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These photographs come from a collection of photographs by Bert Clayton, a photographer for the Sussex Daily News. They were submitted to the site by Bert’s great-neice, Tricia Leonard, who is a member of the East Brighton Bygones Local History Group.

Can anyone date any of these photos? Leave a comment on the relevant page if you can.

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  • Looking at the photo of Dukes Mound, the beach seems to be so low compared to a few years ago. When I was a kid in the 1950s the car park or ladder beach at Black Rock was very low as well. On the car park beach the ladder was very long. Is this due to eastward drift of the water or is there some other explanation? Does anyone know why the stones have built up so far in 50 years or so. I would love to know.

    By Mick Peirson (29/11/2006)
  • This photo is of the fish market in Brighton before it was moved to the Municipal Market in Circus Street. On Sundays in the 60s it was a haven for skiffle groups and folk singers that played all day for pennies thrown from above. I had a job selling ice creams along the beach and used to hang out with these singers when I had finished my work for the day, they were great people. Some of them went on to be quite famous, including Long John Baldry, if I am allowed to mention that. Long hot and easy days.

    By Mick Peirson (15/12/2006)
  • During the 1970s there used to be old crock cars going around on tracks. The cars had two steering wheels.  My brother and me used to ride them. Has anyone got any photos of them?

    By Bridget (05/01/2008)
  • I can remember as a child just how lovely the seafront was. In these pictures I would say they are early 50s.

    By Dennis Fielder (20/06/2008)
  • This photo must have been taken before World War II. It shows Volk’s Railway running across on a viaduct and the beach is still very low. Over the decades, longshore drift caused the shingle to build up to track level by the time the railway reopened in 1948.

    By John Goddard (20/04/2009)
  • I used to ride on the ‘bumper boats’ here as a youngster in the 80s when I had friends working here. Remember it freezing over in winter. Fun times. Shame it has been filled in. My daughter loves the trampolines that are here now though.

    By J Marshall (10/01/2010)
  • Earlier than the ’50s I think – Embassy Court is not there – just a gap. Its predecessor, Western House was removed in 1930. Embassy Court went up in 1934/35. So I’d guess early 1930s.

    By Jamie Marshall (10/01/2010)
  • Likely early 1930s – Embassy Court has not yet been built.

    By Jamie Marshall (10/01/2010)
  • I well remember playing on that dreaded bandstand which had very little protection from the wind which blew ones music everywhere and the constant clicking of the turnstile in the ladies loo underneath. Compared to the one at nearby Eastbourne it was and is a disgrace to the borough.

    By John Snelling (27/10/2013)
  • I used to work on the boats in about 1982. Great times.

    By Rod Driscoll (02/02/2015)

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