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Golden Jubilee Photograph

Everybody is invited to see how many faces can be named from this classic of 1959.

If you recognise yourself or anyone else, please post below.

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From the personal collection of Thomas Paul
From the personal collection of Thomas Paul
From the personal collection of Thomas Paul
From the personal collection of Thomas Paul

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  • I think I can see my cousin Ian Chapman in the 3rd photo, on the far left of the row behind the front row.

    By Jane Knapp (30/08/2018)
  • Gosh ! How wonderfully small the school looks!

    Picture 1, the teacher wearing his gown may be Mr. Langridge the music   teacher who played the hand pumped organ in the chapel and the piano in the new Refectory(1964).

    Picture 3, the teacher at the end of the row in a white open neck shirt and cravat May be PTI Mr. Cobb( former army DI). 

    When I joined in 1964 my headmaster was Bro. Elwyn, and part of the influx of new De La Salle Brothers!

    By Damien Wan (30/08/2018)
  • I am 3rd from left in the second row back from the front. I left in 1960 for Mayfield College. Brothers Nathaniel and Bead (onomatopoeia), transferred to Mayfield when the Xaverian College in Brighton was taken over by the De La Salle Order.

    By Shaun Donnelly (08/11/2018)
  • Photo 1 Bros. Finbar, Benedict (American), Cajetan, Nathaniel( Head ; American), ?, Bede, ? Mr Langridge( music), Geoff Lintott( art & English) Mr Davey( geography & running)
    Photo 3 – 2nd from Rt Bob Stent ? – 5th from Rt Knight?, 6th from Rt Stephen Butler ( me)
    Bro Benedict had boney fingers and would pinch grip your cheek ( for fun?) . In the 1st year, he named me Samuel after the author. I was hence known as Sam- I didn’t like it.

    By Stephen Butler (05/07/2020)
  • Hello

    I have a blog of Xaverian College, Manchester where I attended in the early sixties. Interested to see Brother Finbar on the left (real name William Manion) who taught me French probably in 1960. We stayed one night at Mayfield on the way to Paris on a school trip.
    My blog is


    Robert Cummings.

    By Robert Cummings (26/02/2021)
  • Bro Nathuil, Bro Bead. I moved to the Xaverian college at Mayfield the following year.

    By John Hawes (18/03/2021)

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