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Class of 1952

Class of 1952: click on image to open larger version in a new window
From the private collection of Ivy Dykstra (nee Hemsley)

This photograph belongs to Ivy Dykstra (nee Hemsley) who has kindly given permission to post it here. The open arched corridors (which are now fully glazed) ran in front of all the (then) classrooms.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? Please leave a comment below

Gillian Burchell (front centre) is holding the sign which says IIIk, but it’s the same year (1952) as us Boys next door, who were in class 4A.

In the second row seated are: Ann Tidy (4th from left) and Gwen Harries (9th from left). Back row: Ivy Hemsley (5th from left) and Jennifer Bell (6th from left). Those are the only names I can recall.  


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  • Yes – that’s my Mum – Gwen Harries (now Haynes) 9th from left. I will show her this photo when I see her next! Thanks for sharing!

    By Jeff Haynes (13/08/2014)
  • The girl standing far right in the centre row is my late elder sister, Jacqueline Wrapson.  I wonder, does anyone remember Jackie? I recall she had lots of school friends at that time.  On leaving Whitehawk Academy for Young Ladies she went on to drama school and was to become a professional dancer, later on she enjoyed a very successful career treading the boards in amateur dramatics.  Sadly Jackie passed away in 2006 aged 66 years.

    By Chris Wrapson (13/08/2014)
  • Do you have any photos of late fifties and early sixties?

    By Denise Burt (nee May) (04/12/2014)
  • Jeff Haynes, your mum (Gwen) also appears in the VE Day Street Party picture for Rugby Place and also in a Manor Farm Youth Club picture elsewhere. Her brothers Ralph and David (your uncles) are also in the Rugby Place picture. Ralph was a pal throughout our school days at St Mark’s and Whitehawk Seniors. Please remember me to your mum!

    By Brian Hatley (15/12/2014)
  • Does anyone have any info on Whitehawk Boys School?

    By Steve Humphrey (05/08/2015)
  • I will try to name a few more for you Brian. Starting left back row, Pat Edwards, Sylvia Hall – Beryl Stop, Ivy Hemsley, Jennifer Bell, the rest of that row, I am not sure. I see Jean Blow, Julie Marden, Doreeen Tulley? not sure of the spelling of last names. That is about all I know for sure, too long ago now!  Ivy

    By Ivy (Hemsley) Dykstra (17/07/2017)
  • Hi I was at Whitehawk Secondary girls school. between late 1959 and 1963, my name then was Carol Lister. I lived in South Woodingdean and had to travel by bus there and back by climbing down the hill at the front of the school in the morning and back up the hill to get the bus at the end of the day, not good in the winter time. Is there anyone out there who remembers doing the same thing?

    By Carol Wilson (03/04/2019)
  • This was my class of 1952 Whitehawk secondary girls school. I am Jean Flett used to live at 134 whitehawk road. I went to the whitehawk infant’s, primary and secondary schools. During the war I remember going into the air raid shelters at my lower schools. We used to have to carry around our gas masks.
    Back Row from left:
    1-Patricia Edwards, 2-?? , 3-??, 4-Beryl Stop, 5-Ivy Hensley, 6-Jennifer Bell, 7-Pat Washer, 8-Marie Standen, 9-Jacky’s Halford, 10-Jane?, 11-Ellen?.
    Middle Row from left
    1-Jean Flett, 2- Joy Ward, 3- Mary Maskell, 4- ??, 5- Brenda Pavey, 6-??, 7- Audrey More, 8- Doreen Tullet, 9- Joyce Constable, 10- Valerie Watts, 11- Betty Whittington,12- Jackie Wrapson
    Front row from left;
    1- Betty Alanby, 2- Phyllis ?, 3- Sheila Ransom, 4- Anne Tidy, 5- Brenda Wickham , 6- Mrs Slack ( teacher) , 7- Anne Kay, 8- Sylvia Penfield, 9- Gwen Harris, 10- Pat Maynard, 11- Janet ?
    Floor seated from left;
    1- Julie Madden 2- Gillian Burchill ( father was local Bobby PC Burchill lived in Manor farm estate) , 3-??.

    By Jean (03/06/2020)
  • Jeff Haynes : In some obscure internet search I came across this picture,I recognised your mam immediately.As young children you and your sister stayed at our home in Aberdare,my lasting memory however was your dad,who appeared to take great pleasure in awaking each morning and lighting our coal fire,a chore that to this day haunts me,an absolute gentleman. Nick Harries

    By Nicholas Harries (30/09/2020)

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