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Piers and King's Road view:undated

It is nice to see both the piers in all their glory.

Happy days! Do you remember this view?

View along King's Road: undated
From the private collection of Sue Loveridge

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  • Lovely picture. It must be pre late 1939 because the two piers had the centre sections destroyed due to the threat of possible invasion. Sadly the West Pier never regained its former glory. But wait something not quite right. Isn’t that a Mini Minor in the bottom left hand, and all the cars are ‘post war’? The West Pier was never repaired. All very odd. Is this a doctored photograph?

    By John Wall VK2 (15/02/2010)
  • A nice view of 60’s Brighton – the West Pier, a number 17 open top bus and of course parking spaces! Those were the days.

    By Michael Brittain (15/02/2010)
  • What a beautiful shot. The BMC Mini puts the photo after 1959. I’d say early 1961-63. Very little traffic. Everything in its place, bandstands, ‘both’ piers.

    By Chris McBrien (15/02/2010)
  • What a splendid view! Can anybody suggest which building it was taken from? The blue car in the lower left-hand corner looks like a Mini, which was introduced in 1959, or possibly an Austin A40 Farina, which appeared in 1958, while the open-top bus is definitely a Bristol K5G, all of which were withdrawn in 1962. Therefore I’d date the picture between 1958 and 1962. Doesn’t the West Pier look resplendent? Makes you realise what a loss it’s been.

    By Len Liechti (15/02/2010)
  • Thanks for the great photo, Sue – yes, I remember those days so well and great to hear that the bandstand has been brought back to its former glory. But how sad that nothing’s been done re the West Pier. Still, happy memories!

    By Jean (in New Zealand) (15/02/2010)
  • I agree it’s a lovely picture! I wonder what year it was taken; looks like sometime in the 1950’s?

    By David Harris (15/02/2010)
  • There is something odd about this picture. First it was taken after 1959. There is a blue Mini Minor bottom left. Just slightly above and to the right a sandy colour Rover. ‘Zebra’ crossing. ‘Bus Stop’ marked on road. I don’t remember the West Pier being reconstructed after the centre section was blown up at the begining of WWll. But perhaps I’m wrong and the memory is playing tricks.

    By John Wall VK2 (16/02/2010)
  • The picture is not doctored, the pier was restored. A great picture.

    By Dave B (16/02/2010)
  • I have a map/guide of 1945/6 and the cover shot was taken in almost the same spot but while it doesn’t show all the pier span to the right of the centre building it could be there. The rear cover shot taken from the west end of the lawns shows the full length pier. However they could have used pre war photos. And yes before anyone asks, I will scan it in when I get a moment. 🙂

    By Allan (16/02/2010)
  • Oh yes it was, John. The centre section of the West Pier was reconstructed after the war. I last went on the West Pier in 1962 at the time of the visit of HMS Brighton, at which time it was very much complete and fully working. I agree with Chris McBrien about the dating of the picture: early 60s – see my comment above.

    By Len Liechti (17/02/2010)
  • Oh dear, sorry everyone. I stand corrected. Must be getting old.

    By John Wall VK2 (17/02/2010)
  • I would think that the photo was taken from Embassy Court, corner of Brunswick Terrace.

    By Paul (17/02/2010)
  • My guess is that it was taken from Embassy Court.

    By Pat Benham (17/02/2010)
  • You can also see that the annual seafront art exhibition has been set up just in front of that zebra crossing.

    By Pat Benham (18/02/2010)
  • I remember all 3! The West Pier was rebuilt after the war, I went on it lots in the 1960’s. The photo was taken from Embassy Court, probably still in its glory. The open air art exhibition, I remember it well. Had thought about it many times hoping that someone who knew about it would do a mybrightonandhove story, any takers?

    By Peter Groves (18/02/2010)
  • I agree with most, this is most likely in the early 60s. The West Pier always seemed to be a little more refined in my view. Both piers seem to have their landing stages intact. Anyone else remember the ‘White Funnell’ paddlers that used to call there? Looking at the cars in the photo, with one possible exception, all made in England by British companies! The shadows suggest Spring or Autumn and its a glorious sunny day, not a cloud in sight. Oviously before ‘Global Warming’ was invented.

    By Raymond (Dickie) Bird (22/02/2010)
  • I remember both piers, growing up in Hove in the 50s and 60s. I used to go to orchestra concerts in the West Pier with my parents and just colour! I was about 3 and remember that. It’s good to see both piers. I lived very near this picture about a block from Embassy Ct.

    By Eleanor McGrath (22/02/2010)
  • I used to deliver Hooper Struve mineral waters to the bar on the West Pier in the 1960s, we had a 3 wheeler reliant van which was allowed on the pier!

    By James Type (15/12/2013)

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