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Celebration of Peace in Brighton June 1856

Queen Victoria’s Golden Reign

This image is from my book “Brighton and the Golden Reign” published in 1897 by James Robertson “Guardian” & “Society” Press, 34, North Street, Brighton.  The book is a celebration of the sixty year reign of Queen Victoria, important occasions, and how the town changed during that period.

The End of the Crimean War

The image depicts another celebration; fireworks on the Chain Pier, following the 1856 Peace Treaty of Paris which settled the Crimean War, between the Russian Empire and an alliance of European powers and the Ottoman Empire.

Peace Celebrations on the Chain Pier Brighton June 1856
From the book "Brighton and the Golden Reign" owned by Peter Groves

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  • Fantastic picture! You have some great books, Peter. Where do you find them?

    By Janet Beal (01/01/2018)
  • I became interested in local history about 1980, when I read some of the early QueenSpark books, this started my collection of Brighton books.  I’ve purchased some on the net, but also my wife’s great grandfather was a collector of Brighton books, and I’ve got some great books that have been handed down from him! 

    By Peter Groves (02/01/2018)
  • A fantastic picture. Look at the size of the crowd depicted. Very interesting.

    Have you any further pages on the site? Or would you look to add more if you had time?


    By Nic B (29/01/2018)
  • Yes lots of pages on the site and lots to follow, and plenty from Brighton and the Golden Reign!

    By Peter Groves (30/01/2018)

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