A photographic record of the wreck

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  • I found this picture because I was researching the Athina B – why? I also took a photo of the Athina B which I have here. I am about to place it in the hobby magazine I do that is well known. At the time I was living in Hove on a course in conjunction with the Friends Centre and one of the tutors was Juliet McCaffery a councillor in Preston. My father used the photo as a template for a painting.

    By Josie Lawson (24/08/2010)
  • The boy in the bottom right is Jamie Creighton. I was down there with him that morning.

    By Darren Stuart (30/09/2010)
  • My dad, John David Brooker, ended up cutting this cargo ship up in a scrap yard in Rainham, Kent in 1980.

    By David Brooker (08/11/2011)
  • Yep that’s me! 

    By Jamie Creighton (08/03/2014)

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