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  • Interesting photographs that brought back memories as one of about 5 temporary summer workers there (‘Pool Attendent First Class’ I called myself; all the others had self-appointed ranks too) the summer before I went to university in 1973. It was run down and shabby but still used and seemed to be run entirely by students, all of whom had brought pre-university reading with them. If you got bored with your own subject you could have a look at someone else’s.  It rained a fair bit that summer so I got most of my pre-course reading done whilst on the Council payroll! I used to walk home to the Lanes each evening, sometimes along the seafront and sometimes inland, to save money so I must have been fit too.

    By Adrian Baron (24/01/2007)
  • Brighton must have had a brainstorm when they closed down this pool, as a boy I spent many a happy day at this pool and learned to swim in it. I lived at the other end of town and either had to walk or weasle the money out of my mum for the bus fare.

    By John Wignall (14/05/2008)
  • I remember spending many summers at Black Rock Lido from1968 to when it closed. So sad to see that the council let it close for the marina where the old pool is now just a car park. It would be lovely to see a new pool as there is only Saltdean Lido open air pool and the one in Lewes. It’s a good family day out.

    By Cheryl (26/07/2012)
  • Note that the pool was fenced off and you had to walk barefoot through a hygienic pool to gain access. This safety precaution has been completely forgotten these days.

    By Roland Morgan (14/12/2012)

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