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School Christmas Cakes

Found this photograph recently, probably taken about 1960. Here are classmates of Whitehawk Secondary School who have taken part in a cookery class producing Christmas Cakes.

Left to right: Pamela Hemsley, Margaret Lewsey, Mary Sprigg, Maria Mitten and Jennifer Stripp.

Does this bring back memories? I wonder if any of the other girls still live in the area? If you recognise yourself, or anyone else, please do leave a message below.

Christmas cake cookery class
From the private collection of Margaret Whitcomb (nee Lewsey)

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  • OMG…I have seen Mary and Margaret and they still look the same!

    By Jenifer Stripp (11/08/2011)
  • That’s sure my Mum – I look just like her! Jennifer Stripp.

    By Sarah Cager (13/08/2011)
  • Sure remember the ritual of the Christmas cake baking. Seemed to take an age to actually make, bake, marzipan and ice them. None of my family actually liked candied peel and I had to go through sheer hell persuading Miss Green that I wasn’t going to put it in come hell or high water!!!

    By Barbara Etherton (nee Sutton) (06/09/2011)
  • Lovely memories Margaret. Have you any old photos of the sports events we used to play in together?

    By Mary Underdown (07/10/2011)
  • Hi – Pamela Jones here. There’s a few faces I recognise there. Hello to anyone that knew me!

    By Pamela Jones (09/11/2011)
  • Hi Margaret. That photo brings back so many memories and I remember all of the people in the photo. Where does the time go to?!

    By Pauline Easkiovitch (nee Hall) (28/06/2012)
  • Hi Margaret, I remember you, at least your face is familiar. I have lived in the states for 39 years, would love to re-connect with some class mates!

    By Carol Brown (21/09/2012)
  • Would the Jennifer Stripp in the picture possibly be Jennifer Lynn Stripp? Would be very grateful if you could let me know.  Thank you

    By David Stripp (20/10/2012)
  • This picture is undated, but because I recognise Pamela Hemsley I think it must be about 1952, the year I left the adjoining Whitehawk Boys. I have a group picture of Class of ’52 (Girls) with Gillian Burchell holding a placard which reads IIIK. I would like to post it here for the benefit of you girls, unfortunately I don’t hold the copyright, and can’t as yet re-contact Ivy Dykstra (nee Hemsley) for permission. Does anyone remember Linda Knight? She came up to Whitehawk with Gillian Burchell (and others) from our juniors class at St Marks.

    By Brian Hatley (19/01/2013)
  • Hi David, I am trying to contact you. I am Jenifer Ann, my sister is Sally Lynn.

    By Jenifer Cager (17/12/2013)
  • I remember Miss Green the teacher and Mrs Pieces. If you had Miss Green you did not cook for 3 weeks, you had to do a lot of writing first sinks s bends all about the kitchen. If you had Mrs Pieces you were lucky you cooked from day one.

    By Linda Boyce (17/06/2017)
  • Hi Pamela Hemsley here, what a blast from the past. I hope all you girls are doing well. I’m shocked at seeing myself, I forgot how small I am ha ha.  Good luck to you all.

    By Pamela Hemsley (01/11/2017)

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