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Smelly and dirty

My worst place is the underpass from near the Odeon that goes down to the seafront. It stinks of pee and it’s all dirty. It’s quick and useful, but it just smells because people do widdles in there.

King's Road Arches
Photo by Bill Maskell

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  • Does it matter that it’s dirty and smells of pee? Look how short it is. The photograph is taken from the top end, yet you can see the things at the bottom clearly. You wouldn’t be spending more than 30 seconds walking through there.

    By Jasmine (11/12/2006)
  • This photograph is NOT taken from the top!

    By Dave (31/10/2007)
  • My sister Bet, aged 86 was walking along the seafront some while ago when she was cautioned by a bobby for her own safety against walking through that tunnel on her own. What a shame how things have deteriorated. We have to remember that it’s people, not the tunnel, that’s shown to be wanting. Taken from the top end to show the beach and sea beyond is quite effective.

    By Ron Spicer (06/07/2008)
  • Very smelly!

    By Mohammed (08/07/2008)
  • As I worked down the seafront for 15 years I can understand it. The problem is too many late night clubs and a lot of drinks. Toilets closed- they don’t care, do they, where they do it.

    By Les (19/06/2010)
  • Personally, l’m sick of men urinating in the street and using the sea as a public toilet. Some don’t even bother to turn their backs or find somewhere secluded if they must. Yesterday a man peed outside Sainsbury’s near the back end of the station. He had a Sainsbury’s bag so he could have used their toilets. I had to lift my trolley to avoid the yellow river and he seemed quite happy to zip up his fly in front of me.

    By Ria (18/03/2019)

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