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Promenade and the Lawns

Here is a postcard of the ‘Promenade and the Lawns, Hove’ but unfortunately there is no date given.  Could it be sometime in the 1930s?

Postcard of Hove Lawns, date unknown
From the private collection of Anne Morrison

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  • I’d say earlier than the 1930s, but probably post WW1, by the ladies’ fashions. I’m not an expert but isn’t the lady just left of centre and walking to the left wearing a typically 1920s outfit?

    By Adrian Baron (07/05/2008)
  • Over on the right hand side is a seemingly up market car, possibly a Rolls. If anyone could identify the model it might date the photo. There is a challenge.

    By Dennis Parrett (09/05/2008)
  • The clue as to the earliest date for the photo lies in the back ground – is that not Courtney Gate? This being so, I think this was built during the late 1930s.

    By Garry Peltzer Dunn (26/05/2008)
  • The promenade is paved in this photograph!. Anyone know when the paving stones were replaced with tarmac? There appear to be railings around Brunswick Square so the date must be between the late ’30s and the dismantling of the railings during WW2. A higher resolution version of the image would be great to see.

    By J Marshall (08/01/2010)

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