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Bandstand and boating lake c1950s

This photograph was taken some time in the 1950s. I think it may have been taken from the West Pier?

You can just see the Birdcage Bandstand in the distance.

Do you have any memories of going to the boating lake?

The boating lake
From the private collection of Carol Homeward

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  • Remember it well. Those were the days of going for a Sunday afternoon walk, always dressed in our “best clothes”! I loved the boating pool and somehow, in my rush to get into the boat, fell in! The embarrasment of walking home a sodden mess of wet blue silk with pink smocking, hoping not to meet any school friends on the way! No shorts and T-shirts for the beach in those days especialy on the Sabbath.

    By Patricia Overs (28/06/2010)

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