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A toilet with a hat on

“This is a painting of the bandstand. I like the way it gets lit up just before sunset. The reason I think they stopped using the bandstand was because it was built too close to the road and all anybody will ever hear is traffic. Now they’ve turned this wedding cake of a building into a toilet with a hat on.”

Painting of the Bird Cage Bandstand

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  • I hadn’t thought about traffic noise as a problem for the bandstand, but it occurs to me that it could become a popular venue again. How many bands are there in the area that would like an audience? There must be music-makers of all kinds who would welcome a chance to play to the public, despite the background. I wonder if we will ever see it?

    By Pete (23/02/2004)
  • I also love the Bandstand! I am currently researching all the bandstands on the south coast, with a view to make a performance for them and on them in 2006. I am trying to contact people who remember seeing bands performing there, or who may have performed themselves. Would love to talk to anyone with any memories of this bandstand, and indeed the other bandstands on the West Pier, The Sea Life Centre site and the Peter Pan fairground site. Thanks

    By Luan Blake (08/01/2005)
  • I also love the Bandstands they are so grand looking … there again what isn’t in Brighton. I seem to remember when I was a little girl back in the early 70’s bands playing in them. I liked to run around up on the bandstands.

    By Fiona Coleman (nee: McKechnie) (23/05/2005)
  • I’m doing a piece about the bandstand for an art exam and was wondering if anyone had any pictures of it with a band playing on there?

    By Michelle.W. (27/05/2006)
  • I agree – they should put bands on at the bandstand again. There’s no shortage of bright young musical things in Brighton. Let’s reclaim this lovely open-air venue!

    By Kate Miller (30/09/2006)
  • Last week I videoed the dismantling process of the Brighton Bandstand that has now been flat packed and sent to the foundry for moulding and recasting.
    You can see this this video by going to

    By Simon James (19/10/2008)
  • As a Brighton resident and artist I am incredibly grateful to the resoration group who brought this beautiful bandstand back to its former glory, it’s a shame that all of our wonderful architectural heritage in Brighton isn’t treated with the same care. What the hell are they doing with our West Pier, wait and see, it’ll be worse than Portsmouth.

    By Lesley (16/08/2010)
  • Apart from the proximity of the main road, the noise problem was mainly in the clicking of the turnstiles at the entrance to the lady’s loo built underneath. This annoying metallic click-click was very obtrusive when one was playing above as all the music and clicking was reflected downwards by the hard roof onto the musicians below. It was a very small stand and a full size military or brass band had great difficulty playing on it. I know personally.

    By John Snelling (18/10/2019)

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