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A very popular seafront addition

Cricket scoreboard
From a private collection

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  • This photo is marvellous, so much detail on the scores. I have added another photo from 1934 which you can get by clicking the search box. It would be interesting to hear how long this scoreboard was in use?

    By Peter Whitcomb (26/11/2012)
  • The scoreboard appears to refer to England v Australia 3rd Test at Headingley in July 1930. At close of play on the 11th Bradman had scored 309. That dates the photo exactly to sometime on Saturday 12th. Don Bradman eventually scored 334 runs. What is also interesting is the Aquarium Garage above the scoreboard. The clock was outside these premises until well into the seventies I think but I don’t remember when it disappeared. One of the very few places in Brighton where you could buy petrol at night in those days. You had to drive in through an archway, go round the car park and get your petrol on the way back out, a funny arrangement. They stayed open for the taxi drivers. ‘Orange’ coaches ran out of there at one time too and the sign says, ‘London 6 times daily 5/-‘ !

    By Tim Sargeant (27/11/2012)
  • The Aquarium Garage belonged to Hanningtons of Brighton, I believe. I recall buying petrol there for around two or three years after I got married in 1974. It was useful, as Tim says, because it was one of the only places around where you could fill up after dark in those days, but it certainly wasn’t the cheapest place around either.

    By Alan Phillips (28/11/2012)

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