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Brighton Old Xaverians Cricket XI around 1956-8

My father was a member of the Brighton Old Xaverians Cricket XI around 1956-8. The names as I remember them are:

Back row: Alan Gower, ?? , Pat McGowan?, Bertie White (my father), ??, ??

Front row: Tony O’Flynn, ?? Peter O’Flynn (capt),  Paddy Hogan, Alan Metcalfe? 

My father Bertie White(1914-1992) was at the college from the mid twenties and I think I can identify him in the 1931 college photo on the site. 

Do you recognise anyone here? If you do, please post a comment below.

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Brighton Old Xaverians Cricket XI around 1956-8
From the private collection of Richard White

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  • I attended Xaverian from ’54 to ’59 and regularly followed the Old Xaverian Cricket XI when they played at Braypool. I remember the O’Flynn brothers, particularly Peter. I seem to remember that their family ran the chemist’s shop at the top of Islingword Road. I also knew Paddy Hogan quite well. I frequently ran into him at Brighton station when he was catching the early train on his commute to London and I on my commute to Crawley. Although I recognise some of the other faces I’m afraid more names escape me. 

    By Thomas Paul (21/05/2015)
  • I recognise a few of the guys by sight, but the one on the back row, far right, is David (I think this is his Christian name) Pennington, who became school captain in the late 50s/early 60s. Am meeting up with some XOBs on Tuesday (26th May 2015) in London. Great contribution, Richard, many thanks!

    By Douglas d'Enno (23/05/2015)
  • I was at Xaverian College, Brighton from 1957 till 1961. I recall playing for XC 1st XI against Old Xaverians sometime in 1958 or 1959. I remember the O’Flynn brothers (Peter was the captain & Tony), Bertie White (the oldest player), Paddy Hogan and David Pennington (still a XC pupil & was Head Boy during my last year). There is one player I could not recognise is Heffernan? – he was very fast bowler and as an opening batsman, I was terrified of him! Another name to add on the photo is David Pennington on the back row far right. Lovely memories!

    By Chris Ogden (25/05/2015)
  • Sir Ralph Richardson was a pupil at your school (see his Wikipedia entry). Have you recorded this?  Best wishes

    By Patrick Mcdermott (06/07/2015)

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