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Class photograph c1951-1953

Swapping comics in the winter

I lived at 97 Hervey Road in Whitehawk and went to Whitehawk Primary School. The families I remember are the Fane family who lived at 101 Hervey Road, and the Chapman family who lived on the opposite side of the road. As kids we just played in the street, or up on the Downs. In the wintertime I remember that swapping comics was a favourite pastime.

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Penny slice of bread and dripping

We used to go to the Odeon Cinema in Kemp Town; then we would walk home and buy a penny slice of bread and dripping – lovely! We eventually moved to Woodingdean and my friend Bob Chapman moved there as well. In the photograph I am in the back row, fourth from the right. Sorry but I cannot remember any names so I am hoping people can help me out with this.

Whitehawk Primary School: undated
From the private collection of Christopher May

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  • Hi Christopher, Dorothy and I were great friends in Hervey Road and when we moved to Sandhurst Avenue when I was 10 years old. I remember your mum Madge and your dad Fred. You all moved to Stansted Crescent. I think you are a bit older than I. I recognize Max Withers back row on end left.

    By Christine Tattersall / Chapman. (19/11/2014)
  • Good to hear from you Christine, I remember Wyn and Henry (hope the names are right) coming over to play cards with mum and dad. Dad still lives in the same house and will be 99 in February. Dorothy lives in Saltdean. Bob and I used to go to the pictures most Saturdays and sometimes get a burger in the Hideout next to the Savoy  cinema for the princely sum of 2/6. My wife and I have lived in Bexhill for nearly forty years. I seem to remember you having an older brother and sister but the names have alluded me. We recently visited the Keep at Falmer and looked up various  records of Whiehawk School and saw the enrollment register for when I started school along with a few familiar names but placing names to the above photo is impossible. Where have all the years gone?

    By Christopher May (22/11/2014)
  • Hi Christopher, yes I do remember your family. I think my brother Alan was friendly with your sister Dorothy, in fact my sister Maureen has a photo of the two of them on the beach. I have remained friends with Betty Jupp who lived next door and recently Christine Chapman, we often reminisce of our time there, and how we all used to gather in “the ring” (cul de sac) to play ball games/skipping and generally staying out as long as possible until one by one we were called in with a shout from the front door. Not that we had much to go indoors for, no central heating, no double glazing, outside toilets and bedrooms like ice boxes! But we were a hardy lot and never missed school, the threat of the School Board Man made sure of that. We shared everything back then, from the “Apple Chogs” to taking turns on anybody lucky enough to have a bike, or in my case Linda Maidments roller skates! Jenny Sheppard (nee Blunt).

    By Jen (25/11/2014)
  • I remember Christopher and Dorothy May. The Davies moved into their house when they moved. I also remember the Blunts, mainly Jenny and her brother Alan although Maureen rings a bell. I also remember bread and dripping for 1d from the cafe along the road from the Odeon cinema. Linda Maidment lived next to the Thanes.

    By Maureen Doughty/Muzzell (04/07/2016)
  • Hi Christopher. The Fanes, 101, Maidment, 99, yourselves, 97, Burbridge, 95, Peachey, 93, Jupp, 91. Chapman, 100, Gunn, 102, Us, (Muzzall), 104, Walters, 106, Cooper, (I think), 108. Remember them all. Barbara Chapman and Rodney Gunn were an item for a while. Bobby Chapman and I were mates. I loved Maureen Wickens, she was gorgeous. (I think she lived at 81). Remember she slapped me hard one day. Had the hots for Mary Luff once, 96 and Veronica who lived at 98. My girlfriend was Joyce Farrow who lived in Kemptown.

    By Kenneth Muzzall (04/07/2016)
  • 2nd row, 3rd from right is one of my sisters, Christine Harriott. Born on D-day, she lived at 3, Fletching Road.

    By Michael Harriott (01/06/2019)

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