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Igesia Nagusia at Brighton Marina | From the private collection of Jane Francis
Igesia Nagusia at Brighton Marina
From the private collection of Jane Francis

“I, along with 7 other crew members sailed into the ‘Exhibition’ area in Brighton Marina from Northern Spain in 1985. We had spent 2 years helping to refit ‘Igesi Nagusia’ (a Basque name meaning ‘the great escape’) with a view to sailing around the world at a later date. She’s 100ft long including her bowsprit, with 2.5000 sq. ft. of sail.

The project’s photographer
I took this picture as I was walking down the ramp towards what is now the Asda car park. I had been the project’s photographer for the past two years, and was always looking for another angle from which to see her.

Had to move for the building contractors
Within 6 months we had to move ‘Igesi Nagusia’ to another part of the Marina, as building contractors were coming in to remove the pontoons and berths in preparation for the infilling of the harbour.

Much quieter in 1985
The Marina was a quieter place in 1985 and I felt, had much more of a nautical spirit than it does today. Whenever I park and walk towards the Asda shopping centre, I always think about the boat and wonder where she is now.”

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  • Friends of mine purchased ‘Igesi Nagusia’ from Brighton after Jane Francis left her. She was brought to Dartmouth and restored. She was then sailed to the Mediterranean, and my son (then aged 3) and I joined her for part of the summer in 1990. She has since been sold and is now named ‘Marco Polo’. If it’s any consolation, I’m just as nostalgic as you are!

    By Ann Irish (02/03/2003)
  • I worked on Igesi in 1994 and also have very very fond memories. Just thought you’d like to know she was spotted in Bristol Docks less than a month ago.

    By Tanya Hayter (14/10/2008)
  • I worked in the Igesi Nagusia during a summer, many years ago, in Lekeitio, in painting and reparing jobs. I´d like to know about the crew, the boat, etc. and I’d like to get some pictures of the boat if it’s possible.

    By Victor Mª Sanz-Yrazu Echevarria (19/02/2009)
  • Nice to see this, I hopped on board in Darthmouth after the refit and we sailed her to Gosport to have some planks redone and repaint her in a special green. A new mizzen spar was made by Harry Spencer in Cowes, I left because I got offered a job on the 214 ft 1927 schooner Creole. Igesi Nagusia was my first boat of my yachting career in 1989, now I am to be captain on a newbuild J-class and have been captain on Larhe yachts for the last 18 years.

    By Rom Loopik (13/11/2014)
  • Hi, its good to see that those days on Igesi Nagusia gave us all something to think about.

    By Jane Francis (17/05/2016)

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