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Watercolour painting by Clem Lambert

This watercolour of the Chain Pier is by the noted and prolific local artist Clem Lambert. It was found in a Dorset junk shop and purchased for 15p!
Watercolour by Clem Lambert. Submitted to site by John Lamper.

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  • I have 2 of Clem Lambert’s paintings, dated 1880, of Honfleur – really know little about this painter.

    By Vanda Scott (19/09/2007)
  • My husband is the great great nephew of Clem Lambert and I have been working on the family tree for many years. As far as I can tell, our two young sons (born, bred and thriving in Brighton) and their second cousin are his only Lambert descendants. As part of my family research, I am currently gathering details of ‘Uncle Clem’s’ life and trying to list his works in order to create an archive of some sort for the future. Not easy, his paintings are scattered all over the world!

    By Nicolette Lambert (05/02/2008)
  • I recently puchased a watercolor by Clem Lambert entitled “Salisbury from Old Sarum” – I was partly attracted to it since I grew up in Salisbury.

    By Peter Piper (14/03/2009)
  •  I decided to google Clem Lambert, as I have a painting by this artist which I bought about 25yrs ago from Eastbourne Fine Art. It is a large painting in water colour 13″x19″ of a country scene, two people walking by a large pond with buildings and trees in the background. It is not named but is very well painted, and I obviously liked it enough to pay £325 for it. Hand written on back Mr Holleyman , Bookshop, Brighton.  There is also sticker on the back stating:- Clement Lambert 1855-1925, Painter of landscapes, shore scenes and genre- mainly in watercolour. It was exhibited at the Royal Academy and Royal Society of Artists and elsewhere from 1880. He lived in Brighton. I hope this is of use to you.

    By Lynn Gosling (08/11/2009)
  • I found a chalk sketch by Clem Lambert being sold on eBay UK that is exactly the same view of the Chain Pier as in the watercolour which John Lampur posted back in March 2006. It seems at one time Lamber probably sold these watercolours and sketches to the tourist trade to support himself. It is a pity so few have survived.

    By C Chapman (17/11/2009)
  • We have two small oil paintings 17cm x 13cm one of a girl with a cow and the other is a girl with some sheep and ducklings. Both set in an orchard. These were my wife’s mother’s and she lived in Brighton as a child. No idea of the value.

    By G Crockford (12/03/2010)
  • Nicolette, if you are still checking this page, I would like to get in touch. My husband is Max Lambert. We have recently recd. two Clem Lambert paintings from the estate of his uncle, Stanley Lambert, late of Brighton. The name may be coincidental but we are interested in finding out if there is a family connection. If you wish to contact us please get in touch with My Brighton & Hove.

    By Shirley Lambert (07/10/2011)
  • I have just purchased a chalk/pencil picture of the water colour that appears on your site. Can anyone give me an idea as to how much this might be worth? I love the picture and would like to know more about it. I purchased this picture from a charity shop and as I had no idea Brighton even had a chain pier, I was fascinated by the drawing. I originate from Hove, but now reside in Eastbourne.

    By Ann Gilmour (17/09/2012)
  • I Live in Venezuela, my mother is from Swansea, and she gave me a painting of Stanley Lambert, 1985. I wish to know about him. Can you send me details? Or send me his web page? I think the painting is late evening , Maghera, Co. Londonderry. 

    By Christine (21/02/2015)
  • I have just acquired two Clem Lambert watercolour paintings, one of Hove seafront and one of St. Peters Church, I will post them on the site soon. Its interesting that Nicolette Lambert mentioned that his paintings are scattered all over the world. I purchased them from an Australian guy who now lives in London, however he originally purchased them many years ago when living in Australia, (nice that they are now “back home”).

    By Peter Groves (05/03/2016)
  • I have an oil painting by Clement Lambert, signed Clem Lambert.  Very old, canvas is stamped Brodie & Middleton, 79 Long Acre, London.  The canvas was probably stretched/prepared by them.  The shop was established in 1840.

    My painting is of three boats.  Two smaller row boat type, and one larger boat.  A woman is handing a baby to a man in the largest boat while the smaller row boat steadies the woman’s boat.  The woman’s boat is called the Polly Brighton.  Any more information you can reach me at 216-773-1800, I’m in Cleveland, Ohio.  USA

    By Fernando Gonzalez (29/01/2018)
  • I inherited my water colour from my aunt who inherited from her aunt who lived in Sussex. My painting is labelled on the back, “Corner of garden at Haslemere & little souvenir of” and is signed again on the back, “Clem Lambert”. It looked tacky and cartoon-like in it’s old frame and I was tempted to throw it away! But I googled the name and recognized it was old. It now looks amazing now it’s been reframed.

    By Marion Walter (30/05/2019)
  • Good Afternoon Nicolette,

    We have just listed a Clem Lambert painting for sale if you wish for any additional information on the archive you are putting together.
    eBay No. 283985988876.

    Best Wishes,
    Roger Bradbury.

    By Roger Bradbury (20/08/2021)

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