and found it very hard to recognise anything of the area. Only from the top of the racecourse could I plot where any of the old streets were.

    By Barbara Etherton (19/07/2010)
  • Message for Christine Chapman. Did you live at 100, Hervey road? I lived at 104. Jenny Blunt lived opposite you.

    By Maureen Doughty /nee muzzall (22/10/2010)
  • Hi, Eddie. I’ve recently been contacted by some of the ex pupils of 3AX, 4AX & the 5th form. If you are interested in getting in touch with them (most of them are ‘boys’), please let me know through this site or post an email address. Regards

    By Barbara Etherton (13/11/2010)
  • Hi Sandra, I lived in Whitehawk Road. Is Margaret your mother? We went to school together. Also, went to a small youth club at the bottom of Whitehawk Road around 1962. Others were Brian Easen, Harold Johnson, Linda Andrews, Janet Hunt. I wonder if the names will ring a bell with her.

    By Keith Macdougall (28/11/2010)
  • Hi Sandra: I was good mates with your brother Mick we call him Fred. I still see him at football sometimes.

    By Eggy Boyle (19/12/2010)
  • Hi Keith. I live in the USA now – have three grown kids, two over there, seven grandkids and a great granddaughter. How are you Iris (funny I have a close friend now about her age who was in the QA’s – lives in the US now too). Oh and Vic? How are you all? I often think of you all, especially Brian, you and Harold – you were so funny – did you know I dragged Harold’s sister out of the sea when she was in trouble once – about drowned myself - and then when I got near the shore a bunch of big strong blokes ran down and carried her off – bloody left me there gasping! Anyone can email me direct at 

    By Linda Batchelor-Ballew (nee Andrews) (14/01/2011)
  • Hi everyone, I have just found this site and have already spent many hours looking through all the interesting topics. I was so surprised to find a photo of me here. I was born at 65 Twineham Road, Whitehawk in 1947, and lived there until I married in 1964. My parents were Harry and Joyce Holmes, my siblings were Paul, David, Steven, Raymond, Micheal, Pam, Julia. It was a real house full, I have five children and 14 grandchildren. We emigrated to Perth, Australia in 1972 and just love it here. Mum and dad followed in 1973. Dad died five years ago- Mum is still with us, she is 90 now. I can remember most of the names in that photo. I didnt know the photo existed- it has kept well for 60 years. It must have been a good camera. Regards to all

    By Vivian Parmenter--Holmes (05/08/2012)
  • Hi Vivian – good to see someone else likes the picture. It’s the only school photo I possess. Can you fill in any of the names that I can’t remember? Perth is a lovely city – we have friends who live there and our daughter, along with a lot of our family, lives in Adelaide. Ourselves, we happily reside in Andalucia.

    By Barbara Etherton (19/08/2012)
  • Just found this site and me in a photo! Sorry but I can’t remember anyone except Linda Burton, Johnny Verral and Eddie Sandells.

    By Diane Bewley (nee Perry) (07/09/2013)
  • I didn’t go to Whitehawk School (St Mark’s for me) but my cousin, James Standen, did. He would have been a couple of years older than that class but, through him, I knew John Southwell and Peter Coe in my early teens and later worked with Eddie Sandals. In fact I bought a house from him in 1970.

    By Linda Kirby (08/09/2013)
  • Hello Linda, what a surprise – it is 44 years since I left Brighton that is when you bought our house in West Worthing. To think we worked together in Dyke Road and I had no idea you had known John and Peter. I trust you are well. I did pop back to a reunion of BT staff back in 1997/8 and met Pam Drake (Hayden) who you worked with along with many others. Best Wishes Eddie

    By Eddie Sandals (06/04/2014)
  • Hi Eddie – Some of the lads from the Senior School are trying to organise a reunion and I wonder if you’d be interested?  If so, I can put you in touch with the organiser – Leslie Carter.  Just drop me an email to and I’ll pass on his details. I understand from previous posts that you were in the estate agency business, which is where I started out with my secretarial skills and worked for several companies in Brighton and Hove. I see you’ve also moved away from Brighton – where are you now?  Regards, Barbara

    By Barbara Etherton (09/04/2014)
  • I think top 2nd from right is Stan Bowers.

    By Maureen Doughty (04/07/2016)

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