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Ovingdean Gap

Ovingdean Gap
Photo by Tony Mould

Finding fossils and crystals

I love going along the Undercliff Walk to the beaches at Ovingdean. When it is high tide I look for fossils and crystals among the pebbles.

Interesting things washed up

I also like looking for little pieces of glass that have been worn smooth by the sea. I find flat stones and try to skim them on the sea. Sometimes I find Cuttlefish bones for my budgies. It is interesting looking through the things that have been washed up on the shore.

Message in a bottle

Once I found a bottle that had a message in it. It was from a child who had put it in the sea when they were on holiday in the Scilly Isles. My favourite time is at low tide when I can explore the rock pools. I like examining the different sea creatures and I loved it when I found a starfish.

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  • Hi Becky, I also love this place and agree low tide is the best time, so much fun in the rock pools. Lovely photo, from the same position, at low tide, the old Daddy-Long-Legs Railway track can still be seen. Next time you are there, have a look, imagine the old train running along, with its legs underwater, all the way to Rottingdean!

    By Peter Groves (26/05/2010)

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