A rude parrot and Black Rock

Black Rock Swimming Pool | Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton and Hove
Black Rock Swimming Pool
Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton and Hove

So many happy memories

What are my memories of growing up as a kid in Whitehawk? I have lots of them – it was a great time for me. What about the cobblers in Whitehawk Road? It was a tiny shop next to the post office. The front room was the shop, the whole place seemed so tiny. I remember Smiths the bakers – always a great one to warm up on the way to St Mark’s school in the morning. Of course there was the pet shop in Bristol Gardens, run by a couple of chaps with the parrot who said rude things.

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Bunking in at Black Rock

I have happy memories of skirting around the rocks at Black Rock to get into the swimming pool. A whole day would be spent sunbathing and swimming. We would take jam sandwiches in a Sunblest bread wrapper and a bottle of diluted orange juice. It was alright until the brown shrivelled chap who seemed to live there, would tell the lifeguard we had sneaked in without paying – just to be nasty. And who was that guy some said was an Olympic swimmer – so good at diving – who always caught us bunking in? Great days never to be forgotten.

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  • I remember the pet shop on the corner of Bennett Road, I’m sure the speaking bird was not a parrot but a myna bird which sat on its perch about half way down the shop; you’re right about two chaps who were a couple running the pet shop though. I used the cobblers many times to resole my leather brogues and loafers which were the rage in the late 1960s to early 70s. I seem to remember the tanned old boy who was always in Black Rock pool was called Ron, he used to dive off the top board several times a day. 

    By Michael Brittain (11/07/2015)
  • I remember being fascinated by the mechanical model in the window of the cobbler. I was at St Marks infants and juniors from 1954 – 1960 and remember getting a bag of previous day’s cakes from Whites (?) Bakers in Rugby Place for an old penny.

    By Mick Sutton (28/07/2015)

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