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Remains of its structure?

The Chain Pier was destroyed by a storm in December 1896. Only at very low tides are you able to see any of it’s remains.

Beyond these stumps in the sea you can sea the shaded area. This is possibly the location of the second set of stumps.

You can see a shaded area in the sea (which is visble on Google earth). I believe this to be the second column of wooden struts to the pier. We could see the tops of the struts visible in the water.

Remains of the Chain Pier struts?

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  • This appears more frequently than most people imagine. A few years ago there was a much larger exposure and I went down there to take some pictures, as there was a professional photographer on site I had him take a picture of me standing on the Chain Pier pilings! You can clearly see the year rings in the timber cross sections which are[I am told] English oak.

    By Geoffrey Mead (02/11/2009)
  • I’m not sure why a question mark was added to my original headings as it clearly is the Chain Pier. Geoffrey, I have seen some amazing photos with a lot more detail than what I have photographed here. I wondered if the tide is ever low enough to see the second pilings as I could only see the tips of them? It was just fantastic to see such an amazing bit of Brighton history!

    By Carol Homewood (04/11/2009)
  • I went down to the beach this evening to see if I could see the remains, but sadly they now seem to be covered by the sand.

    By Nigel Scott (09/09/2021)

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