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Class photograph - Lower Fourth 1955

Class photograph - Lower Fourth 1955. Click on photograph to open a large image in a new window.
From the private collection of Thomas Paul

I am an old Xaverian, but of slightly earlier vintage than some other contributors here. I remember most of the names as listed below and apologise for the few that I cannot remember, or have remembered incorrectly.

Are you an old Xaverian? Can you share photos or memories? Please leave a comment below.

Back row: Brendan O’Brian, Eugene Clancy, Brian O’Grady, David Burford, Peter Simpson, ?, Joe Johnston, Michael Venner, Chris Gunn, John Maynard, Richard Scott-Allen, ? McPherson, ? Murray, Peter Leigh, David Burholt.

Middle row: Richard Black, Dickie Valentine, ? Murphy, David Colliver, Chris Rutherford, Graham Todd, ? Sherwood, Martin Rickard, ?, Neil Clayton.

Front row: David Stringer, Tom Paul, ? Rosetti, Anthony Purnell, ? Colburn, Barry Ward, Nigel Hinds, David Reid, Michael Cornford, Neil Armstrong.

Additions or corrections to my list would be welcome.

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  • I understand the well-known character actor, Cecil Parker, went to this college, having been born in Hastings.

    By Stefan Bremner-Morris (16/10/2014)
  • Yes, it is me in the front row with Anthony Purnell beside me. I am still in touch with Purnell!

    By Keith Rossetti (28/10/2014)
  • I was very pleased and highly delighted to find this photo. It brought back many memories of the old College. I have a school photo of the 50th Anniversary which might be of general interest.

    As it happens I do remember you from the above photo and trust life has treated you well over the years. I am not sure where you now live to perhaps meet up. I live in Pryford which is near Woking. Anyway if you can kindly reply and see what could be arranged .

    With very best wishes. Paul.

    By Paul Simpson (11/11/2014)
  • Hello Keith Rossetti & Paul Simpson. Glad you both picked up the photo that I posted. Sorry for the delay in responding but I haven’t checked out the site for a while.

    Keith, I have a vague recollection of you living somewhere in Kemp Town. Sussex Square perhaps? If my memory serves me right you also had a younger sister.

    Paul, first of all, my sincere apologies for calling you Peter. I have a good excuse, that I worked with a Peter Simpson for a number of years. Incidentally, I also have the 50th anniversary school photo. Perhaps we should submit it to ‘My B&H’ for publication.

    I’m glad to hear you have both survived the rigours of a working life. I presume both now retired as I am. I currently live in Worthing and would love to hear more of your stories. I doubt if ’My Brighton and Hove’ would wish to publish more details of our adventures, but feel free to contact me at

    By Thomas Paul (16/11/2014)
  • If the photo was taken in spring/summer 1955 I should be in it. If it was autumn 1955 then not. Perhaps the only one with a cap on. I left at the end of the Upper 5th in July 1958. Some of the names are quite familiar but memory has let me down on the faces. I was at Xaverian from 1951 to 1958 when I left and went into the 6th Form at Lewes CGS. Regards to you all

    By Hugh Sowerby (18/12/2014)
  • Hello Hugh. I believe this photo would have been taken in the Autumn of 55. By that time you were probably in the Upper 4th. One of my best friends was Joe Storrow who would have been in your form. Kind regards.

    By Thomas Paul (19/12/2014)
  • Update and further pictures to be added. Sorry about the errors in names. Peter Simpson is of course Paul Simpson and ?Rossetti is Keith Rossetti. The photo that I intend to add is a panoramic view of the whole school and teachers on the Golden Jubilee of the college in 1959. The new photo will have to be added as a new page since I can’t see a way of adding it to this one.

    By Thomas Paul (09/08/2018)
  • Hi Thomas,
    Just looking at the 1955 photo The chap between Rickard and Clayton I believe is Osborne.

    By Joe Johnston. (27/02/2020)
  • Left to right back row No. 6 is me, Antony Chapchal.

    By Antony Chapchal (08/05/2022)

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