Bunking in when we were skint

Peter Pan's photographed in 2007
Photo by Tony Mould

Entrance fee was 6d

Peter Pan’s playground was another of our playgrounds when we were kids in the late 1940s and the 1950s. It was about a fifteen minute walk from our house in Bennett Road. If I remember rightly, it was 6d to get in or, if we were skint, which we usually were, we would bunk in from the Volks rail side. We would take some grub and very happily spend the day there.

The talent contests

There were slides and swings and roundabouts. A playmate that lived in Bennett Road, called Mickey George, fell from one of the slides onto the ground that was covered in sand. He was not badly hurt thankfully. He had a sister called Linda George who had a lovely voice, and who would often take part in the talent contests that would take place in the afternoon on the stage. She was a winner quite a few times. Happy days.

Do you remember?

Did you go to Peter Pan’s Playground when you were a kid? What rides did they have? Do you remember the talent shows? Did you ever enter? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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  • I remember Peter Pan’s for many reasons. As a youngster I was an extra in a short film with Peter Butterworth which I think was called ‘Playground Express’. As time went on the Heal family became friends of ours and many hours were spent in school holidays helping them out.  Anyone else out there do the Butterworth film?

    By Rod Tempest (09/12/2014)
  • My grandparents lived in Surrenden Road in Brighton and, as children all our holidays were there. I remember my sister, cousin and I singing in the talent contest on the stage at Peter Pan. I cannot remember the name of the show but do remember winning a lollipop. This must have been around 1954.

    By Mary Cooksey (29/06/2016)

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